About Quandree

Quandree is a website that provides users with a platform to get opinions and give opinions on an unlimited range of topics.

The website provides users with an opportunity to describe a situation and possible courses of action and get opinions (by way of "voting") from other users on which course of action the user would do if in the same situation.

Know your demographics

Users can read the situation (called the "story") and the possible actions the author has described (called "options") and choose the option that they think should be used. Users can also provide comments on the situation. Once the story is "posted" the author can view the aggregate voting results showing the percentage and number of voters choosing each option and can see the results broken down by demographic information such as age range, geographic location, relationship status. The author can also request that users who vote on a story answer up to 2 additional questions posed by the author. Voting results will be shown broken down by the answers to the 2 follow-up questions.

Link your stories and invite people to share their opinions

The author can link their story to previous stories that were posted so that users can get added perspective and background if the situation the author is describing is an ongoing one or has evolved from a previous situation. The author with a situation that involves another person can also invite that person to share their side of the story and up to 2 courses of action they think should be considered. In this use of the website, the author starts the post by describing their side of the situation, provides up to 2 courses of action and then invites the other person to provide their description and their options by providing the website with the email of the 2nd person. The second person can either ignore the request or fill in their side of the story and options. The story is posted once the second person responds.

Choose to be anonymous

The site is intended to be anonymous where the user creates a screen name and posts the story under that screen name. New screen names can be added so that authors can post stories under one of any number of screen names. Users can post as themselves if they do not want to post anonymously. All content is still linked to the personal and non-personal information collected of the user even when content is only shown under an anonymous screen name. Users cannot mention the actual names of other users without their express consent.

Sign up to post and vote on stories

Users must sign up for an account and be logged in in order to submit a story or to vote on someone else's story.

Users must agree to the site's terms and conditions

By signing up for the site, all users agree that their use of the site is for entertainment purposes only and that opinions they give and get are just opinions with no legal basis. Users agree that they are fully responsible for any action they take or choose not to take. Quandree does not take any responsibility for any content posted on the website by any user or for any action or non-action that any user takes. Any story that has inappropriate language including explicatives, Or inappropriate words or themes that are racist, sexist, derogatory to any people, cultures, communities or groups will be removed. The administrator will correct grammar and typos. More information is described in this Terms and Conditions document.


Christine M. Tozzi

CEO and President of Quandree.

Christine resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.