Cut back on coffee?

I'm a pretty big coffee drinker- I just love the stuff! I only have 1 or 2 cups a day (sometimes 3), but some people would still say that's a lot. I feel great when I drink coffee, but I do feel it when I don't drink any. Would you say that I should cut back on it to the occasional cup, or keep on drinkin'?

Raw Cookie Dough

Is it ok to eat raw cookie dough? I am debating letting my children eat frozen raw cookie dough. I know that eating raw eggs isn't supposed to be healthy for you but if they are pasturized and it is frozen, I think it should be fine. What do you think?

To fast or not to fast?

I've read many things about the benefits of doing intermittent 3-7 days fasting, usually once or twice a year.

I've also done a 3 day fast once, before I went on a restrictive diet (for medical reasons). At that time, I saw the benefits of less sugar cravings and being more able to control what I eat.

I'm about to go on a Slow Carb Diet, which essentially restricts the amount of sugar and specific carbohydrates you eat. Will it be beneficial for me to do a 3-day fast before I start?

Bonus: If you've done a fast before, how did you go about it? How did you feel from it?

Carbs at Night?

I heard that it is unhealthy to eat any carbs anytime less than 5 hours close to bed. I've also heard it's healthy to eat complex carbs right before bed. What is your opinion?

Good Carbohydrates

I heard that the only carbs healthy for you are brown rice and sweet potatoes. I like to eat whole grain pasta and bread too so I would like some input on what you guys think. Feel free to leave opinions in the comment section.

Dieting or Exercise?

I am trying to lose weight and have been eating healthy and working out consistently with a variety of workout types for around 6 months now, but haven't seen any changes. What am I doing wrong? Should I continue doing the same thing or should I try changing my diet and/or my workout routine again?