Should I move out?

Being someone entering their late 20's, this should be an easy answer for most but, in this day and age, I'm just not sure if it's worth it. To clarify, I live in the Bay Area. On top of that, I don't have a very lucrative profession; certainly not anything close to the living means set by the national census, which, by the way, is an average annual income of over $100,000 for where I live.

My concern is that of pride and freedom. I would like to live my own life while also doing so alongside my peers. I want to be able to stay up or out as late as I want without disturbing anyone else. I want to be able to meet new people and say "Hey, welcome to my house.." or something like that. I want the space to do what I want, when I want basically.

But, oh god the money... If I could even conceive living on my own, I would absolutely have to scrape by, whatever that entails. It won't be pretty. I could potentially find roommates but that's a compromise; I would just end up living with others and having to watch my behavior all over again. I don't know, I'm just kind of stuck. Slave away to live, or live comfortably with my parents...or, I guess, pay a little bit and live with some friends/ strangers.

I'm just so deathly afraid of hitting that stereotype "30 years old living in my mom's basement" deal but, I know if I move out, my life is going to be hindered greatly in all other respects other than residence. So, what do I do? Has the paradigm shifted? Are there a lot of late 20 somethings out there still at home?

Would you live in Alaska (for money)?

I've heard that the entire state of Alaska pays its permanent residents every year as incentive to keep on living there. Every citizen gets over $2,000 no strings attached other than the stipulation that they live in the state. An extra two grand a year would be great to have but, I mean, it's Alaska. Sure I know how beautiful it can be but, that's really all it has going for it.

It's either dark for too long or the sun doesn't set, the average annual temperature is a measly 43 degrees, and there is much more uninhabited land than there is civilization. In fact, for being the largest state in the U.S. it's entire population is less than that of the city of San Francisco. All wilderness aside, common luxuries are taxed heavily because they have to travel a lot further. Not to mention most products you order online don't ship to Alaska, at least for the standard price. Hell, even most nationwide contests or lotteries are exempt in Alaska. So, is a meager two thousand dollars really worth it?

Should I move in with my friend and her boyfriend?

So I got my dream internship in New York creating science videos and I am absolutely thrilled. The only problem is that being an intern pays peanuts and living in New York is crazy expensive. My best friend offered to let me stay with her and her boyfriend for the six months I'll be there, but they live in a studio apartment. I know she means it but I would feel really uncomfortable invading their space and not having any of my own. The alternative is getting a room in an overpriced apartment with a bunch of strangers. It would be responsible of me to save money but I just don't know how realistic living in a studio with three people is.

Window Repair/Replacement

I was cleaning my windows last night, and one of them moved when I was wiping it down. Yikes. My house was built in the 50s and I think the windows are all original.

Problem is, I can't really afford to get them all replaced. I'm going to see if it's something I or a friend can repair, but if not, where should I go to get a replacement?

The Great Pumpkin Party Dilemma

I started a pumpkin party tradition back in 2009. It started out as just a themed party that my sister and I were going to have and it happened to be November. So we decided on pumpkin. We made about 20 pumpkin dishes and gave out pumpkin chutney favors and everyone voted on their favorite dish. It was such a HUGE hit that it became an annual thing. Plus everyone else wanted to make their own pumpkin dish, so we turned into a potluck / competition and just opened the doors.

It takes place every year on one the first two weekends of November, after Halloween when we butcher pumpkins, and before Thanksgiving, when pumpkin is a side dish. The pumpkin party had a successful 6 year run before life obstacles got in the way—people got married, kids, tragedies, moved further away—and it fizzled year 7. So, when just a few replied "yes", I announced it was the last pumpkin party. It was easy to skip year 8 anyway because my own life obstacles took over—I got engaged, moved in with my fiancee and planned a wedding.

Here we are in year 9 and people were missing the pumpkin party, including me. I wasn't planning on doing it, and now there is only this last weekend left to pull it off, but it is 3 days away!

So... I've been broke for awhile...

So, as the title would suggest I've been pretty broke for a while now. Unemployed since last February I finally started working again at the end of September. Since I'm currently living with my parents and thus don't need to pay rent, I decided to put half of every paycheck I get into savings to ensure that even if I leave this job before finding another or I move out I will have the money to do so and not keep living paycheck to paycheck. Still, while I am extremely motivated to save, I did spend nearly a year wishing I could afford to buy this or that, as so I want to use the money I'm not putting into saving to buy at least one thing from my list, but I can't decide what to get. Since I know that if I don't buy something I'm just gonna break my promise to save money and buy all of it, I'm letting the wisdom of the internet decide for me.

Option 1: Sports/Smartwatch. I currently have a Pebble 2, but it's slowly going obsolete since Pebble was bought by Fitbit and they aren't going to release any more updates. Also, I am trying to start getting more active again and while I got my Pebble in college when I didn't need to worry about being active because I was on a sports team, now I need all the help I can get cause being active solo sucks most of the time. I'm thinking maybe the Fitbit Ionic after they have a chance to address some of the release date bugs.
Option 2: Allbird shoes. Though I have plenty of shoes that I like and are comfortable, I tried on a pair of my friend's Allbird shoes and let me tell you, most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. So, while I have casual shoes, dress shoes, and workout shoes, I kinda think they might just be nice to have to be comfortable soft shoes to wear when lounging about.
Option 3: New Video Game (probably Battlefront 2 if it gets good reviews) While I saw Battlefront 2, I'm also thinking about Shadow of War, Splatoon 2, Arms, or Legend of Zelda DLC for the Switch as well because while I don't play many video games I do still enjoy to play them.

Does a fake painting warrant a nice frame?

A while back I had this grand idea: I wanted a very large painting of an old wooden ship on the ocean to allow me to reminisce about my days at sea. I scoured Goodwills and thrift shops but found nothing. Eventually I began googling images to find the perfect image. I landed on "Dawn Chase" by Montague Dawson. I bought the largest sized, museum-quality print they had. I then took it to a local craft store to have a frame made up for it, with no-glare glass. All told, the thing cost me $800. It's beautiful, but it occurred to me after I put it up, that the guy in the store wanted to know what was so special about this image. People tend to ask me more often if it is real instead of asking anything else about it. The image has had the desired affect. I find myself staring at it like a fireplace or television. Maybe because it's so damned big. Anyway, should I:

I live in my friend's living room.

After spending most of the year traveling, I decided to come home and spend some time in a place that I'm familiar with. I stayed with my parents for a while, but they live outside of the city while all of my friends live downtown. I couldn't stay out there for very long (so boring), but I might start traveling again soon so I didn't want to sign a year-long lease. That's when my friend stepped up and offered to let me crash in his living room for a couple months. I'd pay him a few hundred dollars a month and I could leave whenever I want. It's a pretty ideal situation for me, but I sometimes feel like I'm invading my friend's space. He insists I'm not and he enjoys having me around, but I hate being a burden to people and I can't shake the feeling.