Getting into yoga

I've wanted to try to get into yoga for a very long time. Every time I do one video, I'll feel great and then wait 4 days before I decide to do another one, and before I know it, 4 months have passed. I've recently been trying to do videos every single day, but I'm wondering if buying a 10 class pass instead will help me get into it more. It'll force me to get up and go instead of doing it in my own home. However, the classes are expensive, about $20 per class.

What's your opinion?

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Go to the classes, they'll get the ball rolling if you're serious about getting into it
Stick to the home videos and save money

Achilles are a-killing me.

I’ve always had overly tight achilles heel tendons. It doesn't come from an injury, they're just really short and really tight. There’s a chance that a sports medicine physical therapist could help me figure out how to fix this, but that’s fairly expensive and requires taking time off work to go to the appointments. On the other hand, I could just sleep in stretcher gear and hope for the best. Should I bite the bullet and see a specialist or try to DIY this?

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Just stretch them out. Consistency is key.
Go see a doctor. This is a bigger issue if it's ongoing.
Ask a personal trainer or non-doctor fitness pro.

A little exercise even worth it for weight loss?

Is it better to work out just a little bit every day or a more comprehensive workout twice a week? I’m trying to make serious changes, but I’m also balancing an attempt to really make and save up extra income too, so my time is somewhat limited. My primary goal is weight management so a small workout would consist of just a quick run on the treadmill and a longer one would be cardio plus weights.

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It's a waste of time. Just go 2x and make them count.
Do a little everyday, even if it isn't as long.