A Patriots Fan Living in Philly... Dun dun dun

With the Superbowl fast approaching, I am left with a tough choice. I am a New England Patriots fan living in the Philidelphia area and I'm trying to decide where to watch the Super Bowl. I have two options, a Super Bowl party being thrown by my gym or watching at home with my family.

Reasons to watch at my Gym: My gym has a great community of people who are likely to show up making watching the game more exciting than just watching with family. They will also have catered food and lots of people will be bringing drinks and other stuff. There will be chances to win money by betting on the game which is always fun.
Reasons not to watch at my Gym: I am a Patriots fan living in an area widely accepted to have the worst fans in the NFL. I'm afraid being the only Patriots fan at the party will lead to me being verbally assaulted for the crime of simply not supporting the home team.

Reasons to watch at home: I'll be watching with just other Patriots fans so I won't have to worry about the above reasons for not watching at my gym. My sister is coming to watch and make dinner and she is a really good cook.
Reasons not to watch at home: There's just something more exciting about watching a game like the Super Bowl with fans that are cheering for the other team. Makes the good plays more exciting and the close calls even tenser. I don't want to stay at home just because people might be mean to me for liking a different team.

Before you suggest it, I offered to my family to come watch the game at the gym too and they turned me down. So if I go, I'm the only one from my family that is going and likely the only Patriots fan there. The good thing is that I don't scare, threaten, or bully easily and I trust the gym management not to let things get physical even if some Eagles fans there really have a problem with me cheering for the Patriots.

FitnessTrainer wants your take on these quandrees too.

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