You Think You Know A Guy

Gregory Paul Ulrich was the one arrested for killing one and hurting four more at a Buffalo, Minnesota Health Clinic. He was mad they were not giving him more pain relievers. Some people came forward saying that he had expressed what he was going to do beforehand. Then, there were others that said they could not believe he would do something like that. This seems to happen so often where people think they know a person, but they actually don't. Why does this happen?

Rescue Attempt

Three Cuban residents were stuck for a month on an island in the Bahamas. But, it was not as tropical as you might think. The island is a desert wasteland, and they were lucky they did not die there. While they were stranded, they ate rats and snails called "conches." How much longer do you think they could have survived there if they were not found?

Saudi's Loujain al-Hathloul Released From Jail

Loujain al-Hathloul is a women's rights activist in Saudi Arabia. She spent the last year in prison, but now is out. Still, reporters are saying she is not free. The government will be watching her closely. I believe this to be true, but do you think people are overreacting about this?

9 Injured At Minnesota Health Clinic

A shooting has occurred at a health clinic outside of Minneapolis. Nine were injured in at the clinic, but no deaths reported at this time. There was a massive police presence with windows broken around the clinic. Personally, I think it was a disgruntled employee. How about you?

Justice for Amanda Todd in Canada?

Amanda Todd was a young Canadian girl, who in 2012 committed suicide after extended blackmailing and cyber bullying. She was just one of 24 young males and females who fell victim to Aydin Coban, a Dutch man. The man would use aliases to trick the teens into sending nude photographs, and then later threaten to share or distribute those photographs unless he got what he wanted. Originally, he was given an 11 year sentence in his home country, which many said was not long enough. But now he has been extradited to Canada, to face another court in BC. Do you think this time he will receive the justice that Amanda Todd's family deserves?

Should we get rid of the death penalty?

President Biden is considering stopping any new executions from being scheduled. He has openly opposed the death penalty and some opponents of it want him to get rid of the death penalty all together. That got me thinking, should we get rid of the death penalty? I have mixed feelings. We know that the justice system here in the US isn't the fairest and there have been quite a few cases over the years where people who were on death row were released years, and sometimes decades, later after they were proven innocent. The Innocence Project, which helps wrongfully convicted people, has exonerated 375 to date according to their website and 21 of those people were on death row. This is one of the reason I'm not for it. I feel like our justice system can't be fully trusted, to be honest. But then when I hear horrific cases that involve children, or older people, I don't want to have mercy for the people who took their lives. At the same time, I think death is almost an easy way out for some. There are worse things than death. What do you think? Should we get rid of it completely or only use it when a case is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt with DNA, video evidence, or something that just can't be refuted?

Gorilla Glue hair gel?

There's a TikTok going viral of a girl using Gorilla Glue spray in place of her Got2B hair product on her hair. She has now been stuck with the same hair style for a month because she hasn't been able to get the glue, which claims to have a permanent hold, out of her head. A lot of people feel bad for her, but I'm on the fence. I can't understand how someone could use Gorilla glue in their hair without reading what the product was. On the flip side, I understand the permanent damage this might cause to her hair and scalp. The last update shows that she was seeking medical attention. My question is, do you feel bad for her?

The Next Crisis

Bill Gates recently was interviewed by Veritasium. Gates talked about how he had predicted COVID-19 in a sense and no one listened at a large scale. But, they also talked about the next disaster. Some things Gates talked about were climate change and bio-terrorism. What do you think will be the next big crisis? Share in the comments if you have more ideas.

Logan Paul's Pokemon Cards

Logan Paul recently came out with a Pokemon video where he is spending millions of dollars. It is truly crazy how much money has been spent to get Logan to catch em all. I apparently should have kept mine from the past. Do you still like Pokemon right now? In the comments, share your favorite Pokemon.

Job Loss In America

In January, the US added 49,000 new jobs. However, the loss of jobs is still much worse. Over 800,000 people still do not have jobs in the country. My question is when do you think America will get over 500,000 new jobs in a month? I think it will not be until 2022. You?