It's not like I'm made of money...

After talking with multiple people and job searching for quite awhile now I'm starting to realize how important being able to code websites is even for someone who wants to work as a UX designer and not as a developer. So, I have started to look into what program to undertake in order to learn how to code efficiently. I know my lack of personal drive when not under a time constraint can lead me to procrastinate on things I should be doing, so I have settled on taking a class with required deadlines and courseloads I have to meet in order to pass. This should ensure that I actually keep up with the day to day work required and do not slack off over time. The course I am currently looking at and considering starting (need to enroll by Jan 15th) is one through Code Academy which costs $200 for a 10-week program. As I am not currently working any kind of regular job I know I have the time, however, I am also not made of money and so don't want to spend a ton on something that I'm doing more out of necessity than a genuine enjoyment of the subject matter. Do you think I should bite the monetary bullet and jump on this now while I have the motivation, free time, and cash to do it or should I just keep job searching with the skills I have and come back to it when I have more money to afford a (maybe) better, more expensive program even though I may not have as much free time.

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