Is this the prettiest wedding dress ever?

Actor Sana Khan recently got married to the love of her life, Anas Sayed. Her wedding attire is gorgeous, in my opinion. Though I am not from India myself, the culture there fascinates me. What do you think? How would you rate this beautiful wedding outfit?

Best online thrift shop

I just love going around to thrift shops and second hand shops like Goodwill and Arc. I can get great fashions for next to nothing, and its so much more fun than going to a department store. But now that COVID is re-surging, I gotta take my thrift store shopping online. What is your favorite site?

Are man-buns ok?

I kinda like men with long hair, but it seems that popular fashion culture disagrees with the man bun. where do you stand?

Yea or Nay on Noah Cyrus' dress?

We all saw it. . .some loved it and some hated it. where do you stand?

What's your dress color preferance?

What color is your favorite to wear out?

The theme for my tatoo

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo... a small one that I could easily hide under clothing. Have you ever read Stephen King's 'Dark Tower" series? I thought maybe my tattoo would be a reference to something in those books. But the main character is a merciless gunslinger/macho-man and I'm wondering: if my tattoo is going to be a literary reference, maybe it should refer to a work with a strong and relatable female lead?