Will COVID-19 get better in West Virginia?

West Virginia is having a hard time containing the corona-virus. Currently, six counties are in the red and 14 in the orange. Also, within the last week, 91,000 people have been tested. With numbers spiking all over the country, do you think West Virginia is only going to get worse with infections?

When will the vaccine be ready for distribution?

With news that Moderna and Pfizer have had great results combating the virus with their vaccines, getting people protected from COVID-19 looks immanent. But, when will the ball really get rolling? A lot of people have hoped sooner rather than later, but 2021 looks more realistic to me. Any guesses?

Should I be worried about getting COVID twice?

Alright, I start this by saying I am one of the lucky ones. I got COVID but did not have to go to a hospital and spend time on a ventilator. I lost my taste and smell, but I still have my life. However, I am nervous about getting the virus worse the second time around. Should I be concerned?

COVID shutdowns or immediate economic revival?

The debate over how to react to the COVID pandemic has become highly polarized. Sceintists and medical professionals want to see most non-essential activates stopped until transmission rates are low enough to open safely, or a vaccine is available. These measures are the only proven way to reduce the spread, and also the death and comorbidities associated with infections. Protecting the most vulnerable among us.

On the other side, are the folks who say that more lives could be lost if we fail to reopen the economy. They cite loss of jobs, homelessness, alcoholism and addiction, and domestic violence as externalities of lockdowns. They believe that the safeguards to prevent COVID transmission should not be of more impact than the virus itself, and do not see the virus as being very deadly.

So where do you stand, 9 months in, do we keep things semi-locked down in areas where numbers are up or work to open the economy in full again now.

Have you been tested for COVID-19?

I just tried to go get tested for COVID because I had a fever and sore throat. I went to all the urgent care and other facilities that I could find listed around my area, and the earliest I could get an appointment was for 9 days out. Furthermore, it would have cost $40 dollars to get. I would be either over the sickness or in the hospital by then, why would I get tested if that's the system we have after 9 months of this pandemic?
So that got me wondering, all these tests I keep hearing about, is that mostly just for people who work in fields of medicine or as caretakers or in other jobs where testing is mandatory or is this just a factor of the recent surge in cases. So please help me to understand this better by letting me know if you have been tested for COVID, and how.

Slight normalcy in an unnormal world...

To my surprise, the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade will still happen this year on Thanksgiving Day. Of course, there will be some major changes since we are still in a pandemic, and one of those changes is that for the first time there will not be a live audience. Besides axing onlookers, they have also cut quite a few workers. Normally, there would be close to 10,000 people helping work the parade and that has dropped to about 1,500 according to Fox News. I will normally watch the parade if I catch it, but I never set aside time to watch it, if that makes sense. Will you be watching the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade?

Will you be hosting Thanksgiving this year?

For my family, Thanksgiving is really the only time of year where we all site down and have a long, delicious meal together. Other holidays we are spread out, and Christmas it always seems there are a dozen different parties we have to run around to. But, with COVID numbers going up across the country, will this be the first Thanksgiving in recent memory where we don't all get to be together? What is your family doing this year to celebrate?

Celebrating birthdays during covid...

With my birthday less than two weeks away, I'm not excited. One, I have to work that day anyway and on top of that there's still a pandemic, so my celebration options are pretty limited either way. When running through ideas, I thought about getting a hotel room somewhere just to get away. Nothing fancy. No party. Just a quiet space away from my home. Then I started thinking about hotels, and how many people are in and out of a single room. Even though hotels are trying their best to keep rooms clean and sanitized, I just don't feel safe staying in a big building with a bunch of other people, no matter how far away from each other we are. Have you stayed in a hotel since covid? If not, would you?

Ben Carson is the latest WH covid victim...

Well, here we are again. Another week and another high level Trump official catching coronavirus after partying it up without masks or social distancing. Carson attended the WH's election night party in the East Room with multiple top officials, and many people who attended, including WH chief of staff Mark Meadows, have reportedly come back as positive for the virus. Do you think it's irresponsible for the White House to continuously have large gatherings without practicing the proper safety precautions? I don't like the fact that they act like it isn't a big deal when they can go get the best of the best care, while their supporters following in their footsteps likely don't have the health insurance to receive the same care if they end up sick.

Coronavirus vaccine?

Well, we now have vaccine from Pfizer and German drug company BioNTech that they claim is 90% effective in trial studies. The participants they tested the vaccine on had never had the virus and it showed to be effective in preventing the disease. Articles state that they are trying to rush approval from the FDA so they can start administering the two-dose vaccine. Will you be lining up for it or are you still skeptical?