Should parents take on the debt?

Recent stats from "The Wall Street Journal" says that parents are taking an average of $100,000 on for their children's college education. While it is nice that parents are doing this, I do not believe they should stunt their future for their children. It will be a vicious cycle. The children should take it on. What do you think?

Family Therapy For Children Alienated

A recent article from "The Atlantic" speaks to people needing therapy after they have been alienated as children. However, the type of therapy may be surprising to you: Family Therapy. This may look and feel a little different, but family therapy can revitalize how the individual feels about the family dynamic. What therapy do you think would be best in this situation?

Does divorce really have a major impact on kids?

My parents divorced when I was 16-years-old. They did everything in their power to try to make it work, from their perspective, but it was best for them to move on. I have heard it said that some parents try to wait until the kids are out of the house, but that did not work for them. However, I do not feel it had lingering effects on me. Sure, holidays have been different and not having them together is still unusual, but I know they still love me and have done everything for me. In my case, I have not seen major repercussions in my life. What has your experience been?

Parents Having Trouble Raising Their Kid(s)

I came across this video on "Oprah" where she talks to a mother who raised her boy like a girl, even though the child did not want this. There were medical procedures done, as well, to make this process even more real. I am not saying I had this kind of trouble with my parents, but are there some things your parents did growing up that have troubled you over the years? Let me know in the comments.

Worst Thanksgiving Ever

This Thanksgiving was the absolute worst holiday I've ever had. I got to my family's house in the morning and heard screaming from inside before I even opened the door. My mom and my sister (who's 22) have been known to go at it every once in a while, but this was next level. Apparently, my mom deleted some Facebook messages from her phone and my sister apparently thought that was really suspicious. The screaming went on for 30 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. My sixteen-year-old sister was in the kitchen while they were fighting and no one seemed to think that it was inappropriate to be doing that in front of her. I grabbed my sister and took her out for coffee after yelling at them to pull themselves together before we got home. We didn't even end up having a Thanksgiving dinner. I'm still so angry at them for being so selfish and immature that I haven't spoken to any of them since Thanksgiving. What should I do?

How can I get my mom to stop over sharing?

My mom and I have had a very close relationship since I was a kid. I know I can tell her anything, I mean anything, but I like to keep some things private. She, on the other hand, tells me every little detail about every part of her life. This was fine until she started going through what I'm pretty sure is a midlife crisis (I'm not trying to be mean. She's just having trouble with her marriage, dealing with my troublemaking sister, and generally just realizing that she's not living her life the way she wanted). Now she's having an affair and experiencing a sexual awakening of sorts. I'm happy for her, in a complicated way, but I don't need to hear the details of her newfound sex life. How do I nicely let her know that I'm uncomfortable with the topic?

Your Parents Or Your Kids

Call my crazy but when it comes to devoting my time and energy, I'd rather spend it on my own kids than on my parents. My husband, on the other hand, consistently chooses his parents over our two children. For example, he will choose to give his parents a ride to the airport over taking/pick up one - or both - our kids to/from a playdate. It's frustrating as hell. I love my parents and I am there for them when I can, but with life being so full and hectic, there are many times I will tell them I can't help them with whatever they need and instead focus on my children. Am I wrong? Adults should be able to solve their own problems. And it's the children who should be the priority, no? My husband disagrees with me.

Mentally Stressed by Parents

I was born and raised in a conservative family. Since childhood, I have believed that we should respect our parents and obey whatever we say. However, when I grew up, I realized that my parents consider me an inferior person. They have made me an introvert by not letting me speak anything, by mocking me, and by making fun of me. When I visited them after spending a semester at UC Berkeley, they did not ask me about my university life at all. Instead, they kept talking about themselves and isolated me from the family. Hence, I have observed that they probably don't need me, but I have honestly no idea what to do in this situation.