Best Shooting Guard of All-Time

This position in basketball might be the most impactful in the league's history. With Michael Jordan, Kobe, and Dwayne Wade, this is quite the list. Of course, for many and I am included in this, MJ is the best. He never lost an NBA Finals, and was the MVP of the Finals each and every time. Who you got?

Best Point Guard of All-Time

NBA History has had a lot of quality point guards over the years. Magic Johnson was one of the best. It was a shame that he contracted AIDS, or he probably would have every record in the book. Instead, John Stockton holds the assist and steals record, and probably will not see those records broken in his lifetime. Give me your thoughts of the best point guard if you do not see it below.

Will college basketball survive a full season?

It was announced that the Duke Blue Devils are going to have to postpone their season opening game with Gardner-Webb next week. This begs the question if college basketball is going to make it through a full season or not. Last year, there was no champion crowned. What do you think?

Will Marc Gasol make an impact for the Lakers?

The Lakers signed center Marc Gasol to join the champions from last season. Though Gasol is not the player he used to be, he averaged over three assists in 26 minutes of play per game last year. Gasol has also grown his 3-point shooting game. I think Gasol will end up being a good rotational piece, but nothing more. You?

Will Mitchell and Gobert ever be friends again?

After Rudy Gobert carelessly contracted COVID-19, contract tracing found that his teammate, Donovan Mitchell, got the virus, as well. There have been some reports out there that the two were at odds with each other because of the incident. But, during the NBA playoffs, the two looked like they were still ok playing basketball together. What do you think their futures hold?

Is Donovan Mitchell worth 5-years $195 million?

Mitchell recently signed a 5-year $195 million contract with the Utah Jazz. After a stellar three seasons in the NBA, the shooting guard is getting paid. At almost $40 million per year, Mitchell is living the high life. It still begs the question if the man is worth the money. The Jazz have not made it past the 2nd Round with Spider-Mitchell. Is this too much money too early or a good call for the Jazz?

Does Kawhi owe the Clippers?

Kawhi Leonard came to the Los Angeles Clippers for the 2019-2020 with championship aspirations. However, the Clippers laid an egg and lost early in the playoff, while watching the other Los Angeles team win the NBA Finals. I think Kawhi needs to produce better next year. The Clippers paid a lot of money to talented players and gave up draft picks for a championship. To date, Kawhi is behind the eight-ball.

Will Ibaka be able to replace Harrell?

After Montrezl Harrell spurred the Clippers to go to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Clippers were in need of a dependable back-up. Insert Serge Ibaka. After having one of his best seasons in 2020, Ibaka got a great payday for a player who is 31-years-old. Still, I wonder if Ibaka is going to replace Harrell's production for the Clippers. I think not.

Is Hayward worth $120 million over 4-years?

Hayward sure got paid. A bad team like the Hornets can afford to overpay to get someone to come to their pathetic franchise. Ultimately, Hayward is not in his prime, he came off a major injury a few years ago, and he seems to be a bit of a diva. No thank you. Good luck with that Charlotte!

Who will win the 2021 National Championship?

The college basketball season is right around the corner. This begs the question of who is going to win it all. After last year's season ended without a champion, I really hope this season gets off the ground and has ultimate success. I am a Duke basketball fan, but I am not going to be bias here. I think Gonzaga could go all the way this year. What do you think?