Instacart Changing Things

The company Instacart is making some big, big changes. 1,900 jobs are going to be cut. But, Instacart will be pairing with businesses like Costco and other large chain grocery stores to have their own employees use Instacart tech. Instacart believes they will have less overhead, and make more money in the process. But, do you think it will work? Personally, I think not. How about you? Share in the comments if you have more ideas.

Are more cuts to come?

Coca-Cola is going through an overhaul, as they look to shrink the workforce. In Atlanta alone, Coca-Cola cut 500 jobs, as well as another 700 around the United States of America. 1,000 more will be cut globally, shrinking the workforce by 2,200 people. Is this a sign of more cuts to come or is this the end?

Should small businesses worry about taxes in 2021?

With many small businesses getting added finances help in 2020 due to the pandemic, there are some people who I have talked to recently that are a little nervous for what taxes will look like for the next year. With the government bailing out many Americans who were working from home or staying in an office, businesses had to still pay their employees, too. So, should there be concern over what taxes could look like with more taxes to effect American businesses?

Best site for working from home?

So it looks like the third wave is here to stay for a bit and my bills are piling up. I am thinking of getting an online job to earn some extra money in my spare time, and maybe even transition to working completely from home. I have been looking at some of the apps and sites out there, but it is all so complicated. I just don't know if its right to pay to sign-up, accept such high percentages that they take, and rely on this as a sustainable source of income. . .Basically I have about a million questions and my research only opens up more. So I thought I would hear from some folks with more experience in this area.
I have listed a few sites I am looking into, which do you think is the best one to work for?

What is the best work-from-home job during COVID?

With COVID-19 changing the way the world works, businesses are closing offices and moving remotely. I have enjoyed being a freelance writer because it gives me freedom and flexibility while still making good money. What do you think is the best remote job currently? If you do not see the line of work below, put your thoughts in the comment section.

Multilevel Marketing

Have you or do you know anyone that's part of a multilevel marketing company? I'm sure you do. If you haven't been sucked into one of these companies yourself, then I'm positive someone has asked you to buy a product from them or asked you to join their team (LulaRoe or Scentsy anyone?). Usually, people join these hoping to make some extra cash or because they genuinely enjoy the products. More often than not, if you don't sell a TON of product or have a large number of recruits under you, you won't make much more than pocket change each month from these companies. If you've ever heard of pyramid schemes, that's basically what an MLM is. You can make a little bit each month selling products, but you make the most money when you have a lot of people under you. Are you fans of MLMs or do you despise them?

Hardest part about working from home?

So, like many folks I lost my job in march. But there are silver linings to everything, now I found a way to work from home, and hope to continue doing so after the pandemic. Its so great to make my own hours, work while enjoying my coffee in my pajamas, and hang out with my dog all day.
But that does not mean its all good. There are down side to working from home also. At first it was very hard for me to stay motivated and get out of bed on time, it seems like I wake up and take a relaxed start to my day and the next thing I know it is noon. Maybe that is just me, what are your biggest troubles with working from home?

Working online...

I think everyone has at some point googled "ways to make money online". Probably now more than ever, with so many people being stuck at home and others losing their primary source of income. Out of the most common ways to make money online, what's your favorite? If you're not already making money, which way do you think you'd like best?

Should the minimum wage be raised?

this is a difficult subject, although we all want better wages, it also raises the costs of business and production and prevents teenagers from getting level entry jobs. Do the risks outweigh the rewards?

Fake it till ya make it?

I am feeling out of my element at work. I just got a job as an executive assistant 3 weeks ago, but it is so demanding, and I guess I don't have the organizational skills I thought I did. Do I tell my boss its too hard or just do what I can and hope I get better at it? I was so happy to get this job, but I don;t want to fail and have a bad mark on my resume.