Colleague Vs. Coworker

I had a conversation recently with a peer. We were talking about if we need to say that we are coworkers or colleagues. I think it is colleagues. But, my peer wants coworkers to be the title. Still, I do not know if it really matters. What do you all think? I hope I win nonetheless.

Do you call them your co-workers?

So now that we all work from home things do not seem so professional. I kinda miss the formalities of the office life, so I think I will start to refer to my dog as my coworker. That way, when I am having a Zoom meetings I can say, 'I have to give my coworker his breakfast,' or 'sorry, my coworker walked across the keyboard.'
What do you think, you want to join me in this new revolution? if so, please comment you best 'coworker' phrase :)

But thats my job!

So I am on a team of employees, and I feel like as such we should work as a team. But, I have one co-worker who is always complaining that I step on her toes. If I sen out an group email even remotely related to her position without involving her she writes a snarky response like 'what is my role on this then?' or 'oh, I thought this was my job, why was I not told before?'
I am not trying to step on anyone's toes, but we are a small team, I just thought that if one person can do a job then get it done. Like if this was football whoever gets the ball can try to score, right?
Am I out of line or is she?

Biggest zoom pet peeve - GO!

Now that so many of us are on Zoom everyday (even though we didn't even know what zoom was last year) we are all hating some aspects of it. The awkward silence while we wait for everyone to join, the person who makes noise and doesn't mute, a half naked spouse or parent walking through, freezed up and dropped calls, and so much more. What are your biggest Zoom pet peeves of 2020?

People not showing up

I work in a hospice/end of life care facility as a CNA. We are so short staffed all the time, but now with COVID it is even worse because we cannot have traveling nurses or temps. I am supposed to have 2 other CNAs on my floor, but for the last 8 months I have been alone most nights. Management has given me some bonuses, but its not enough for doing the job of 3 people, and I am so tired of it all. I cannot get another job now because I will lose my health care and my home.
What can I do?

An unproductive co-worker on my team

So I work on a small team where all the team members are basically board members, we all have director type positions and the CEO gives us a lot of room to do what we want as long as the company is always moving in the right direction. Well we have one co-worker who never really produces anything. She always wants to have meetings, and is always wanting to reorganize and restructure things within the company. I know we need some structure and order, but at some point doesn't organization become procrastination? I mean how can I get anything important done if I am always trying to find things in a reorganized google drive and being asked to review internal documents that only the team will ever see? How do I make her and our CEO aware that all these meetings and admin stuff is not actually moving the company forward without seeming like I am at odds or undermining her efforts?

Fighting Coworkers

The other day at work, two coworkers got in a snarky email argument, with my entire department cc'd. Both the director and our HR manager were out of town, so I was the most senior person at the office, with the exception of one of the people involved in the argument.

Should I have said something?