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Would you pay to use social media?

Well, as many of you have heard; Net Neutrality is dead. The FCC decided today to repeal Net Neutrality in a vote 3 to 2. Net Neutrality is the concept that all information and data on the internet is treated equally, meaning that no one site or app can be treated differently than any other. However, now that Net Neutrality has been repealed, any internet service provider could do things like slow down certain sites unless you pay for premium service or charge to use certain apps all together.

You want to browse Facebook? That's a monthly fee. You like to use LinkedIn? You have to pay for that too. YouTube video loading super slow? You don't have the entertainment sites package. Want to propose a conundrum on your favorite site Quandree? Sorry, you don't have access to that!

It's pretty obvious, well I would hope so, that absolutely NOBODY wants this. But, I'm curious if there are any voices of dissent out there. Maybe an FCC representative or two perhaps.

So, tell me, would you pay extra to use some of your favorite sites?

Bo Vine Joni wants your take on these quandrees too.
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