Should Nebraska leave the Big-10?

Nebraska has not been great lately. That is no secret. But, the Huskers and the Big-10 have been butting heads lately. When a recent game was cancelled, due to COVID-19, Nebraska tried to schedule a make-up game outside the conference. The Big-10 put their foot down. The conference only wanted Big-10 teams to play Big-10 teams during the year to control the testing protocol for players. I do not know if Nebraska has much to stand on at this point, but they do not seem to be loved in the conference. Maybe they could go back to the Big-12 or the Pac-12, where they would fair better and would be welcomed.

Is Alabama football overrated?

It seems like year after year, the Crimson Tide are near the top or at the top of college ratings. Sometimes though, I feel like they are a bit overrated. But, I read that since 2009, Alabama has won five national championships. That is almost one ever other year. That is pretty good, but I still think they get the benefit of the doubt more often than not. Let me know in the comments why they are overrated or not. Roll Tide!

Should this college season have an asterisk?

With the pandemic pushing on across the country, I have been wondering how college pundits will view the 2020 season. With many teams not having a season or a condensed schedule, the best of the best will not be on display. So, should a champion be crowned the same way? I think it should have a asterisk, but what do you think?

Expanding The College Football Playoff

Ever since the College Football Playoff became a thing, people (including myself) have been clamoring for an expanded playoff. With the format stuck at four, I believe another four will do. Use the conference champions of the Power-5 Conferences and then the next three on the ranking system. Sure, someone will be left out, but at least there are more teams to add to the puzzle. What do you think should be the number of teams added?

Will A Non-Power-5 Get In The Football Playoff?

I have been talking with my buddies about this lately and want to get some feedback. With this college football season turned upside down due to COVID-19, I think this might be the best year for a non-Power-5 team to make the final four for the NCAAF Playoff. With Ohio State probably not playing enough games, the PAC-12 not having enough scheduled games, and the Big-12 beating each other out, I think BYU or Cincinnati may get in if they run the table. Give me your vote or thoughts below if you have another non-Power-5 team in mind.

Best place to bet on college football?

whoa, the world of online sports betting sure got big quick, huh? I am thinking of getting in, but I am not sure which one is best for college football games. What do y'all use?

Important Wedding or Important Game?

My girlfriend has a really close guy friend getting married out of town and she really expects and wants me to be there. It happens to fall on the same day as my favorite football team's biggest rivalry game that I was planning to attend.

Compensation for College Football Players

Should college football players be compensated (beyond full-ride scholarships) for the revenue they bring to the college they play for? Plenty of students work for the colleges they attend, so why not compensate the football players? The NCAA bans compensation of college athletes other than scholarships on the basis that “[t]he NCAA strives to maintain intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the educational program and the athlete as an integral part of the student body. What do you think – should college football players be compensated? Add a comment as to why or why not.