Vaxxed but still wearing a mask?

Honestly, I just wish the leadership of our country could agree on something for once. There are so many mixed messages about masks and the efficacy of the vaccine. They say that the vaccine is only 94% effective, and that some can still catch the disease and die, but they also said we would reach herd immunity when the country achieved a 70% vaccination rate. Now, we are nowhere near 50%, but already all the masks guidelines were lifted. Then they say the numbers are going up and that the Deta variant is spreading quickly. The WHO says wear a mask, the CDC says no need. Some stores require them, some don't.

What are you doing now, in July, if you are vaccinated? Are you still wearing a mask when in indoor/crowded places or have you completely stopped?

Ethics Of The Vaccine

I am so happy the vaccine is on its way, and I am wanting to get it because I am an educator. But, I have been hearing conversations about ethics with the vaccine. Should I, a 30-year-old, get the vaccine before a 65-year-old? Personally, I feel a little sheepish getting it before elderly people who are at risk. But, I feel at risk as well. What do you think I should do?

Which vaccine sounds safest to you?

Like most of America, I am still waiting to get the vaccine. It looks like in the spring/summer when I can get it that I might have a choice of which to get, with the variety out there. The new mRNA ones sound good, using your own bodies cells doesn't sound to risky. But it takes two shots and there is no long term data available for this vaccine method. The other ones use older methods that are tried and true. Plus they only require one shot. I am not sure how they all compare when it comes to the new variants.
What are you thinking, if you had a choice, which vaccine would you prefer to get?

Stimulus check conversations got on my nerves...

Maybe I'm wrong, but hear me out. Right when the stimulus was passed, quite a few people (including me - still haven't gotten it) had to wait on their checks due to errors on the side of the IRS and partially tax companies. What drove me crazy were the people who were mad that they had to wait an extra week or 2 because they had bills to pay and they had told their landlords and bill collectors they would have the money when they got their checks. My parents always taught me never count your chickens before they hatch. Since this outrage was only a week or 2 after the stimulus had even been announced, I just couldn't help but wonder did they have a plan before the stimulus to begin with? Now, I do understand that a lot of people were hurt financially by everything going on and were hurting for the money, but the comments I saw seemed more like people who had put their bills on hold banking on this check hitting their account. Am I wrong for thinking that outrage was unwarranted?

Were the vaccines developed too quickly?

I am by no means an antivaxxer. I have all my shots, and get the flu vaccine every fall. However, these new mRNA vaccines have me a bit concerned. I have read about how they work, and it seems very safe to me. But I am not a doctor, I do not know what the long-term side effects will be, and since this is a new technology that has never been used on a global scale before, I don't believe anybody does. So while I want to get a vaccine and get back to normal life, I am worried. Do you think my worry is justified, are you also scared about how quickly these vaccines were rolled out.

South Florida In COVID Trouble?

Florida, like much of U.S., is still in the middle of the COVID epidemic. But, is Florida falling behind compared to other states in the union? Currently, Florida is one of the worst places to live, getting hit with COVID. Additionally, vaccines are not getting out quick enough. They are still only offering the vaccine to people 65 and older, while other states are around 60 and older. Will Florida be able to catch up?

Hugs through plastic barriers. . .acceptable?

Residents of nursing homes and long term care centers have been hardest hit by the pandemic. As such, they have been more or less on compete lock down since last March. Residents of these centers have been stuck for nearly a year with no visitors and no outdoor time. This has left them alone, and in despair. Now, some are setting up what they call 'hug tents.' These are plastic barriers that provide for contact, sort of. I have spent a lot of time hospitalized, and I got on ok for the most part. It makes me wonder if this is a good thing. I mean, if you are 80+ years old and have been locked alone in your room for 11 months and then put in a plastic room to see your loved ones all covered in PPE, I think this could be more traumatic than just sitting around watching daytime TV. But I guess for some it would be worth seeing their families, no matter what. I am conflicted about it, what are your thoughts?

Why the steep drop in COVID cases?

Although we just had out deadliest day yet in term of COVID deaths, the trend for infections is looking great. In just a short time the number of infections across the country has dropped by 50%. At this point only a bit more than 8% of peopel have been vaccinated, so it is unlikely that could be a bug factor in this drop. What do you think is responsible for it?

7 years until normalcy?

Although the vaccination program in the US is starting to pick up speed, it has been a slow roll out plagued with issues. Top researchers suggest it could take as much as 70-80% of the population to be vaccinated before things can return to business as usual. For the US, it is looking like that will take about another year, with some states ahead of others. But, for many poorer nations they have not even received vaccine doses yet, and it is estimated that at current rates it could take 7 years for the world to return to normal. Do you agree with this assessment or do you think we will get there faster?

What does COVAX stand for?

COVAX is the coalition to create as many vaccines as possible to help people. Demand will be a lot higher than supply. So, this effort will make sure all countries get the vaccine in an efficient manner. Even the poorest countries will get the vaccine for free. Donors have given $4 billion to help, but $2 billion is still needed. But, I still don't know what COVAX means. What do you think it means?