Best Music Filmography of 2020

With a lot of time on my hands during the quarantine, I have been watching a lot of music videos. "Wonder" by Shawn Mendes has some of the best filmography I have ever seen in a music video. Maybe I have limited experience with music videos, but I think it is impressive. From the train scene to the forest shot to the ocean, it plays off nature extremely well. What do you all think?

Is "Monster" speaking to real events for Bieber?

"Monster" brought Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber together for a musical collaboration. I really could listen to these two together more and more. Bieber talks in the song how he was 15 when his life was brought to stardom and the negatives of his celebrity. I do wonder in a lot of songs if artists are actually sharing a part of themselves or they just know how to make money on a good song.

Best Queen song of all time. . .

There has never been a band quite like them. . .these are the songs we all sing at sports events, festivals, and contests, The music of Queen will go down as being some of the most widely played music in history, with one of the more diverse fan bases of all time. Its hard to say which song is their best, but of my top 4, which do you just love hearing?

Is Maverick City revolutionizing Christian music?

I do not know about you, but Christian music over the years has changed. I mean some hymns of the 19th and 20th Centuries are still sung today. Recently, I have come across a collection of Christian musicians who call themselves "Maverick City." Their style is spontaneous and curated for a generation of diversity. I feel this group is changing the way that the Christian genre is personified. I have felt over the years that Christian music would mimic secular songs, but just add things like "Jesus" and "God." But, Maverick City seems to be trying things that are new and innovative. Love to hear any thoughts on the topic.

Best Drummer Of All-Time

The debate gets fierce, I know, but it needs deciding. Who is the best drummer who has ever walked planet Earth? Neil Peart has to be at the top. He innovated the drums as few have over the years. Who do you pick? Leave a comment if you have another choice.

Rapper of the year?

GQ magazine interviewed Megan Thee Stallion and named her rap artist of the year. A lot of rap heads are not excited about this. Even though she is a good rapper, many feel like there were other rappers who accomplished more this year. Not to mention, quite a few people feel like she received the title out of sympathy rather than for her skills. If you aren't aware, Meg was involved in a shooting this summer with another rapper that got a lot of attention. Do you think she should have received rapper of the year?


Update in the Britney Spears vs Jamie Spears: She has lost the case to remove her dad as her conservator and claims that she will not perform again as long as he is in charge of her career. This has been a heartbreaking story to follow. Not to mention that since her conservatorship started in 2008, she has released albums, sold out concerts, and even had a residency in Vegas. Even though we don't know the personal information behind her mental state, it doesn't seem like someone of that is capable of such things is so unfit that they can't even decide their own diet. Her dad is getting paid to run her estate and the lawyers he hire make a pretty penny. Do you think he's using his daughter as a cash cow, or is he really doing it for her wellbeing?

Has Cardi B gone to far?

The recent release of the song WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion has been getting a lot of attention. folks such as conservative radio host Ben Shapiro have voiced strong opposition, and embarrassingly, tried to analyze the song in the context of his view on hip hop culture. Others however (those who actually listen to hip hop) point to the empowerment of women, and the way that Cardi B does not accept women as being equal to men, but as something else that deserves to be compared to itself rather then to men.
What did you think of the song?

Learned it all from Bob Marley. . .

Listening to Bob Marley today, and I realized, that pretty much everything I need to know about living, fundamentally speaking, I can learn from his music. His messages are so profound, even decades after his death they still ring so true. Do you feel this way when you listen to him?

Best Sublime album

when any on e of these go into my car's cd player they don;t come out for a few days. which one gets your vote for the best?