Are the Chargers trending up?

After the Chargers have lost multiple games in a row by a touchdown or less, the Chargers finally won a game. Sure, it was against the now 0-10 New York Jets, but let's move on from that fact. The unanswered question is if the Chargers are now trending to having more wins in their future. Thoughts?

Can Miami make up their minds?

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of drama revolving around the Miami Dolphins. Things started off with the benching of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. It was not like Fitzpatrick was awful. The Dolphins had won a few games, which was big for an organization that has done a lot of losing lately. But, the coaching staff decided to see what they had in Tua Tagovailoa. But, just this week, they benched the young quarterback against Denver and brought back Fitzpatrick. Can the Dolphins get out of their own way?

Will the Browns make the playoffs?

The Browns have seemed to be bottom dwellers for awhile now. But, are the primed to finally get to the playoffs? With a team that is well-rounded, I think they have a chance to make to the playoffs. They might not win in the playoffs, but at least they got there right?

Do you feel bad for Frank Gore?

The New York Jets are currently 0-10 and look they are on their way to a winless season. Frank Gore, the 3rd all-time rusher in NFL history, does not want to go out like that. But, at 37-years-old, he is not getting any younger. Maybe he will have to come back next year to play one more season for a team. What are your thoughts on Gore?

Is Hill the future quarterback for the Saints?

With Drew Brees out for three weeks with a collapsed lung and fractured ribs, the Saints decided to try out back-up dual threat quarterback Taysom Hill. In his debut, Hill passed for 233 yards on 18/23 attempts, while running 10 times for 51 yards and two touchdowns. Even though Hill had a great start, the Saint were playing the lowly Atlanta Falcons. Do you think Hill is the future with this showing though?

Did Belichick need Brady or visa versa?

A lot of Super Bowls were won with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady working together. But, with Brady long gone from New England, the Patriots have had a rocky season with new quarterback Cam Newton at the helm. So, was the previous success because Belichick needed Brady or Brady needed Belichick? The NFL is a quarterback's league, in my opinion, so I think Brady was more valuable.

How good will Lamar Jackson be?

After the MVP season Lamar Jackson put on display last year, I wonder how great this young man is going to be. He is mobile, accurate, and smart. All the attributes of a Hall of Fame quarterback are written all over Jackson. But, with most quarterbacks in the league's history, you have to win a Super Bowl to make the strongest of cases. Where do you think Lamar will land?

Who is the best Broncos' quarterback?

There have been some stellar quarterbacks over the years in Denver. Of course, John Elway comes to mind as one of the best. But, do not discount Peyton Manning, Brian Griese, or Jake Plummer. If you are voting on Super Bowl victories, you may go with Elway. But, in a short time, Manning was impressive. Thoughts?

Should the Denver Broncos fire their GM?

Currently, the Denver Broncos are 3-6 in the 2020 season. Over the last three years, the Broncos have had a losing record and look to be on their way to another one. This starts to raise the question if they should fire their GM. Oh, and by the way, the GM is Hall of Famer and Super Bowl winning quarterback John Elway. Elway's time as GM has not been all bad. He brought Peyton Manning to Mile High and the team went to two Super Bowls, winning one. I think it is time to pull the plug though. Things are not working in Denver and Elway uses a high draft pick almost every year picking a dud quarterback. What do you think?

More Championships for Tom Brady?

The ageless wonder, Tom Brady, has won six NFL Super Bowls. Most players would be happy with one. But, at 43, how many more times will the man win? I think moving to the Tampa Bay Bucs has put Brady behind the eight-ball. I do not know if he has anymore in the tank. Do you think he will win anymore before retirement?