The Most Boring Sport

Granted, I am not a big fan of sports. But, at the same time, I would much rather watching anything other than baseball. It is such a slow pace. I want to see action. I want to see physical competition. How about you? Should I give baseball another chance? Or am I spot on? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Which Plan Do You Like Best For The Twins?

With a few months away until spring training, there is still a lot to figure out with the Minnesota Twins. I read an article recently that had 5 options for the Twins to consider to build its roster. Personally, I think adding an elite #1 pitcher is a must for the organization, so I am a big fan of the Trevor Bauer trade. How about you?

Negro Leagues reclassified to MLB

In a reclassification that I believe is well-overdue, Major League Baseball has placed the Negro Leagues in the same category as the MLB. In turn, all the stats from 3,400 players have been added to the record books. I do believe that this should have been done years ago, but I am glad the MLB gave them recognition for years separated. What do you think? Is this way too late or perfect timing?

Buster Posey Staying The Starter

It was announced by the San Francisco Giants organization that Buster Posey will stick around as the top catcher for the franchise. The 33-year-old spent much of last season out with hip issues. Is this the right move for the Giants to make?

Cleveland Changing Mascot

The Cleveland baseball team has decided to change their mascot from Indians to something else. In this day and age, the mascot was offensive, generalizing people from various tribes as a whole. However, the organization will not change the name until after the 2021 season. Is this the right way to go about this?

Does the Dombrowski signing help the Phillies?

Dave Dombrowski and the Philadelphia Phillies are close to a deal. The signing would make Dombrowski president of baseball operations. Dombrowski already has some experience leading ball clubs to victory. In 2018, Dombrowski helped lead the Boston Red Sox, as the premiere architect. In 2003, he was also a part of assembling the championship team for the Florida Marlins, after already being with the team in 1997 for another World Series championship. I believe Dombrowski will get the Phillies at least back to the playoffs, where they have not been since 2011. What are your thoughts on the subject?

Cleveland Indians blowing it up?

The now former Indian, Carlos Santana, is a member of the Kansas City Royals. With Francisco Lindor on the market as well, is it time to say goodbye to the Indians' chances as a productive and winning ball club? I would say the window of opportunity is now closed. How about you?

The Twins Letting Rosario Go

The Minnesota Twins have decided to let go of outfielder Eddie Rosario, instead of paying out the big bucks. With outfielders Byron Buxton and Max Kepler, and amazing prospects on the way, the Twins organization felt like Rosario was expendable. In the end, do you think this will backfire on the Twins?

Should baseball go back to the deadball?

It is no secret that the MLB has been juicing the balls. For whatever reason, home runs are something that the league has thought would bring in fans. But, this has not been the case. Sure, juicing the balls has meant more home runs, but it has slowed the game down to a stagnant pace along with massive amounts of strikeouts. I think they should deaden the ball. Will the league's runs go down? Probably, but there will be more action packed in. Do you agree?

Are the Chicago White Sox poor sports?

The Chicago White Sox got bounced out of the 2020 playoffs at the hands of the Oakland A's. I was pleased to say the least. The Sox have a bunch of young talent that seems to complain and bicker about anything and everything. As a fan of the game, this gets old for me. We all like good competition, but can athletes making millions of dollars grow up a little bit? Am I overreacting or am I on the right track?