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If Superpowers were real...?

I am writing a book where a portion of the population (say a tenth) is suddenly given superpowers overnight. That is they go to sleep normal one night and wake up the next morning with superpowers. How long do you think it would take for the world to recognize and accept that this was happening and start to take steps to deal with this revelation? An important bit of information about the world I'm creating: abilities only manifest when people activate them, so there is no way to test if people have them (like in the X-men franchise and the mutant gene for example).

On a side note. I am attempting to use as many unique powers as possible in this world so as to avoid the overused standards such as super strength, speed, flight, etc. To that end, if anyone answering this Quandree has a unique superpower they would like to contribute to my literary efforts I would be ever so thankful to hear your idea in the comments.

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