Should the US fund Bomb Removal in Laos?

Laos is the most bombed country in the history of the world. These bombs were dropped on the officially neutral country as part of a secret proxy war between the US and the Communist Soviet Union and China. Many of them did not explode, and it is estimated that there are still around 80 million exploded bombs in the country. Every year hundreds of people are killed or maimed by these bombs, mostly farmers and children. Local nonprofits and community groups have been trying hard to remove them, but after almost 60 years they have only removed 0.5%.
So, since the US dropped all these bombs, should they step in and pay for their removal?

Perception of Reality. Are we Real?

Are We Real?

Are we living in a world or multiple worlds/universes that are being simulated or created instantaneously as you read this, A system (possibly designed) to make us believe our perception of the world? A precepton that is built by the information sent by our senses in a possibly simulated world that is influenced and created by all our thoughts collectively. I deeply feel there is an underlying metaphysical field to my reality. What opinion are you leaning towards?

Will you be donating?

Our planet has not been in such a dire situation in living memory; a pandemic, food shortages, fires, floods , hurricanes, homelessness, coral bleaching, wildlife extinctions, and war/famine have all taken their tool on humans everywhere. giving Tuesday is on December 1st this year, will you be donating money to any charities?
If yes, please list them in the comments to gain more publicity for the good ones

Should Juneteenth be declared a National Holiday?

We got Columbus day as a recognized national holiday. We celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Flag day, and Constitution day, so why not celebrate emancipation day? Should this be a federally recognized holiday?

Should we ban products made with monkey labor

Recently, the UK government and companies like Costco have been banning the sale of coconut milk because it is made from forced monkey labor. But, I have traveled extensively in Asia, and have seen these monkeys at work. It is true they are not free, but they are well taken care of. It seems a bi hypocritical that these groups would be banning it while still selling factory farmed meats that cause exponentially more suffering to the animals and more deforestation of the rain fairest than coconut plantations.

Is a Carbon Neutral Economy even possible?

Fossil fuel consumption is the primary driver of climate change, and it is a finite resource that we will run out of. Should we start preparing now and transition to an economy based on renewable energies or continue to use cheap oil to keep the current economy going?

America the dumb

Americans are so stupid about guns. Can we even be considered a civilized nation anymore?

Ethics of Finding Work

I am a burgeoning UX Designer and Web Developer, and as I continue my search for entry-level employment in the field I find myself continuously needing to oversell myself including stretching the truth on how long I've been working in the field and claiming to be fluent with a software I've only just started using. I'm usually a very honest person, and wouldn't even be doing things like this if it didn't feel like the only possibility of even getting an interview for that first position. My quandree is, is this normal? Do people do this often? Or should I stop stretching the truth and stick to the hard facts of the truth?

Living With an Old Crush?

In the coming year, I'm planning to move to a new city to live with an old college crush (and 3 other people). While I would be lying if I said I'd completely gotten over my feelings for her, it is true that I have long since given up pursuing a romantic relationship with her. For a while, it was because she was in a committed relationship and I valued our friendship more than it was worth being jealous of her boyfriend. Then as fate would have it she broke up with her boyfriend, right after I started dating my now long-term girlfriend whom I am still dating today. So now, here I am planning to share a house with this girl I've had suppressed feelings for over nearly 6 years. When I told a close friend about my intent to find housing with this girl, he told me he thought it would be a bad idea, but wouldn't say any more, telling me it should be obvious why it was a bad idea. While my girlfriend knows that I've had feelings for this girl in the past and I'm sure realizes that I still find the girl attractive she has told me that she would be okay with us living in the same house. Do you all think it would be a bad idea to live with this girl, even as part of a group? Before you decide you should know I am almost honest to a fault. If I even dream about cheating on my girlfriend I feel guilty about it. I'm not even the type to have one night stands even while nearly blackout drunk.

Rattlesnake in a fake package?

What do you think? Package thievery has been an epidemic lately, should one lucky criminal get the surprise of a lifetime?