Should baseball go back to the deadball?

It is no secret that the MLB has been juicing the balls. For whatever reason, home runs are something that the league has thought would bring in fans. But, this has not been the case. Sure, juicing the balls has meant more home runs, but it has slowed the game down to a stagnant pace along with massive amounts of strikeouts. I think they should deaden the ball. Will the league's runs go down? Probably, but there will be more action packed in. Do you agree?

Are the Chicago White Sox poor sports?

The Chicago White Sox got bounced out of the 2020 playoffs at the hands of the Oakland A's. I was pleased to say the least. The Sox have a bunch of young talent that seems to complain and bicker about anything and everything. As a fan of the game, this gets old for me. We all like good competition, but can athletes making millions of dollars grow up a little bit? Am I overreacting or am I on the right track?

Twins Pitching Debate

2006 was the best year of Twins pitching in the 21st Century. Johan Santana, Francisco Liriano, Joe Nathan, Pat Neshek, Brad Radke, and Glen Perkins headlined a class of pitchers that were dominate. The team went 96-66, winning the AL Central, but lost in the ALDS to the Oakland Athletics. Can you think of a better Twins bullpen?

Who is the best Twins player of all-time?

As a huge baseball fan, I love to hear who people think is the best player for each franchise. The Twins are one of my favorites, and recently Joe Mauer retired from the club. Based on statistics, Mauer batted with the best catchers of all-time, but unfortunately had to leave the position due to too many concussions. In my book, Mauer is the best, but who is the greatest Twins player?

Will there be a minor league season in 2021?

The pandemic sure derailed a minor league season in 2020. Will the same be true in 2021? Maybe novice baseball fans do not keep up with the minor leagues. But, I am a fan of the up-and-coming players, and would love to see what is the future of Major League Baseball. What do you think?

Will the Dodgers repeat as Champs in 2021?

With the Los Angeles Dodgers finally winning the World Series in 2020, I wonder if they will repeat as World Series Champs. The odds are certainly against them. In 1998-2000, the New York Yankees won three in a row. Since the Dodgers last won in 1988, I think they will make the playoffs, but fall short. Do you agree?

Should the MBA have bought out the minor leagues?

I for one am sad to see the minor leagues go, as it eliminates any diversity in the industry and creates yet another major monopoly in this country. Am I being too worrisome? what is good about this?

Is the Giants season over?

The Giants are currently 27-46 and have been spending a lot of time in the bottom of the NL west. Is there any hope for a respectable finish?

Designated Hitters

Major League baseball allows for teams to substitute a designated hitter to bat for the pitcher. The American League uses designated hitters, whereas the National League uses designated hitters only when playing against an American League team on and American League field. Should the practice of using designated hitter be eliminated so that the pitcher must always bat for himself?