Should the Seahawks let Wilson loose?

Russell Wilson has not been impressed with his situation in Seattle. But, he has not voiced that he wants to get traded. Still, it seems like things are imploding. Russell only has a few more good years left and they should not get wasted. I think going to Las Vegas would be a great fit. How about you?

Are the Steelers done?

After starting 11-0, the Steelers have dropped two straight games and look to be losing a third to the 2-10-1 Cincinnati Bengals, losing 17-0. Do the Steelers have a chance to rebound or is their season lost?

Adam Gase A Failure?

As the New York Jets continue to slug towards a defeated season, coach Adam Gase has had lots to say. He recently said he feels like he has let the team down. In turn, you wonder if he will stay after the season ends. Does Gase's words mean he has failed?

The NFL 17-Game Season Stalls

It is no secret that the NFL owners have wanted a 17-game season for awhile now. The hope is that they get a lot more money if they add some more games, but NFL players are at a higher risk for injury and not getting that extra money. Do you think a 17-game regular season in the NFL will ever happen?

Is the NFL making a mistake?

The NFL has decided not to have a mandatory bubble for players during the playoff. I am concerned that COVID will pop up during a one-game playoff and ruin things. What if the game is the Super Bowl? The NFL cannot afford to mess this up. Your thoughts?

Should the NFL be more proactive?

With professional organizations like the NBA pushing for vaccination of its players, the NFL is not looking to cut in line. Commissioner Roger Goodell believes that healthcare professionals and other high-risk individuals should be first, even if it affects the NFL's business model. What do you think of this?

Jeff Okudah Out For The Season

Rookie corner-back, Jeff Okudah, will miss the remained of the season for the Detroit Lions, due to core muscle surgery. The 3rd overall pick last season is a big loss for a team that picked him to replace holes in the secondary. How much of an impact will this have on the team?

How good is the rookie class for Denver?

The Denver Broncos have had up and down draft classes for as long as John Elway has been the GM. The team looks like they are on their way to another losing season, making it four in a row. Why is he still there? The hope is that this draft class can propel the team ahead. How would you grade them this year?

Richard Sherman out of San Francisco?

All-Pro cornerback, Richard Sherman, recently said it would take a miracle for him to stay with the 49ers. San Francisco is short on money as well, coming up in 2021. With 40 players primed for free agency next year, and only $30 million to spend, things look bleak for Sherman's return. What do you think?

Drew Lock The Franchise?

Drew Lock is one of many quarterbacks that GM John Elway has chosen over the years. But, Lock is still around, while most other draft picks are no longer on the team. Still, does this mean that Lock is the franchise for the Denver Broncos? His 2020-2021 season has been a mix bag with loads of interceptions, a shoulder injury, quarantine, and gaming winning drives, among other things. Nevertheless, the Broncos are on their way to another losing season. Personally, I do not think Lock is it, but what else do the Broncos have?