Remodel The Kitchen Or The Bathroom?

I have the money to do one of these projects, but not both. I am looking to sell my house in the next 5 years. Which project should I do first? I have read that a kitchen remodel is a game-changer for selling, but it costs more than a bathroom. Remodeling my bathroom is another option because it was the original bathroom in the house and it needs some serious upkeep. The kitchen is old, but it had a remodel before the bathroom. What should I do?

Overwhelmed by downpayment!

I really want to buy a home, but I'm very intimidated by saving $50k or more. I can either stay here (my hometown which I love) or I could move to a nearby city where I don't know anyone and the jobs aren't quite as good, but the housing market is at least double, if not more, than what it is here.
In other words, I could get a 2bed small condo here or I could get a fairly large house there.
What should I do?

Should I hire a contractor or be my own?

We want to renovate our new home -it will be a big project. I know it will be cheaper if I manage it. And I know anyone I hire will likely not have the attention to detail I do. But I do work full time.