Single until 50??

Fun fact about new Vice President-elect Kamala Harris: She was single until she married her husband, Doug Emhoff, at the age of 50! She didn't even meet him until she was 49 years old. To most people that would sound crazy, but it goes to show that there isn't a certain age you need to find love by. Especially in the world we live in now. A few decades ago, this probably would have been unheard of! Would you be ok being completely single (never married) on the dating scene at 50?

Do you support Nevada's same-sex admendment?

Even though same sex marriage was legalized nationwide in 2015, many states still do not have it in their constitution. In the last election Nevada ballots asked voters whether they support an amendment recognizing marriage “as between couples regardless of gender.”
If your state had the same amendment, would you support it?

Out Of Nowhere Kiss Attempt

So I'm about a month away from officially filing for divorce. My children seem to be stable and happy and adjusting well to all the changes. Shared custody is working out so far. I am ready for a clean break and am looking forward to being officially divorced sometime in the new year. I thought my soon-to-be-ex-husband felt the same way. But this weekend when he came to pick the kids up, he tried to kiss me! On the lips. What the HECK?! I pulled away like he was on fire, and stuttered a bit and ran into my house and locked the door. AWKWARD?! I have NO intention of ever kissing him on the lips again. What was that? Is he crazy? Do I have to talk to him about what happened?

My Wife's Cooking is Terrible

Family dinners are not good, neither is any meal for that matter, what should I do? My wife has been making terrible food for what is approaching 20 years now. I should have known after that horrendous Baked Ziti she made for dinner on her first try, but I was optimistic. In 20 years the cooking hasn't gotten any better. I can not afford to eat out everyday for dinner. What I have been doing is eating a good lunch and just tolerating the dinners.

Wedding Rings: Who Cares?

My husband lost his wedding ring while playing in a lake with our kids. I stopped wearing mine awhile back because it scratches my finger. My parents expressed shock that we didn't seem immediately concerned with replacing his ring, and getting mine fixed. I have conflicting feelings. I wrestle with the class issues inherent in a splashy piece of jewelry, my husband's not a big fan of jewelry, and I have other things I feel we should spend our money on. What should we do?

Which wedding tradition is a money waster?

Wedding planning is insane...there’s no way I’m spending anywhere near the $30k average! I’m more frugal than my partner and he wants more of the “traditional” regalia than I do, so I’m being mindful of this, but I don’t want it to go off the deep end. Which of these big-ticket items should I fight to cut from the budget?