The Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Weeknd was the halftime show at the Super Bowl. It was quite the choreography with all the bells and whistle. But, what did you think of it at the end of the day? I thought it was one of the best I have ever seen. How about you? The video and lighting was sensational in my opinion.

Good Enough Tribute For 2Pac?

NLE CHOPPA came out with a tribute for 2Pac. Do you think he does 2Pac justice? I do not think anyone can ever remake 2Pac. But, NLE CHOPPA does kind of look like him. Still, NLE CHOOPA should make his own stuff instead of stealing off of 2Pac's legacy. What do you think?

"Cry Baby" by Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion has come out with a new music video. The setting is a toy store. Creativity is abounding in this video, with a variety of shots all over the store. Megan Thee Stallion even becomes a figurine. But, at the end of the day, do you like this song? I think it is catchy, but I would not say it is great. You?

Cardi B's "Up"

Cardi B premiered a new song on YouTube last night called "Up." Within 11 hours, the song has over 3 million views. There are some interesting screenplays with Cardi in a graveyard, in a desert, and dancing like she is in a hip-hop room. Were you impressed by the video or not? Personally, it seems like same old Cardi B to me. How about you?

SOPHIE falls to her death.

34 year old electronic music artist SOPHIE died over the weekend after accidental falling to her death while trying to get a better look at the full moon. She is well known the world over, and has won Grammy awards for her groundbreaking music. I feel very bad for her family, friends, and fans. It is terrible to loose such a talented star at such a young age. If you have followed her music and career, which of her songs will be the most memorable to you.

Britney Dancing To A Justin Timberlake Song

Britney Spears have been on Instagram a lot lately. She has been dancing to a lot of songs recently, but one song has got people talking. Recently, Spears danced to "Holy Grail" by her ex-husband Justin Timberlake. Seems a little weird to me. But, what do you think? Give some comments below if you have more thoughts on Britney herself. Much thanks!

The Alicia Keys / Shawn Mendes Pairing

In the new documentary "Shawn Mendes: In Wonder," Alicia Keys and Shawn Mendes get to talk frankly about music and process. It is truly amazing to listen to the minds of genus. Hopefully, they will do something like this again soon. Would you watch more of this pairing? Sharing in the comments below. Appreciate it!

Trey Songz Arrested

The AFC Championship Game was eventful for more than just the winning Chiefs team. Trey Songz was arrested at Arrowhead Stadium. There was an altercation with a police officer and he went to jail in the process. Will Trey Songz lose his brand because of this bad issue? I think no. Stars keep getting paid no matter what they do. What do you think?

New Megan Thee Stallion Video

Megan Thee Stallion came out with a new music video entitled "Body." Personally, I think the choreography is a little much, but I am curious what other people think. I believe that Megan Thee Stallion has a lot of talent. But, she relies too much on visual appeal than anything else. Is that really music? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Selling The Rights

The producer of Metallica, Bob Rock, is selling the rights to more than 40 songs. The songs range from the 90s and 00s. In turn, the band and Rock himself will make loads of money I am sure. But, I am curious why they would do this. I would think holding onto your songs and making royalties for the rest of time would make more money in the long run. Do you think they made the right decision?