Favorite Alcohol

What is your favorite kind of alcohol? I am really down with hard liquor. However, I know there are people that have wine out there, as well as beer. Give me your thoughts. I am looking to branch out. And feel like this would help. In the comments, maybe you can give me some specific drinks to enjoy.

Price of Food & Gas Going Up

I have been noticing the prices of gas and food are going up. This seems a little scary to me. For many Americans, it is hard because they have no money to begin with involving the pandemic. Is this the beginning of the end for America as we know it? Or are people going to get over the top? Thanks for you the help. I am a little worried if you cannot tell.

Really A Food?

I came across this weird foods article a few days ago. Some people were saying in it that mopane worms are a treat. I am sorry, but I don't thinking eating worms should be classified as food. But, maybe I am just old fashioned and uncultured. What do you think? Should I give them a try after all? Appreciate the support in this matter.

Chicken Wings Recipe

"Whip It Up With Jay" is making some awesome food on his channel. His baked honey garlic recipe is making my mouth water. I really am getting hungry. But, it has made me think what is my favorite favor of chicken wings? Share in the comments if I missed one of your favorites. Thanks!

Would you eat this?

Most people like toast. Ham and Eggs sounds good. Throw in some cheese. And you get Korean Street Food. So, so good! I want to make this immediately. Would you eat this? If not, write in the comments what you would eat instead. Thank you!

A Lack Of Fish And Chips

With the U.K. backing out through Brexit, you can imagine there are hard times ahead in the transition. One of them might be fish and chips. With much of the food coming from Spain, England will have to rework more ways to do this on their own. Personally, I love fish and chips, so this is a sad day. What do you think of fish and chips?

Why are Chickens attacking McDonalds Customers?

News reports out of Warren, New Jersey, implicate a brood of chickens have been harassing customers a the local McDonalds. Witnesses say the birds have been chasing and attacking customers. While police have stated that the have the situation under control, they have yet to determine a motive in the case. What do you think was the motive for these birds makign thier stand at this local fast food shop?

Would you ever eat at the Heart Attack Grill?

Does a Triple Bypass burger sound good to you? A Quintuple Bypass burger? Or what about an Octuple Bypass burger, with 40 slices of bacon added, and a butterfat milkshake to wash it all down? I can feel my arteries clogging just thinking about it. And you would think that there's no way they expect people to eat all that food and surely it's meant to be shared, but you'd be wrong. The only burger you're allowed to split is a single. That 8 patty burger with 40 pieces of bacon added is all yours. It's not called the Heart Attack Grill for nothing. Located in Las Vegas, you are served by servers in nurses uniforms, and if you're lucky the owner might come out dressed as a doctor and plop down the remains of a guy who died...from a heart attack...in his restaurant...while eating his food. Don't get me wrong, the food looks great, but I don't think I'd ever get anything from there other than a single or double "bypass" burger, and I'd probably get it to go. Would you be comfortable eating at a place that's constantly reminding you of how unhealthy their food is?

Is this Crunchwrap Supreme as good?

YouTuber Jaclyn Hill recently shared her version of Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Supreme. After watching the video, I am a believer. Do you think Hill's version is as good? I am hungry either way.

Are Hemp Seeds a Good Source of Protein?

I am trying to wean myself off of animal protein sources. I am not too sure if I am going vegan or not, but I just want to reduce my consumption and impact. I have been looking into different sources of pant based protein, and have been seeing hemp seeds are a good source. But do they taste like weed. and do they get you stoned? I don;t want to have issues if I need to get drug tested or something.
Can anyone out there tell me if you think hemp protein is good?