Good fences make good neighbors

Hi. My neighbor installed landscape lighting in their yard before we bought our house. They ran the electrical line on our side of the fence. It's a big eye sore. What should we do?

How well do you know your neighbors?

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I have lived in my current home for nearly three years. I recently realized how isolated our society has become when I realized that do not know my neighbors, not even the neighbors with whom I share a driveway (there are six homes on the driveway). We wave at each other if we happen to see each other, but we do not talk or know each other’s names. I left my door partially open and had a dead battery and so I needed my car jump started. If I knew my neighbors I could have asked one of them for a jump start, instead I asked a friend from the next city over to give me a jump. I am curious if you know your neighbors well enough to ask for favors?

Nosey Neighbors

I have a well-tuned melodic set of wind chimes that I hung on the small balcony outside my
bedroom window. Someone from a neighboring building whose living room faces my bedroom
left a note on my mailbox asking that I take down my wind chimes. Do you think I should leave
the wind chimes up? Or should take them down to accommodate my neighbor?