Move in with my friend or continue to travel

I've recently returned home from over 2 years of traveling. My friend just offered me the chance to move in with her in her apartment in a city I love in California. The price is right, and I'd be able to start working full time to start saving money. However, I have a feeling that I'd get itchy feet within a few months and would want to start traveling again, since that's where my heart is. This opportunity to move in with her is great, but I love traveling so much. Now I face the dilemma if I should move in with her now, or continue to travel until it's out of my system (if it ever is!).

Friend is getting on my nerves

One of my friends has recently become vegan. I support her and love what she's doing, but recently she's been commenting on every single thing I'm eating and making me feel guilty for not having shifted to veganism yet. I would love to become vegan, but recently I've been traveling and adjusting to new places constantly, so having to focus so much on what I'm eating is not one of my priorities. She's been nagging me constantly. I always tell her why I'm not yet a vegan, and I never comment on what she eats, but it's really getting on my nerves.

Returning home from traveling

I've just returned home from traveling for the first time in 2 years, and I've lost contact with a bunch of friends from home over the past couple of years. I tried keeping in touch with them, but a lot of them stayed here at home working while I was out traveling. Now that I'm home, I would like to reach out and see if they would like to catch up, but I feel like they don't want to, because they're the ones who stopped responding. Do I reach out to them anyway?

My best friend is engaged to the most boring man!

I've been friend's with this girl for over a decade. We went to high school together, lived together, and tell each other everything. She's been seeing this guy for the better part of a year and is totally smitten with him. She's had trouble staying in committed relationships in the past but has been talking seriously about her future with this guy. I'm really happy for her and excited to see her grow and mature enough to be in this place in her life, but my only problem is with the guy. She's a total spitfire, ambitious to a fault, smartest girl I know, and totally hysterical. He's, well, dull. He's nice enough to her and all, but I've never heard him crack a joke, he's totally content with his midlevel job and doesn't see the need to move up in his career, and I've never been able to have a substantial conversation with him. She's happy, and that's all that's supposed to matter, but I can't help but think that she deserves more than this dud.

The friend we leave behind...

One of my oldest friends, since kindergarten, has been struggling for the last couple of years. Now, some of my other friends I've known for just as long have basically cut ties with the guy, leaving me as the sole person that still talks to him (I'm basically his outlet). Long-story-short, he's easily excitable, rants a whole lot about ambiguous or touchy subjects when it's unwarranted, and to top it all off, has recently picked up a heroine addiction (unrelated to his general character, he's been the way he is for a while). I can understand why all my other friends saw him as a burden on their lives, but I'm not the kind of person to cut ties. In fact, part of the reason why my friend has fallen on hard times is probably due in part to people abandoning him when he needed help the most.

I don't think we'll ever stop being friends but I've basically taken a step back. I talk to him when he engages me and I'll make an effort to see him every now and then when it's convenient (I'll invite him to events with other friends I'm already going to or something like that) but, it's hard to see him struggling and knowing that the best I could do for the guy is to just simply be a friend. But, I'm not exactly doing the best job at that either. I've basically become apathetic to our entire relationship in a way. So, I guess what I'm asking is, are my friends right to cut ties or should they have stayed? And, if I'm going to be the way I am about the whole thing, is it better for me to cut ties as well or keep things the way they are?

Should I believe my friend when it come to my ex?

My last relationship ended about four months ago. I was still in contact with my ex, because he was trying to get back with me (yes, I know, it's stupid, but I thought he understood what it meant by "platonic friendship" would be the furthest we would get). I found out from him that he's been hanging out with my friend. Apparently she reached out to him a couple months back, around the time I told her that I was experimenting with Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel.

Now, this friend, when I told her about the breakup, made me doubt myself. She kept asking why we couldn't work it out. She thinks he's a nice guy, and that we could work any relationship trouble out if we cared about each other. She's adamant that he cares about me and can work it out. After that conversation we had, she stopped contacting me first. Each conversation after that was initiated by me.

He, on the other hand, was invited to get ramen with her. She invited him to go to some house previewing tour, etc.

I asked her about it, she said that it's because she views the both of us as good friends. He helped her out for a month when her car broke down, and they developed a friendship that way. So, she just wants to console him, and help him get over the breakup (because obviously I'm the one who's over it).

Should I believe it's as innocent as "helping a friend" or is she trying to be soemthing more to him?

Do I tell my friend she has something in her teeth

I was out with a friend and she had something in her teeth. I wanted to tell her but I didn't want to embarrass her. Should I have told her?