Does getting a doctorate really matter?

I do not see what all the fuss is about. The only reasons for a doctorate seem to be for becoming a professor or for someone's ego. So many people seem to be interested in school, school, school, but at what cost? It will certainly be a lot of money. Maybe I have the wrong mindset. Still, this seems ridiculous to me. What about you?

Should students pass?

As a teacher in public education, it can be hard sometimes. COVID sure has not helped the situation. Ultimately, I want students to learn and grow. But, some districts are allowing students to pass, even if they fail this year. I think it is unethical. Maybe I don't have a lot of say. Still, what are your thoughts on situation? Should students pass? Or not?

Does the disinformation war bother you?

I'm a sucker for knowledge. I love learning new things and researching topics I know nothing about. The fact that so many people are falling trap to "fake news" actually bothers me. Since I'm not one to take the first thing I hear and run with it, it baffles me that so many people can read something so inaccurate and spout it off like it's a fact. And then argue with you when you present them with the facts because they have already made their mind up on the matter. It really bothers me because with so much information at our fingertips, it seems like people aren't made to decipher between what's true and what's not which creates a completely different reality from those living in a fact based world versus the land of make believe. What do you think?

Do we still need Black History Month?

I think that when Black History Month was started it was done with the best of intentions. It was put in place because, at the time, history was largely 'white.' Not that other races were not making history, they indeed were, however the power structure at the time was such that whites tended to be the ones highlighted and written about. This whitewashing of history was done at the detriment to everyone, diversity of ideas if what makes society so wonderful. So I totally support the origins of this month, and think it was a great idea for many years.
However, today I am not so sure. I understand that America still has a long way to go when it comes to inclusiveness, but like affirmative action, does this in some ways further the problem it was trying to stop? I mean, if we are saying there are two histories, black history and white history, are we not doing a disservice to history as a whole? Shou;dn;t we just be teaching history, rather then further ingraining stereotypes and historical division in our youth?

Chicago Teachers Make A Deal

The Chicago Union has struck a deal for teachers. They have been promised vaccinations. But, I think they should have sweetened the pot with more before they re-opened. I would have asked for a pay increase. How about you? What would you want to help teachers with?

Should there be drug education programs?

Recently, a man injected himself with a tea made from magic mushrooms. Although the man did survive, he was hospitalized for more than 22 days, much of which was spent in the ICU. It was a very close call. This was a very dumb thing to do of course. But it begs the question, would drugs be less dangerous if we had education programs?
Magic mushrooms are generally quite safe, while there may be mental issues created from their use, there are generally not physical ones. I know that when I went through school all they told us was that "drugs are bad and don;t do them." but they did not tell us the real dangers of various drugs, nor how to reduce those dangers. Do you think it is time to have real drug education that includes harm reduction techniques such as explaining how to test drugs, what are safe and dangerous amounts, who is at risk, etc.?

What did you think of the poem?

Amanda Gorman read the poem on Inauguration Day. It was called "The Hill We Climb." It was also a special day with Kamala Harris being the first female vice-president in America History. After hearing the poem, speaking of the future, what did you think of it? I thought it was amazing, as her being the first National Poet Emiratis. I bet it made you think back to poetry in school.

Should new variant halt in-person education?

With the new COVID-19 variant affecting children like never before, some are wondering if in-person learning should stop. "Online is the best place to be" is what the critics say. Personally, I think schools should be cautious, but mental health is at play here, as well. A healthy balance with major protocols is what I think is best. How about you? How should the nation manage schools? Should in-person education stop or not? Please share your thoughts. I would love to hear.

Future of Education

With COVID-19 moving education in the new frontier, is education heading towards online learning fully? I wonder this as many schools around the globe have had to shift to streaming on computers. Do I believe this is the best education? No, not by a mile. But, I do believe that more and more of this is possible moving forward. It is cheaper than being in-person. There is also more flexibility here. What do you think?

Wisdom Learned From 2020 Education

2020 has been a difficult year for a lot of reasons. But, education certainly was front and center in the fight against the pandemic. Teachers worked harder than ever to help students in need. There were still more inequalities in education, with technology not being given to all student in need. Lastly, schools, more than ever, were about community. The biggest piece of wisdom has everything to do with teachers, in my estimation. They work relentlessly to help students. What do you think was the biggest learning point in 2020 involving education?