The In-Laws Are Too Giving

I love my in-laws. Do not get it twisted. But, they have been bothering me a bit lately. I have talked to my husband about his parents, but we have not come up with a game-plan on how to address this situation. My in-laws are giving, too giving. They want to give my children every gift under the sun. Well, in the house we live in, we do not have enough room for gifts, gifts, gifts. And I do not what my kids to be spoiled brats getting everything they want. What is the best way to handle the situation from experience you all have had?

Dealing with a girlfriends dad

He didn't answer the door holding a shotgun, but he may as well of. I went to meet my new girlfriends dad, thinking he would like me. I don't have tattoos, I was dressed nice. I spoke nicely and tried to show interest in what he said, but he was so cold and barely said anything nice. I really like this girl, but I am not sure how to get her dad to like me. Or at least not be mean to me. I think if he got to know me we could get along really well. Is it futile or will he come around?

Should I cook at my MIL's house

I like to eat healthy and feed my kids healthy foods. When we visit my MIL, she wants to cook all of the nostalgic meals that she made for my husband when he was little, and he likes this too. The foods are not healthy and I don't like them. When she comes to my house, I want to cook but she also controls what we all eat as a family at my house. How should I handle this, my husband is very defensive about his mom.

Snooping Mother-In-Law

From time to time I have my mother-in-law come over to babysit my children and EVERY time, I come home to a brand-spanking clean home, not that I leave anything particularly dirty. I know she cleans my house under the premise of being helpful but really she's just nosing around my home. I've asked nicely for her not to do any cleaning, because at first my requests were too soft and she insisted she LOVED helping out and doing "a bit" of cleaning for me. Now I'm at the point that I don't ask her anymore to babysit. But admittedly, babysitters are cutting into my budget and I would like to ask my MIL to babysit again. I talk to her? And how?

Should I cut ties with my Mother-in-law?

I don't get along with my Mother-in-law. She has been rude to me for years and I'm ready to cut ties with her. My husband still wants to see her and have our children visit her. I would love not to go but I feel like I have to be there because she is rude to my kids and my husband doesn't always catch it. Should I skip the visits?

Inlaw Opinions

About two months ago, my husband and I had dinner with his parents. The conversation over dinner turned to a political discussion about global warming and fracking. Through most of the conversation I bit my tongue, but then I finally had to say something because I worried that my silence was giving the impression that I agreed with the positions being presented. My in-laws live in a very large home and I suggested they are being a bit hypocritical living in such a large home that they heat while advocating that fracking should be banned. I really thought my comment was respectful, but my mother-in- law felt insulted and left the table. My mother-in- law has told my husband that she felt insulted and has not invited us to dinner since. We used to have dinner with my husband’s parents a few times a month. My husband wants me to apologize to smooth things over. But I don’t think I said anything that I for which I should have to apologize. Should I apologize? Please add any advice in the comments section.