[to my boss] You want me to sign what? now?

I work for a small start up with 20 people. We were in 2 days of leadership meetings and then I was scheduled to be on PTO for a long weekend in NY with my husband. I knew the board was finalizing a new funding round and they were expecting it to close in the next day or 2.

On the 6 hour plane ride to NY on Thursday I received a slack message from my boss saying I needed to sign a document. 30 minutes later he asks for my husband's email because he needs to sign also.

I land in NY where it takes us hours to get from the airport to the hotel and we had dinner plans and show tickets. I ask what the document is and he says it is simply agreeing that the company can have first right to buy my shares when I want to sell them. My husband’s document asks him to agree as my spouse that he read the Agreement and agrees to the terms of it but he actually hasn’t been sent the agreement. Nor have I.

At this point my boss is asking me to sign the documents that evening but it is already after 9 pm for us and we are in a broadway show. I decide not to sign because I want to wait until the morning until I can focus on it. In the morning I ask for the agreement to which we are being asked to have read and agreed to. He sends it. We read it and we sign—not fully understanding what we are signing- but not seeing any red flags. The other 3 employees all signed the night before.

While we did not delay the close of the funding round we gave the CEO the impression we were asking to potentially modify the agreement and he came to the conclusion we didn’t trust the leadership. He sends me a fairly snarky comment to that effect. I believe in order to avoid that outcome I just needed to immediately sign the document and ask my husband to do so as well. What would you have done ?

Should I take the job?

I'm currently traveling out of the country for an indefinite amount of time. I was recently offered a job back at home in the states, a very good job, that would allow me to make a decent income. But, it would require me to come home almost immediately, which I don't think I'm ready to do.

Take the job or wait for something better?

I'm sure this has been asked before in one way or another but, I'll ask anyway.

I've recently applied to a variety of positions, about half for random jobs that don't interest me but pay decently and, the other half, jobs I would like but (as it usually goes) are harder to attain. Well, I was recently asked to interview for a large company. The position is somewhat of a lackey job but, with any big company, they don't hesitate to throw benefits and good pay at the employee for the work they do. However, I have another open application for a job I would love, and am certainly qualified for but, have not heard back yet (it's been about a week).

The scenario I'm having trouble with here is this; I take the job but the other one gets back to me and I get an offer from them. If I take the job now, in this case, I would only work a brief time before putting in my two-weeks. I'm worried that will look bad on me. So, do I hold off on taking this remedial job and wait for a non-guarantee or take the job now and wait to see what happens?

Should I have done that?

I'm an active person and dedicated to what I do. The other day, I was very sick, but had to photograph something for my work. I also had to take public transportation, which is downright negligent, considering how many people in close proximity could have caught my cough.
Basically, I don't know if I did the right thing in doing the job and potentially getting people sick.

It's not like I'm made of money...

After talking with multiple people and job searching for quite awhile now I'm starting to realize how important being able to code websites is even for someone who wants to work as a UX designer and not as a developer. So, I have started to look into what program to undertake in order to learn how to code efficiently. I know my lack of personal drive when not under a time constraint can lead me to procrastinate on things I should be doing, so I have settled on taking a class with required deadlines and courseloads I have to meet in order to pass. This should ensure that I actually keep up with the day to day work required and do not slack off over time. The course I am currently looking at and considering starting (need to enroll by Jan 15th) is one through Code Academy which costs $200 for a 10-week program. As I am not currently working any kind of regular job I know I have the time, however, I am also not made of money and so don't want to spend a ton on something that I'm doing more out of necessity than a genuine enjoyment of the subject matter. Do you think I should bite the monetary bullet and jump on this now while I have the motivation, free time, and cash to do it or should I just keep job searching with the skills I have and come back to it when I have more money to afford a (maybe) better, more expensive program even though I may not have as much free time.

Favorite Social Media Platform?

I've been starting to focus solely on Instagram lately (mainly for my blog) since I've been finding that I prefer it to Twitter and Facebook. I love how each person's page is a place for them to display anything from little moments in their lives to photos that have taken hours to capture and edit. I'm trying to figure out if this is a good direction to take to gain readers and followers who are interested in pictures and blogs (focusing only on IG). What Social media platform do you like to mainly use?

What types of blogs do you like to read?

I have a travel blog, which has a mix of personal stories, budget tips, and destination guides on it. I was wondering what you guys look for when picking a blog to read? I'm wondering if I should start to cater more to one category (personal or guides).

Right now, my blog caters to backpackers/travelers/people looking to travel, but I was wondering if you'd rather read personal stories on the blog (in this case, my personal travel experiences) to connect more with the actual blogger, or solely tips (in this case, destination/budget/packing guides) to help with what you're looking for.

An old job want me back

I used to work for my girlfriend's family. I left because they forced me to choose between working for them and finishing me degree, so I bet on myself. Now that I've graduated, they want to fire the guy they hired to replace me and get me back in there. I really didn't like the job, but the pay was the best I've ever had, the benefits were full and I would start off at a supervisory position. The problem is: I feel like I'd be selling my soul. I'd be set for a very long time if I just took it, but I'd be throwing away my values.


Recently I was fired from my job for "rude and inappropriate behavior toward customers and co-workers" as the manager said who gave me the news. She said that because I had failed to improve my behavior, they had to terminate my employment. However, when I pressed the manager for more information including details as to what kind of behavior I had been reported committing, she was unable to give me any specifics. This confused me for two major reasons, 1st: Never in my life, has anyone described me as rude or inappropriate when interacting with people, in fact, I am usually a strong interpersonal communicator. 2nd: If complaints had been coming in over time about my inappropriate behavior, shouldn't I have been made aware of them (I was not), so that I could have the opportunity to improve my behavior.

When I approached my supervisor (I was fired by a different branch manager) she told me she had no idea why my employment was terminated, thus furthering my confusion, for if complaints were fired about my behavior they should have gone through my direct supervisor first, no? Furthermore, since my employment was terminated Thursday, Dec 14th, my repeated attempts to reach out to varying managers and supervisors has yet to yield even a single response.

While the job itself may not have been of the utmost importance to me, more of a stepping stone to make a little cash while I looked for something better, it does bother me significantly to have been fired for something so completely nonsensical. Add onto that how I have been unable to get any further information about my termination, it all leads me to believe the entire reason for my termination may be a complete forgery.

I have tried texting/emailing my supervisor: no response
I have tried emailing the supervisor who directly fired me: no response
I have tried emailing the general manager in charge of all of them: no response

What should I do?

Money vs Loyalty

My boss has been pretty good to me but not as good as he has been to himself. I now have the knowledge and power to compete with him. Should I go with loyalty and security or knowledge and power ? What to do? I could end up rich or die homeless...