National Weed

Many states across America have legalized weed. We should get on with the inevitable. Have all the states legalize weed, have fewer people in jail, and let people enjoy the medicinal effects the substance brings. Yes or no? Thoughts?

Addicted to soda water. . .

I love soda water, and I feel it is a great substitute for sugary sodas, if you are bored with plain water. I don't drink and sugary sodas anymore, but I drink soda waters all day. When my co-workers come unto my office and see the recycling bin they sometimes comment about how I shouldn't drink that much soda water. But I don't see the problem, and I can't find any good studies or websites that give a definitive answer. plus, I don't think their have been any clinical trials on drinking a cartoon of soda water every day lol. Do you think its ok to drink a lot of it everyday?

Can you be addicted to weed?

I was always told by friends and popular culture that weed in non-addictive. Plus I have never heard of anyone going into rehab or detox for weed. But, in the scientific literature there is a condition called 'cannabis dependence syndrome' which implies that cannabis is addictive. I am confused, has anyone ever been addicted to weed?

Cold Turkey or cessation aids?

If you have quit smoking, what eventually worked for you? The first few days of going cold turkey are rough, but isn't using nicotine replacement just prolonging the inevitable? I am just starting of thinking I want to try quitting with COVID going on, but want to know what really works before I spend money.

Best smoking cessation aid

I have tried cold turkey again and again but its just not for me, what has worked for y'all?

Helping someone who is an alcoholic

My brother and I always had a lot of fun growing up, doing whatever we pleased, including partying and enjoying drugs and alcohol. I always did so responsibly, and never got in trouble and could pick it up or put it down whenever I wanted. But, my brother seems to be falling down a steep hill with alcohol. He has lost his wife and kids, and has already gotten in trouble at work (he has a really good job). I feel he will lose everything soon, maybe his life.
I have heard two opposing views on helping him. The first is that I should be there for him and do whatever I can to understand his addiction and help him overcome it (the way I agree with)
Other people, who are aligned with AA, have told me that I need to let him fall to 'rock bottom' before he will realize the mistakes of his ways and seek help.

I am not sure who to believe, what would you do?

Would you use CBD to stop addiction?

Recently, researchers out of the Moutn Sinai Hospital in New York have been investigating using CBD assisted therapy to help people with addiction to opioids, alcohol, cocaine, or tobacco. If you were an addict, would you try CBD assisted therapy to help quit?

To Weed or not to Weed

Colorado has legalized marijuana and the state where I live (Florida) still lives in the dark ages. Should I move to Colorado to avoid going to jail, to avoid having my criminal record corrupted or having my license suspended if I get caught with weed?