Take the job or wait for something better?

I'm sure this has been asked before in one way or another but, I'll ask anyway.

I've recently applied to a variety of positions, about half for random jobs that don't interest me but pay decently and, the other half, jobs I would like but (as it usually goes) are harder to attain. Well, I was recently asked to interview for a large company. The position is somewhat of a lackey job but, with any big company, they don't hesitate to throw benefits and good pay at the employee for the work they do. However, I have another open application for a job I would love, and am certainly qualified for but, have not heard back yet (it's been about a week).

The scenario I'm having trouble with here is this; I take the job but the other one gets back to me and I get an offer from them. If I take the job now, in this case, I would only work a brief time before putting in my two-weeks. I'm worried that will look bad on me. So, do I hold off on taking this remedial job and wait for a non-guarantee or take the job now and wait to see what happens?

Bill Ponderosa wants your take on these quandrees too.
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