Overwhelmed by downpayment!

I really want to buy a home, but I'm very intimidated by saving $50k or more. I can either stay here (my hometown which I love) or I could move to a nearby city where I don't know anyone and the jobs aren't quite as good, but the housing market is at least double, if not more, than what it is here.
In other words, I could get a 2bed small condo here or I could get a fairly large house there.
What should I do?

Should I continue to push back on our contractor?

We hired a contractor to do a portion of the work to add a brand new bathroom to our house. The project included redoing all of our existing pipes in our 1924 house, purchasing and installing a new water heater, replacing the existing fixtures in the kitchen and our existing bathroom, installing fans that are vented out to the roof in both bathrooms and replacing all the walls that they tore down to do the plumbing work. We had a terrible experience with the contractors where they came in and yelled at my husband several times for the project going over budget and were unprofessional throughout the project. The work they did was terrible and our pipes were extremely loud and the water heater had a problem during install including not working and it was extremely loud. They replaced the loud water heater again and it was still loud. We were not ever asked to help in the selection of a water heater nor consulted on which one we would like.
After some arguing, they redid all the plumbing in the house again and it is nice and quiet. They tried to fix the loud water heater again but it didn't work. What should we do now?

Should I hire a contractor or be my own?

We want to renovate our new home -it will be a big project. I know it will be cheaper if I manage it. And I know anyone I hire will likely not have the attention to detail I do. But I do work full time.