Navalny's Doctor Dead At 55

Alexei Navalny, who is currently being jailed for opposing President Putin, was poisoned a year ago, possibly from the Russian government. Now, the doctor who saved Navalny's life has died himself. The cause is said to be a heart attack. But, I wonder. There seems to be a conspiracy theory brewing here. What do you think? How did the doctor die? Maybe you have a different way he died than from my answers. Share in the comments.

Qanon: Truth or misinformation

A year ago Qanon seemed like nothing but an extreme fringe conspiracy group. But, with the support they have gotten fromt he Republican party there numbers have increased greatly. Not only have they become a force in politics, but even several politicians identify with their narratives. As we saw on January 6th, Qanon supporters where one of the major groups that incited and carried out the insurrection at the capitol. We can no longer ignore them as just a crazy fringe group, they are now in positions of power, and taking real actions that affect the country as a whole.
According the the media, the basic tenant of their beliefs is that a cabal of political and Hollywood elites such as Hillary Clinton and George Soros kill and consume children in ritualistic ceremonies to somehow get an unknown drug from their blood. From there, the stories go in every direction, including that Trump is actually the one who is trying to stop the child trafficking. Because of its decentralized and amorphous nature, the group is known to promote many conspiracy theories, some of which are even contradictory
What do you think about this group's ideals?.

Is there an enemy within?

One of the biggest conspiracies at the moment is if there are enemy's within Congress and the House of Representatives. Like are their people who are a part of Far Left and Far Right agenda groups that could actually be domestic terrorists. Personally, I think this has been going on for as long as America has been a country. How about you? Is this really happening?

Guy with jetpack flying over Cali?

As if 2020 didn't give us enough crazy, since August there have been three sightings of what appears to be a man with a jetpack on. The first sighting was in late August by a pilot, the second in October by a flight crew headed to LAX, and the third was on December 21. What makes this last time different is that the pilot on the instructional flight was able to get a video. The FAA and the FBI are investigating the incident. Some say it could be a drone made to look like a man, others believe it could very well be a man with a jetpack. What do you think?

Invasion of the reptilian humaniods?

After the Nashville terrorist bombing on Christmas day more attention has been placed to circulating conspiracy theories that could have triggered the attack. Once such theory is that of Lizard People, or more specifically "Blood-drinking, flesh-eating, shape-shifting extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids." Apparently these creatures have taken over the elite and political class of our planet and are working to destroy us.
Obviously such theories are ridiculous and unbacked by evidence, but why do people believe things like this?

Kentucky Basketball Conspiracy

Kentucky men's basketball has its worst record to start a season since 1927. At 1-6, coach John Calipari has a few conspiracy theories as to why his team is so bad. He has brought up the fact that there are no fans watching. He even joked that moving games from ESPN2 to ESPN was not enough. Also, coach has said the NCAA is getting back at Kentucky for all the years they have beat up other teams. What do you think? Is Kentucky basketball involved a big conspiracy?

Stairs in the woods...

Did you know that throughout national parks and in forests people are finding random staircases? Not attached to a building, not anywhere people were known to live, just an abandoned staircase in the woods. I first heard about this years ago when I was listening to park rangers tell some creepy stories, and it was always unsettling to me for some reason. If you go on Google, you can see hundreds of pictures showing these stairs all made from different material. Yet, there's never been a good answer given as to where they came from. If you are familiar with this phenomena, what is your take on it?

Did an ancient civilization end 12,000 years ago?

British writer and journalist Graham Hancock has proposed a popular theory that an ancient civilization existed on the earth prior to a meteor impact 12,000 years ago. He bases this on several lines of evidence, including global dust samples, the extinction of North American mega fauna at the same time, and the construction of the towers of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey 11,000 years ago. He also points out that the Great Sphinx must have been exposed to heavy rainfall, based on the erosion patterns around it, which has not been seen in the area for more than 10,000 years.

So, what do you think, did all the experts and scientists miss this ancient civilization, or is Graham Hancock a light of reason in an otherwise dark world of mainstream ideas and maintaining the status quo?

D.B. Cooper Mystery

The story of D.B. Cooper is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in U.S. history. On November 24, 1971, D.B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing with a ransom of $200,000 given to him. The plane lifted off shortly after the money was given to him, and in mid-flight, he parachuted out of the plane between Seattle and Portland. The FBI never found him, after a massive manhunt. What do you think happened to D.B. Cooper?

Does it matter the code was broken?

After 51 years, the code that was sent to newspapers around San Francisco has been cracked. It took a team from Belgium, Australia, and the United States of America to get to the solution. Ultimately, it looks like this message is more junk sent from the Zodiac to garner attention. Does this matter in the end? There has always been theories over who the Zodiac Killer was, but it does not look like they are closer to getting to the bottom of this mystery.