Best College Football Coach All-Time

Though college football starts off again in the fall, I have been thinking a lot about the best coach of all-time. Nick Saban just won his seventh title of all-time. Bear Bryant is another top coach of all-time. How about you? Do you have a top college football of all-time? Share in the comments with more options.

Trevor Lawrence Enters NFL Draft

The golden child of Clemson is leaving college for the pros. Trevor Lawrence, who won one title with the Tigers, is headed to the NFL Draft. Personally, I think he will go #1. He has all the make-up of a stellar quarterback. How about you? Where do you think he fits getting drafted? Comment if you have more thoughts about him.

Texas Football New Hire

After winning its bowl game, Texas fired Tom Herman and hired offensive coordinator from Alabama, Steve Sarkisian, in a matter of five hours. Apparently, the university had its mind made up before the fact. Personally, I do think this is a great hire. Texas wants to be elite. If Sarkisian can put up numbers like he did last year at Alabama, Texas will be in the national conversation again. What do you think?

Should Jim Harbaugh be concerned?

The University of Michigan defensive coordinator, Don Brown, has been dismissed from the team. Each year, Brown's defensive teams have gotten progressively worse. In 2016, Brown's defense held teams to 4.2 yard per play, which was 2nd in the country. In 2020, Michigan allowed 5.6 yards per play, ranking 59th. Now, head coach Jim Harbaugh is on the hot-seat, without a contract extension. How worried should he be?

Best Collegiate Football Player All-Time

There have been a ton of college football greats over the years, but none better than Herschel Walker. The Bulldog great won the Heisman his junior year and then bounced to the pros. How about you? Give me your greatest collegiate football player, even if you have to share it in the comments.

All-America Team

The All-America Team is out there from ESPN. It is no surprise that Alabama has a plethora of players. With quarterback Mac Jones, running back Najee Harris, and wide receiver DeVonta Smith all making the list, the Crimson Tide can be proud of what they put on the field. However, I think there were some teams skipped in the voting. BYU deserved more. Zach Wilson was equally as talented as Mac Jones during the year, but people will argue BYU played no one. What about you? Any teams have some players snuffed?

Should Texas A&M have gotten in?

If you have not seen SEC Shorts, you are missing out. So, do that immediately. But, the video itself leads to a big question about the CFP. Ultimately, Notre Dame beat Clemson once, without their starting QB, and lost badly the second time. Texas A&M lost to Alabama earlier in the year, but got left out of the CFP. Should they have made the playoff?

Army vs. West Virginia Winner

Army has replaced Tennessee to play West Virginia in the Liberty Bowl. Army has always been known as a ground and pound team. Who do you think will end up winning the match-up? I think West Virginia will hold out, but give me your impressions.

Who will win the CFP?

Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Clemson have made the College Football Playoff. Who do you think will win it all? For me, Alabama looks scary. They can actually score. Personally, when push comes to shove, they will play defense and pull out the close game. How about you?

Will Shaun Wade get a shot at redemption?

Last year, Ohio State's Shaun Wade was playing against Clemson in the semi-finals. Wade went helmet first tackling Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence was shaken up and Wade got ejected. In the process, Ohio State lost to Clemson with Wade watching in the locker room. Will Wade get another chance to win a national championship?