All-Natural Diet or Intermittent Fasting?

I am looking to lose about 20 pounds. I feel like I have tried a lot over the years to be more healthy. Still, the weight always comes back to haunt me. But, intermittent fasting is something that fell in my lap recently. Has anyone used it before? I would love to get some feedback on what it was like for you. Or if you think a traditional calorie count will do. I really appreciate the support!

Is eating fish even healthy anymore?

I know that fish a great source of protein compared with beef and pork. It has less fat, is high in essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6, and contains brain building DHA and DHEA. Plus it is amazingly delicious.

But, I have been to the beach, I have seen where those guys live. . .and it is filthy. The oceans are covered in plastic debris, and these break down and enter the food web and are concentrated in predatory fishes. This is in addition to all the mercury that we know if in this fish, and why pregnant women are warned against eating to much. Add on top of this all the parasites in fish and the chemicals and antibiotics used in fish farms, and I am wondering just how good of an idea eating fish really is. . .

The Numbers Game of 2020

In 2020, there were a lot of things going on in the health and wellness sector. Some were good and some where bad. Out of the the total amount of possible food lose, 95% of food was wasted in the year. This is a sad statement knowing how many people in the world go hungry everyday. How long do you think it will take before someone revolutionizes this problem and makes it a positive?

Best Nuts

I am a nut fan, but I am curious if other people feel the same way I do about the food. Personally, I really like cashews. But, how about you? If it is not listed, share in the comments and why.

Doesn't fruit contain tons of sugar?

So I am trying to get healthy. I have stopped eating all fast food and have cut back on red meats and sugar. Actually, sugar is my weakness. Not eating meats and fast food was no trouble, but no sodas? That is harder.
Anyways, in my quest to get healthy I have come across a paradox. So many people say to eat tons of fruit, to make fruit shakes, and to drink fruit juice. They even say juicing can prevent or cure cancer. But, doesn't fruit contain tons of sugar? And isn't sugar bad for your health and leads to cancer?

Do you feel as strong on a vegan diet?

So I recently watched the documentary called "The Game Changers," which details the professional athletes that are vegans. The film is very conniving. I was ready to believe it, but I always check new information that seems to good to be true.
When I did a google search for "Game changers debunked" I saw that the movie largely misrepresented a lot of the claims, and in some cases it appears they just lied.
But, I still want to believe that being healthy while not eating meat is possible. So, what are your thoughts, can you be as strong and athletic eating a vegan diet as you would be eating meat?

Do we need to take vitamins and supplements?

I did not think this was such a hot-topic of debate, but since dipping my toe in to this world I realize there are a lot of opposing opinions here. It seems that the vitamin industry is huge, and I saw a statistic that in 2016 the supplement industry in just the USA was worth $122 Billion dollars per year. So, intuitively I know that there are going to be some bad actors in that market, people taking advantage of the sick or those worried about getting sick. Now, when I see advertisements saying that I need to take more of some vitamin or new supplement in order to be healthy, I am always a bit skeptical. Then, I read about how much of the medicines and vitamins we take are not even absorbed, we just end up excreting them from our bodies and this is messing with aquatic ecosystems.
So, for a normal person with no health problems, that eats a good diet, are all these extra vitamins necessary or am I just paying a lot of money to make expensive urine?

Do you believe in Alkalizing diets?

I have been hearing about alkalizing diets, they are supposed to reduce inflammation and prevent many diseases including cancers. But, I have also seen a lot of info that says there is no way to alter your blood pH through your diet. With these conflicting points of view, I can only assume that all the science is not there yet either way. So, what do you think?

Cut back on coffee?

I'm a pretty big coffee drinker- I just love the stuff! I only have 1 or 2 cups a day (sometimes 3), but some people would still say that's a lot. I feel great when I drink coffee, but I do feel it when I don't drink any. Would you say that I should cut back on it to the occasional cup, or keep on drinkin'?

Raw Cookie Dough

Is it ok to eat raw cookie dough? I am debating letting my children eat frozen raw cookie dough. I know that eating raw eggs isn't supposed to be healthy for you but if they are pasturized and it is frozen, I think it should be fine. What do you think?