Would you go this modern?

A London flat was upgraded with all the marble and Italian furnishings that anyone would want. With a fashionable dining area and wonderful main bedroom, this flat pulls out all the stops. But, would you live in a house like this?

Which Dyson would you buy?

Dyson recently came out with a new line of products for your home. I am super impressed by the technology and am excited to purchase one thing from the list. I certainly could use everything, but I need to prioritize. What would you get?

Home Gym or Go to the Gym

With New Year's Resolutions right around the corner, people are deciding between home gyms or heading out and getting a membership for one. However, home gyms are all the rage as the perfect decor, if you can afford them. So, if money was no option, would you use some space in your house for a home gym?

Should antiques be in the modern home?

A vintage resurgence seems to be happening in the New York area. With so many people wanting antiques in their home, people look primed to pay the price for the best way to decorate their home. Still, even if I had the money, I would not spend it on these antiques. How about you?

Decorating room

I am about to turn 22 and live in a luxury apartment. I still have a tapestry from last year and I'm wondering if it's socially okay to still have one in my bedroom. Give suggestions in the comments please!