Living With an Old Crush?

In the coming year, I'm planning to move to a new city to live with an old college crush (and 3 other people). While I would be lying if I said I'd completely gotten over my feelings for her, it is true that I have long since given up pursuing a romantic relationship with her. For a while, it was because she was in a committed relationship and I valued our friendship more than it was worth being jealous of her boyfriend. Then as fate would have it she broke up with her boyfriend, right after I started dating my now long-term girlfriend whom I am still dating today. So now, here I am planning to share a house with this girl I've had suppressed feelings for over nearly 6 years. When I told a close friend about my intent to find housing with this girl, he told me he thought it would be a bad idea, but wouldn't say any more, telling me it should be obvious why it was a bad idea. While my girlfriend knows that I've had feelings for this girl in the past and I'm sure realizes that I still find the girl attractive she has told me that she would be okay with us living in the same house. Do you all think it would be a bad idea to live with this girl, even as part of a group? Before you decide you should know I am almost honest to a fault. If I even dream about cheating on my girlfriend I feel guilty about it. I'm not even the type to have one night stands even while nearly blackout drunk.

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