Recently I was fired from my job for "rude and inappropriate behavior toward customers and co-workers" as the manager said who gave me the news. She said that because I had failed to improve my behavior, they had to terminate my employment. However, when I pressed the manager for more information including details as to what kind of behavior I had been reported committing, she was unable to give me any specifics. This confused me for two major reasons, 1st: Never in my life, has anyone described me as rude or inappropriate when interacting with people, in fact, I am usually a strong interpersonal communicator. 2nd: If complaints had been coming in over time about my inappropriate behavior, shouldn't I have been made aware of them (I was not), so that I could have the opportunity to improve my behavior.

When I approached my supervisor (I was fired by a different branch manager) she told me she had no idea why my employment was terminated, thus furthering my confusion, for if complaints were fired about my behavior they should have gone through my direct supervisor first, no? Furthermore, since my employment was terminated Thursday, Dec 14th, my repeated attempts to reach out to varying managers and supervisors has yet to yield even a single response.

While the job itself may not have been of the utmost importance to me, more of a stepping stone to make a little cash while I looked for something better, it does bother me significantly to have been fired for something so completely nonsensical. Add onto that how I have been unable to get any further information about my termination, it all leads me to believe the entire reason for my termination may be a complete forgery.

I have tried texting/emailing my supervisor: no response
I have tried emailing the supervisor who directly fired me: no response
I have tried emailing the general manager in charge of all of them: no response

What should I do?

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