Remodel The Kitchen Or The Bathroom?

I have the money to do one of these projects, but not both. I am looking to sell my house in the next 5 years. Which project should I do first? I have read that a kitchen remodel is a game-changer for selling, but it costs more than a bathroom. Remodeling my bathroom is another option because it was the original bathroom in the house and it needs some serious upkeep. The kitchen is old, but it had a remodel before the bathroom. What should I do?

Home Sales Up

It is a good time to sell homes. Apparently, home sales are at their highest since 2006. That is pretty amazing considering the pandemic is in full swing. Will this trend continue? I think not. Things are going to have to bottom out at some time. And I think that time will happen in 2021. What are your thoughts on home sales? Share in the comments if you have more thoughts here.

How long will Harris stay at the Blair House?

Usually, the vice president of the United States of America stays at the Naval Observatory. But, Kamala Harris will be staying at the Blair House for the time being. This residence is right by the White House and has housed presidents when the White House is getting a makeover. My question is how long Harris will be there. I say a year. You?

Will we see underwater cities in the future?

German Architect and futurist Wolf Hilbertz wrote extensively on ont a future where we would live in buildings and cities under the ocean. He even invented a technique to build such habitats, using the carbon neutral technique of sea water electrolysis to create what is called seacrete. We are now more than 40 years past the time of his writings, and 13 years past his death, but still have only a few small examples of underwater habitats in the forms of submarines and posh hotel rooms.

What do you think, will he dream be achieved and will people soon be moving under the oceans?

Renting vs. Buying

In this day and age, there is a big debate between renting and buying. Renting gives you more flexibility and less to worry about. On the other hand, buying gives you something of your own that you get to decide how you want it to look. What do you think is better?

Home Improvements During COVID-19

2020 sure has been life-altering, hasn't it? With life seeming to be the new normal, there are some home improvements that can be made. But, life is making things harder to come by. I am curious how many home improvements you made during this year. Any house project bigger than $1,000, mark below.

What home replacement would you do?

When you buy a home, there is a lot to think about. Some homes are a fixer-upper. Other homes just need a little love. MarketWatch did a quick hitting article to speak about top things to replace in your home. Which one of the four do you mostly need to replace?

Could you live in a tiny home?

As property values go up, and relative family incomes go down, many are looking to alternatives. One very popular new home style for young couples seems to be Tiny Homes. Tiny homes are generally made on trailers, and thus reduce the taxes and restrictions put on homes with solid foundations. Furthermore, their small size means that utility bills are greatly decreased, and it is only a small step to go completely off grid. But, there are downsides, mostly in terms of space. In order to live in a tiny home you have to be quite comfortable in a small space, and also comfortable not having many possessions.
What do you think, could you live in a tiny home?

Should I hire out or complete myself?

I am needing to finish my laundry room. There is dry wall to be done, painting, flooring, adding shelves, and adding some electrical. I do not want to pay a few thousand dollars for a project that I could do myself for a few hundred dollars. However, I have young kids in the house and I do not have the time I used to. How should I handle this situation?

When to rake leaves?

I grew up in a mid-west town, and raking leaves was a big part of our autumn chores. Not only would my parents make me and my brothers rake the leaves in our own yard, but many of the neighbor’s as well. So, I just grew up thinking this was normal, and the right thing to do. I was told you have to remove them both to make things look nice and to keep them from killing the grass.
Fast-forward to me owning my own house. Now I am reading websites that say the leaves are actually good for lawns, that they provide nutrients, allow bug eggs/larvae to grow, and protect the soil from erosion and freezing. Plus, it means less work and less money spent on chemical fertilizers.
I still do not know what my HOA will say, but what is your opinion on this. . .should I rake the leaves now or wait till spring to do it?