Gigi Hadid's Skin Care Plan

Gigi Hadid gives some fashion tips that are all about skin care. Some of the products that she recommended included Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream, Stuka Covertible Color, and Maybelline City Bronzer. She even said she puts toothpaste on breakouts that helps to dry out the area. Have you used any of the products? Write in the comments what you have used or what you would like to use. Thanks!

The Newest IMG Model

Ella Emhoff is the newest IMG model. Don't know who that is? Well, if you are not into politics, then you may not know. But, that is ok! She is the step-daughter of the new vice president, Kamala Harris. How cool, right? Will she end up being a great addition, or is this all for show? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Chuck's Wardrobe

Charles Barkley was one of the best NBA basketball players in the 1980s and 1990s. But, now, he is known more for his fashion? You heard that right. You may know about jersey swapping. But, Barkley took it to a whole new level by button up shirt swapping. A man wanted to swap shirts with the Hall of Famer. And Barkley said, "Yes." What do you think of Barkley's fashion statement? I think it is a little small. You?

Daisy Marquez Skin Tips

Daisy Marquez is one of the premiere YouTubers in fashion. With one and a half million followers, Daisy speaks great tips for doing make-up on the face. I watched the video and thought there were some sweet products, but I want to hear from others who have experience with what she was talking about. Thanks!

Charli Doin' Make-Up

Charli D'Amelio joined Chase Hudson's YouTube channel to do his make-up. After the finished product, would you have her do your make-up? Charli, a YouTube sensation in her own right, does her own make-up, and family and friends, but for the general public, what do you think?

Is this the prettiest wedding dress ever?

Actor Sana Khan recently got married to the love of her life, Anas Sayed. Her wedding attire is gorgeous, in my opinion. Though I am not from India myself, the culture there fascinates me. What do you think? How would you rate this beautiful wedding outfit?

Best online thrift shop

I just love going around to thrift shops and second hand shops like Goodwill and Arc. I can get great fashions for next to nothing, and its so much more fun than going to a department store. But now that COVID is re-surging, I gotta take my thrift store shopping online. What is your favorite site?

Are man-buns ok?

I kinda like men with long hair, but it seems that popular fashion culture disagrees with the man bun. where do you stand?

Yea or Nay on Noah Cyrus' dress?

We all saw it. . .some loved it and some hated it. where do you stand?