Should I invest some money in cryptocurrency?

I normally do not have any savings, but a bit of this last stimulus check actually exceed my monthly needs. I was wondering were the best place to put it to use was, stocks, ETFs, or Crypto. I want to get the best short-term returns on my investment, but don;t want too much risk. I saw that Dodgecoin has increased some 3,000% this last year, and that if I had put all my stimulus checks in and sold before the collapse I might be a millionaire right now. Too bad.
But are they still a good investment now, or has that ship sailed?

Dave Ramsey Financial Plan

I have been thinking about going with a Dave Ramsey Financial Plan. But, I am not sure if it is really good for me. I have to pay $100 for the plan every year, which seems like a lot of money, since I am already in debt. Anyone used Dave before? What were your experiences? Share in the comments to help me make a decision. You rock!

Should we feel bad for Gamestop short sellers?

Short selling stock has become increasingly popular since the 2008 financial collapse. The practice basically bets against a stocks success. So, bug hedge fund managers can place a large amount of short sells on as stock, which then causes a panic for those that own that stock, causing it to collapse and the short sellers make out big.
Recently these millionaire/billionaire hedge fund managers bet it all against the stock for Gamestop, hoping to win big when the company went under. They were not so lucky however, as a few people on reddit were paying attention to this. They rallied everyone to buy that stock, causing it to go up, not down, and causing those who had shorted it to loose millions. These hedge fund manager are now asking for new regulations to be put into place to prevent normal people from collaborating like this in the future.
I see this as these managers finally being beat at their own game, but some media outlets are on their side and also calling for reforms. Where do you stand?

COVID Relief Bill Could Pass Without GOP

The next Relief Bill could be on its way. But, with the Democrats over the Senate, House, and the White House, it looks like they will have a way through on their own. But, will it get passed without GOP help? I think so. Still, I want to hear from others on their thoughts. Thanks!

Johnson & Johnson Keeps Tops

Quarter 4 was good to Johnson & Johnson. The company continues to be successful during the pandemic. With people buying goods and produce at a high level during stay at home orders, Johnson & Johnson looks to have a good 2021 as well. When do you think Johnson & Johnson will start to level off? I think in 2022. You?

Is the BitCoin bubble about to burst?

If you invested in Bitcoin a month ago you are probably very happy at the moment. The price has soared to new records, smashing those previously set. But, analysts are warning that 45% of the bit coin market is help by just a few thousand so called 'whales.' If these whales started to sell off, the price of bitcoin would collapse and anyone who didn't sell first would be at a loss. However, those invested in Bitcoin point out how well it has done over the last ten years, and claim it will remain strong. What about you, do you think the bubble is about to burst?

Investing during covid-19

I know that investing in the stock market might be the last thing on most people's mind right now. With so many losing their jobs and being unable to work because of health reasons, paying for the necessities became a hard task. I was blessed and already working from home before everything came crashing down, so even though I was affected, it wasn't the worse of the worse. During this time, I have tried to learn more about the stock market. I made some tiny risk-free investments, but I'm wanting to do more. I'm just afraid that the market is more risky with us still being in the pandemic and not knowing what will happen day to day. Would you invest during a time like this if you don't already have money invested? If you have invested during the pandemic, what were your results?