Best Female Author

Jane Austen has always had my heart. From "Pride and Prejudice" or "Sense and Sensibility," I have a fondness in Austen's characters and story-lines. Do you agree or do you have someone else in mind? Share in the comments if you need, as well.

Who is the best male writer of all-time?

So many writers over the years have brought about comedy, tragedy, and romance within their novels. It is hard for me to pick one male author, but I would John Steinbeck is at the top. "Of Mice and Me" and "East of Eden" are some of the best classics around. Who would you say is the best male author? Add a comment if you have someone else.

How great of an author was Ernest Hemingway?

Ernest Hemingway was a writer of "The Lost Generation." He gave us classics such as "The Old Man & The Sea," "For Whom The Bell Tolls," and "The Sun Also Rises." After being gone for almost 75 years, I am starting to realize his greatness, but I am wondering how great he actually was. Do you think Hemingway was a revolutionary writer?

Do yearbooks matter?

In any high school across the country, you will probably see a yearbook purchased by students documenting the year. But, as the world becomes more and more digital, do Yearbooks still matter? As a yearbook teacher, I believe so. The memories, the nostalgia, the design, and photography are all vital parts to a year. Do you think the same way I do?

What type of learning is best in college?

There are many colleges out there that are either going online or doing a blended learning. Take Notre Dame, for example. They would much rather have students physically in class, so they have had in-person learning until November, and will not start up the second semester until February. With all the choices, what is the best option?

How science literate is America?

Even before the COVID pandemic, I suspected that Americans did not have a solid grasp of science. This could be illustrated by the debates around climate change or evolution, but now with COVID and these various groups like flat earthers and moon landing deniers, it is hard not to see. So I want to know where you think America stands, relative to other countries when it comes to science educations and literacy. ( I will post the actual answer in the comments)

Is private school worth it?

I will soon have kids in school, and I have been thinking about putting my children in a private school. Of course, the cost is a bear, but there seems to be a lot of extra one-on-one attention in private education. I would love to hear anyone's experience.

Learning Guitar: Youtube or lessons?

So, with a COVID third wave I am going to set my sights on something I have always wanted to do = Play the guitar. I went out and bought a second hand acoustic one at the pawn shop, and now I am going to start learning. There is a music store in my town that offers lessons, 1-on-1, for 35 dollars for 30 minutes. It would be once weekly.
I understand that it is about 1% theory and 99% practice. But to get that initial start, did you use an instructor or just go and use free Youtube videos?

How would you rate your history classes?

When I was in school, we learned all kinds of history about how great America was and how it had helped so many countries around the world. We learned all about the battles we won. We learned about how great Christoper Columbus was, and how our founding fathers were so perfect they could not even tell a lie. It was a great time, and I was so proud.
Then I started to pick up books and travel. I realized that my teachers had not told me most of the important parts of history, and had left out all the negative stuff. I had never heard of the race riots in Oklahoma, the war in the Philippines, the way the CIA overthrew governments throughout South America, and on and on. When I started to meet people from other countries, they seemed to know so much about the world, but I only knew about the US, and half of what I knew was false.
I understand protecting children from the worst truths when they are young, but I would have been more interested in history if I had been learning the truth.
Although I got straight A's at school, looking back I would give me history teacher an F. what about you?

The best popular science educator. . .

I just love watching science documentaries like Cosmos, the original and the remake. And I grew up watching Bill Nye at school, and nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough. I really love all of them, and have learned so much from them. Not just facts, but really a new way to look at and investigate the world around me. Which one has been the most influential to you?