Change Log

3.7 Release Notes


Can we increase the # of votes by not making people log in?

Goal - We want to track

Tier 1. Voted

Tier 2. Voted. + signed up with FB, Google, or email only.

Tier 3. Voted + signed up + completed profile

In terms of the voting data, Tier 2 should be grouped into an unknown, or pending, bucket until they are known.

Epic: voting trial period

14 issues in this Epic // 14 completed in Sprint 3.7


  • Store first 2 votes of the user until he signs up - these votes will be tied to the user when the do sign up
  • Sign Up Screen should appears on the 3rd voting attempt
  • Create Unknown category for reports from Tier 1 and Tier 2 users
  • First votes should be deleted from UI after log out if the user doesn't create a profile
  • Track the first 2 votes and display it in admin panel
  • If the user Sign In (not Sign Up) after first 1 or 2 votes, these votes should be bound to this existing user
  • Tier 1 visitor should be allowed to vote twice on Detail pages


  • Fix how signed out users can see number of votes - this should not be the case
  • Fix first votes not being displayed under Category
  • Can't login via Google/FB after I vote
  • Issue when you vote on your story - you cannot vote on your own story
  • Fix how a logged out user can vote twice on one question

3.6 Release Notes


Epic: Improve Screen Names + Profile Onboarding Experience

33 issues in this Epic // 12 completed in Sprint 3.6


  • Protect the anonymous nature of the site.
  • Alleviate confusion around screen names—both auto and user generated
  • Persuade people to complete their profile
  • Fix any UX and function-oriented glitches along the way


  • Fix the styles of screen names drop down (broken)
  • Rework how screen names are generated - randomly generated user name implemented
  • Update UI for Step 2 (Complete Profile screen)
  • Fix the drop down nav for mobile
  • Profile was updating without all fields completed - all fields in Profile form should be required - Fixed
  • Fix how screen names don't fit the width of the drop down by adding ... to indicate longer name than screen width

EPIC: UX Improvements + delighters

14 issues in this Epic // 4 completed in Sprint 3.6

  • Fix hover over state for the drop down on Create a story - style of blue hover to be consistent
  • Include an auto refresh for actions taken on the site, like voting, and retiring a screen name
  • Most Popular category to contain quandrees from 3 last months
  • Fix how the cursor appears in different places of the profile settings on different devices and OS platforms

EPIC: Modernize Reporting

20 issues in this Epic // 16 completed in Sprint 3.6

  • Update Map to Global View to show like an election map
  • Rework how Follow Up Questions are reported - Should follow same pattern as the parent question in terms of how the results are displayed.
  • Build queries for reports
  • Replace blue for the charts on the reports
  • Rework how parent quandree results are displayed
  • Fix the way the data is mapping to the map
  • Update mobile view for tooltips in reports
  • Fix the data in reports - doesn't map to the story
  • Update Relationship Status to horizontal bar Chart
  • Update Gender reporting to a Pie Chart

EPIC: Improve Performance for SEO

  • The Mixpanel code was removed

BUGS identified from release 3.5

  • HOT FIX: Link added in Create Story from mobile device doesn't appear
  • HOT FIX: Thank you screen appears again

3.5 Release Notes


EPIC: Improve Screen Name + Profile Onboarding Experience

26 Issues in this epic // 21 Resolved in Sprint 3.5


Protect the anonymous nature of the site.

Alleviate confusion around screen names—both auto and user generated

Persuade people to complete their profile

Fix any UX and function-oriented glitches along the way

  • TASKS:
  • What happens when the user retires current screen name
  • Rework how step 1 screen names are generated
  • Bring back thank you screen + rework copy & function
  • Update UI for Step 2 (Complete Profile screen)
  • Drop down nav for mobile
  • Note for users which didn't complete a profile ("Post as" drop down)
  • UX: Screen name drop down for create story
  • Remove "Be Someone Else" section if user retires all screen names except one.
  • Update drop down nav
  • Improve Account Settings Page
  • Remove Notification that appears after you complete Step 1. We'll have the thank you page now.
  • After retiring of current screen name the top screen name should become current
  • BUGS:
  • All fields in Profile form should be required
  • The Step 2 doesn't scroll after Welcome Screen
  • Error messages don't disappear in Step 2 form
  • Bug after retired of current screen name
  • New screen name doesn't become grey after retired
  • Step 2 appears after clicking on "Profile" from Profile page
  • Add screen name button works not after first click on iPhone
  • The position of retired and immediately activated screen name is wrong in the drop down
  • Different styles for active state of drop down

EPIC: Improve Performance for SEO

12 issues in this EPIC // 2 resolved in Sprint 3.5


This is part of the important SEO work outlined by Google.

These are four important points for development that contribute heavily to SEO:

  • Your site needs to load fast — a factor that actually influences several different ranking factors because of how it impacts a visitor’s experience.
  • Your site needs to be mobile-responsive (or even mobile-first).
  • Your site needs to be safe and secure.
  • Your site needs to be coded clearly and cleanly.
  • Old urls should redirect to the new url
  • Page Speed Insights - Leverage browser caching

TASKS (Not related to an EPIC):

  • Update the copy in 2 Step if user tries to follow
  • Add copy to welcome screen
  • Add Outbrain Pixel
  • Increase description on voting cards to 5 lines
  • Share a story dialog: "this story" instead of "your story"
  • Secondary links should be the same
  • [UAT] Number of votes should increased immediately

BUGS (Not related to an EPIC):

  • Incorrect number of votes in Following tab
  • Active state for Create link in menu is missing
  • Links from Notifications aren't redirected to the correct pages
  • Height of welcome screen is changed after swithing to the next screen
  • #join isn't appear in the url if the user tries to vote from Home page
  • the login hover style turns blue
  • "Continue with FB" button doesn't work from iPhone and iPad
  • Error occurs on mobile after click on "Go"
  • The story card is cut off after voting on follow-up question
  • Step 2 with wrong styles appears in Create Story pages
  • Strange stories are displayed in "Posted" for new users
  • Error occurs when I try to clink between switches
  • [UAT] Sign In and Sign Up from google and fb don't work
  • [UAT] Full name for old users is empty
  • [UAT] Strange hover state appears in story card
  • [UAT] Menu is sticked after second click on it
  • [UAT] iPod - Entering new username overlaps heading

3.4 Release Notes


  • Improve Performance for SEO
  • SEO: Twitter cards
  • SEO: Structured Data to Produce Rich Results in Google Search
  • NEW: Add rich card
  • BUGS:
  • Strange style issue on welcome screen on mobile
  • Glitchy category menu
  • Double comments
  • Comments Word Break
  • Strange padding in story card header
  • The user's screen name for their comments was also changing when they changed their main screen name
  • A user accidentally posted under his auto-generated screen name, adn there is no way for him to edit–oops!
  • When a user deletes a comment and tries to start over, they couldn't click back in
  • Strange empty stories under following tab + can't unfollow
  • All Story Titles should be the H1 + only one H1 on every page
  • Categories navbar should take the whole width of the mobile screen
  • Each page should have only ONE distinct URL
  • Intercom Update. Only one missing

3.3 Release Notes - Commenting on Cards


  • Modernize Comments
  • NEW: Comment directly from the card you're voting on.
  • Story Detail Page
  • Update styles to match UI of cards
  • Update right sidebar to have relevant links
  • NEW: View connected stories
  • NEW: View more stories of the same category
  • BUG: UX Issue with Add Your Side of the Story

3.1 & 3.2 Release Notes - Revamped Create a Story


  • Redesigned the Create a Story experience completely
  • NEW: Choose Your Story Type page
  • NEW: Create Your Own Story page
  • Optimize for mobile view
  • NEW: Create You and Someone Else Quandree page
  • NEW: Challenge Accepted page
  • Add pending challenge stories to posted stories
  • BUG: FB sharing on solo voting card was broken
  • BUG: Link to quandree was missing from Share via Email email
  • BUG: No_Screen_Name issue
  • BUG: Follow up questions were broken
  • BUG: Data for challenge quandrees did not appear under followed stories.
  • SEO: Page title changes
  • SEO: Fixed sitemap.xml
  • SEO: Added robots.txt to disallow certain pages
  • SEO: Friendly URLs for all pages.
  • SEO: Remove special characters from URLs

3.0 Release Notes


  • Your Own Quandree Voting Card Rework: New style for Title + Story, Reduce bottom padding on quandree description, Change top bar to category instead of title, Add meta data above story and remove from footer
  • Voting Card Footer: Replace FB, Twitter and Email Icons with share icon and open share dialog + Add follow feature
  • UX ISSUE: Resend Verification email: Should not be required for active users. Old users still sent verification requirement. A script that goes through all old users and remove the mandatory email verification for them.
  • Visible Assets Improved: Add a cover image to the embed video, Displaying of an embed article in the card like Facebook does, Embed media has the same placement size
  • Add a message field to avoid confusion while creating a story: (Optional)
  • Add one related photo/video/article via URL. The following file types are accepted [gif, png, jpg, jpeg]. File size limitation: 2MB.
  • SEO + Social Markup: Redirect www. to non-www, All internal URLs on site should be relative (to non-www)
  • Add FB Open Graph to Homepage too, When a photo is added to the story, that photo should be the photo that is shared in the Facebook post
  • BUG: Followed stories are broken in Settings
  • BUG: Sitemap.xml Errors detected when submitted via Google Search Console
  • BUG: Duplicate Answers on Follow Up Question again
  • BUG: DB issue persists with missing screen name
  • Issue: when the new registration was implemented, the method to creation of the array of user's screen names was rewritten. But the logiс to getting the screen name wasn't rewritten and it led to incorrect work in future.
  • Add page title to all pages in the footer links
  • BUG: Voting data is not showing up on search listing

2.9 Release Notes


  • Create Stories
  • Add Auto Spell Check
  • All Quandree titles auto start with a capital letter no matter what the user puts in
  • Upload one asset: page link, video or photo. Video should be any hosted, not just limited to YouTube.
  • Remove Own Category feature
  • After you share a story you are now given buttons to help direct you to the next place you want to go: voting, view story or create another story.
  • On finished dialog changed "Share story . . " to "Invite your friends to vote"
  • Vote and Share Stories: It's unclear that there is a YouTube video or photo associated with the story. Should be visible, not behind an icon.
  • Sharing: If a photo is added to the story, that photo should be the photo that is shared in the post
  • SEO: sitemap.xml
  • SEO: Redirect www. to non-www to remove duplicate content
  • SEO: All internal URLs on site should be relative (to non-www)
  • SEO: All old URLs with number only are now redirected to the new story URL
  • BUG: The profile nav bar has dissappeared
  • BUG: Follow up question is not popping up
  • BUG: Windows doesn't close after sharing a story
  • BUG: Dropdown for categories in horizontal mode on mobile

2.8 Release Notes


  • Newly styled header with visible categories
  • Instead of a visible feature category, list all stories marked as featured in admin first, then chronological
  • Top categories listed in gray bar
  • Add Most Popular category with top 10 stories
  • Remove: All, Top, Featured, and categories filters
  • Change body background color
  • Modern search bar
  • Internal search results includes the number of results

2.7 Release Notes - Let me vote! (continued)


  • It is confusing when the warm welcome appears when a new users is trying to vote—too many clicks! Now, when in browsing mode (logged out), visitors will be shown the Join screen when they try to vote.
  • The warm welcome will appear to new users upon entry only to If you are logged in, there no need to see the warm welcome.
  • Once a user logs in, keep them logged in on whichever device they are logged in for a month.
  • Voting data as well as comments should be hidden prior to a vote being submitted.
  • Login should happen in overlay mode just like Join.
  • BUG: Can't share story via email
  • Subcategory should not be required when creating a story
  • 404 page should always redirect to the main page
  • Any time the user tries to vote the join screen should appear
  • The success message for email sign up still says “go to email to active your account”. Please remove this part of message. Add: go ahead and vote!
  • BUG: Only one "thanks for voting" success message should appear when a user is done voting on a follow up question.
  • HOT FIX: After login, you stay on the page you were.

2.6 Release Notes - Let me vote!


  • Join screen is now an overlay to to the current page you are on so that once you join you go right back to where you were—no more getting lost!
  • Optimize its appearance on mobile screens
  • Move "already have an account" to the top.
  • Turn off Profile: Step 2 of sign up. Let people vote after Step 1.
  • When someone signs up via email, they will have immediate active status—no need to verify email before voting.
  • Turn off detailed reports for those who have not completed profile. Only those who have completed their profile will be counted in—and can see—detailed reporting data: gender, geography, relationship status and age.
  • Added a promotional note to users to complete their profile. "To see how people of different age groups, locations and gender voted compared to you, please fill out your profile."

2.5 Release


  • Optimize for Tablet View
  • Loading issue for iFrame to speed up the site
  • Voting on mobile too sensitive
  • Age brackets (still being defined)
  • Global Zip Validation
  • Change log
  • Add Intercom chat
  • Progress Indicator 2.0
  • Identify all error messages + update copy