Black Friday In-Store vs. Online Shopping

Black Friday seems to have been around for decades now, but the shopping day is certainly shifting in the year of the pandemic. More and more people are buying deals online, instead of spending time in the store. I am thinking about what kind of shopping I will do this year the day after Thanksgiving. Any suggestions on what way is best to shop in 2020. Add comments if you have more to say please!

What is the best Christmas movie?

As Christmas edges closer, I have been thinking about what Christmas movie I am most looking forward to watch again. Of course, there are some fantastic cartoon classics and great adult films to boot. My favorite is the classic "A Christmas Story." Which one is your all-time favorite? If you do not see it in the answers, make a comment to share your choice.

What dartboard should I get?

With the holidays coming up, I am thinking what to get my nieces and nephews. They range from 6 to 11-years-old. I have come across darts and think it would be a fun way to connect with my family. Is there a certain kind of board I should get them? I have no experience in this game.

Did you celebrate International Men's Day?

If you're like most people, probably not. You might not even know that it's on November 19th every single year. I can't lie. This was the first year I believe I was aware of it before the day came. I made a post honoring all the men in my life (woman here) that meant something to me or impacted my life, and I encouraged all my friends to do the same. The post barely got any likes. Then I noticed out of my 1000s of friends, not one other person posted about Men's day. I was actually shocked. On Women's day you see posts on all the social medias, marches, and everything. But not a peep for Men's day. I do understand there is a big difference between these days, but Men's day really isn't to focus on the accomplishment of men, but more so on the good male role models. It's a time to focus on their mental health and wellbeing. Or, in my case, thanking the wonderful men in my life because meeting some crappy men has made me appreciate them even more over the years. Did you acknowledge Men's Day this year?

Best way to help this holiday season?

This has been a very hard year for most people around the globe. And now, reports today are saying that 2021 will see severe food insecurity in more than 50 countries. I want to do what I can to help, but with COVID I am a bit scared to go and volunteer or interact with other people. So I want to know what are the best ways to use my limited time (and even more limited money) to help out during this holiday season. I have listed some options below, but I would really like to hear new ideas from others that I may not have thought of.

Need a new Christmas tradition

As I am starting my own family, there are things that I want to share with my kids from my Christmas experiences. But, I am looking for some new things as well. I have looked up a few, but looking for some comments to help me out. Thanks!

When is the right time to set up Christmas decor?

Growing up, my family would set up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. We would enjoy the holidays, eating turkey and such. Then, it was time to set up the Christmas tree, lights, stockings, and the nativity scene. I thought this is what everyone did until I met my wife. If my wife had it her way, she would set up Christmas before Halloween. But, I have put my foot down. Am I in the right or the wrong? What is the best time to set up Christmas decorations?

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I have been thinking of all my favorite foods from childhood. My mom and grandma would make epic cherry and pumpkin pies. I am also a fan of mashed potatoes. How about for you? Which food is the best part of Thanksgiving? If your choice is not on the list, comment below with your answer.


I've become such a Scrooge over the years. I honestly hate to see the holidays coming. I believe I'm traumatized from working in retail for so long. I like Halloween, my birthday is always on or around Thanksgiving so whatever, but then there's Christmas. As soon as November 1st hits, there are Christmas trees up and Christmas music everywhere. Knowing how businesses prey on consumers during this time and how we fall into their hands so easily drives me nuts! They live for 4th quarter sales and the amount of debt people put themselves in to buy extravagant gifts. With everything going on this year, are you looking forward to Christmas 2020?