Is it normal for teens stay in thier room?

Ah do I miss the days when they were young. So easy to please, happy for just about anything you do for them, always inquisitive, and always a joy to be around. But then one day something happens, they become teenagers and suddenly they are aliens. I never see my teens anymore, they come to the kitchen and bathroom, but other than that they are in their rooms. I have tried to change the behavior, but it is too much of a struggle, and I feel that I am pushing them further away.
Is this something they just grow out of, or something I should be concerned about?

Wanting A Kid

My husband and I have tried to get pregnant for awhile. It just hasn't work. We have tried fertilization techniques still, but nothing. Now, we are going with word of mouth of adoption. But, this process seems to take too long. Should we just get an agency to work towards adoption? Any stories will help.

Should parents take on the debt?

Recent stats from "The Wall Street Journal" says that parents are taking an average of $100,000 on for their children's college education. While it is nice that parents are doing this, I do not believe they should stunt their future for their children. It will be a vicious cycle. The children should take it on. What do you think?

Family Therapy For Children Alienated

A recent article from "The Atlantic" speaks to people needing therapy after they have been alienated as children. However, the type of therapy may be surprising to you: Family Therapy. This may look and feel a little different, but family therapy can revitalize how the individual feels about the family dynamic. What therapy do you think would be best in this situation?

Do people date based on similarities to siblings?

We have probably all heard that men date a woman who is like their mother, while women find a man similar to their dad. But, do siblings have anything to do with the dating process? One thought-process is that people find someone to date that is similar to the way their sibling(s) looks. Interesting, but I do not think there is any weight to this. Love to hear some feedback.

Does divorce really have a major impact on kids?

My parents divorced when I was 16-years-old. They did everything in their power to try to make it work, from their perspective, but it was best for them to move on. I have heard it said that some parents try to wait until the kids are out of the house, but that did not work for them. However, I do not feel it had lingering effects on me. Sure, holidays have been different and not having them together is still unusual, but I know they still love me and have done everything for me. In my case, I have not seen major repercussions in my life. What has your experience been?

Parents Having Trouble Raising Their Kid(s)

I came across this video on "Oprah" where she talks to a mother who raised her boy like a girl, even though the child did not want this. There were medical procedures done, as well, to make this process even more real. I am not saying I had this kind of trouble with my parents, but are there some things your parents did growing up that have troubled you over the years? Let me know in the comments.

The In-Laws Are Too Giving

I love my in-laws. Do not get it twisted. But, they have been bothering me a bit lately. I have talked to my husband about his parents, but we have not come up with a game-plan on how to address this situation. My in-laws are giving, too giving. They want to give my children every gift under the sun. Well, in the house we live in, we do not have enough room for gifts, gifts, gifts. And I do not what my kids to be spoiled brats getting everything they want. What is the best way to handle the situation from experience you all have had?

Dealing with a girlfriends dad

He didn't answer the door holding a shotgun, but he may as well of. I went to meet my new girlfriends dad, thinking he would like me. I don't have tattoos, I was dressed nice. I spoke nicely and tried to show interest in what he said, but he was so cold and barely said anything nice. I really like this girl, but I am not sure how to get her dad to like me. Or at least not be mean to me. I think if he got to know me we could get along really well. Is it futile or will he come around?

Are all brothers the same?

So I have 2 brothers, and we are all very different. Over the years I have been talking with other people who are in a family with two siblings and the results seem very similar (more so with all boys/girls than with mixed sex siblings). My theory is that the oldest child will generally be the most responsible one, the middle child will be the most independant, and the youngest will be the most emotional.
Would you agree?