To Speak or Not to Speak

I met someone a little over a year ago, we started bonding fairly quick. Playing video games & watching movies together online pretty regularly. As we are in different states this is our only means to connect other than calling/texting. Many people had speculated we might be dating & have asked me such questions which my answer was "No, I don't feel that way about them." I mean we had just met and are really friendly. 6 months go by... We have met in person, gotten to know each other more & most importantly are comfortable enough with one another to talk about Values, Ideals, Bodily Schedules, & Health. So one evening while chatting I begin to ask about what Long Distance Relationship's meant to them and we both had come to the same viewpoint of "They are not for me." as we both have had issues in this area of dating, so I didn't pursue(not wanting to lose a friend). About a couple weeks later I get a message talking about an interest at distance but I know is not me from the wording.

So my question then becomes "Do I tell her how I feel?" in light of this new and quite unexpected news, What would you do about it?
*side note* At first I was clueless to the fact I may like them. Turns out I do, very much so but we are very similar and they may have been oblivious to my advancements as I am with others.

hesitant? wants your take on these quandrees too.

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