Should I feel bad?

I'm a single mother of a 5-year-old boy who I absolutely adore. I'd never say that things are super easy, but honestly, I'm blessed that it's not all that bad. I really don't have many people that I trust to leave him with, and then there's corona, so outside of school we're together 24/7. We live in the south, so he's been out of school all week due to the weather, and all he wants to do is play with me. Which I get, I'm the only other person he has to interact with and even though he has toys galore, that doesn't replace playing with mommie. I feel bad though, because I really don't feel like playing ALLLLL the time. I hate telling him no, but sometimes I just don't have the energy...and I literally never get a break. In a sense, I almost feel like I'm losing myself because I work from home, there's a pandemic going on so I don't go anywhere, and I'm mommie all day every day with no break whatsoever. I love to read, but even then I feel bad because I'll just want to sit and read a book and he wants me to play with him. Should I feel bad, or are my feelings rational due to my circumstances?

Spanking vs. Timeout

My wife and I have a 4-year-old. She has her beautiful moments, but sometimes the kid can get out of hand. My wife is more about timeouts and I am more about spanking. We feel like we are off base a little with how to discipline. What do you think would be best for our kid? What consequences have you used?

What was this ancient human up to?

Archeologists have found the longest stretch of human footprints to date. The footprints were found in what is new New Mexico. Researchers say they were made by a young girl, who was probably carrying a 3 years old. What is strange is that this Ice Age human was on her own, in a time when most humans stayed in groups to avoid the massive predators of the time.
Of course we will never know why she made this outward journey and return trip in such a hurry, but it has got my mind going. What do you think this ancient human was up to?

How would you parent?

An opinion article from "The New York Times" said that a parent was fine leaving his children with a babysitter who had been sober from alcohol and drugs for nine days. At least, that is what the babysitter said. However, the parent had trusted the babysitter for over 4 years and there was never a problem. If you put yourself in this parent's shoes, what would you do? I think I would find a new babysitter. You?

Juggling parenting and working from home is hard..

I'm a single mom of a precious five-year-old boy, and I work from home. I had worked from home before covid, but I was part-time and allowed to make my schedule. Now that I'm full time and my son has been home with me for two weeks on winter break, I can't help but feel bad. He doesn't mind playing by himself while I work, but 8hrs a day 5 days a week just seems like a long time for a 5yr old to be left to himself. I constantly tell myself that I'm blessed to work from home with everything going on and that I'd rather him be home with me than somewhere else, but I still can't shake that feeling that it gives me. It almost feels worse (even though I know it's not) that he's home with me and I can't give him my full attention versus if he was somewhere else. Luckily I'm able to still interact with him, but I really have to remind myself often that I'm blessed compared to other situations. If you have kids and have been working from home, have you felt this way at all? If you don't have kids, does how I feel make sense or does it sound crazy?

Can parents influence music kids listen to?

Dr. Nolan Gasser, who wrote "Why You Like: The Science & Culture of Musical Taste," says in his book that parents can influence the type of music kids listen to. It is every parent's responsibility to lay the foundation of what their children listens to. In turn, kids can create their own musical tastes from that. For me, this makes sense to me. How about you? Does a parents' influence matter with music?

When can I switch my baby off formula?

I have been doing some research about when to switch my kid off formula. I have read a lot of different things online but would love some other thoughts. I want to make sure I am doing everything for my baby (1st-time parent struggles). Let me know in the comments if there are some different things I have not considered.

How can I get my 3-year-old to go right to bed?

My 3-year-old recently has decided to not go to bed at night. It starts with her saying, "I need you." Then, she cries when I shut the door. She will cry uncontrollably for 15-20 minutes without stopping. Also, she uses every excuse in the book, like "I need to go potty" and "I want different jammies." This mother needs some advice.

Naked In The Bath With Someone Else's Child?

My ex-husband and I have two sons, aged 6 and 9. His new girlfriend, who is only 23 (18 years younger), seems to be doing a great job of caring for the children. For that I am grateful. My kids are pretty communicative with me and so when they return from their weekend's "at dad's" they give me the lowdown of what went on. I sincerely am happy they all seem to get along, but apparently last weekend, all the kids got in the bath together WITH their dad's girlfriend. Everyone was naked. Now, I'm not prude, but I couldn't help but feel sick to my stomach. I didn't want to alarm them so I didn't freak out, just said "oh how nice" but inside I was dying. When I recovered from my shock, I said to my boys that I'd be asking their dad to ask his girlfriend to maybe wear a bathing suit next time just so everybody is aware of privacy, but how lucky they were they got to have such bath times at their dad's. My boys agreed. I just feel like 6 and 9 are important ages for boys, and seeing me naked is one thing since I'm their mother... Or am I wrong?


Any other parents out there really tired of the slime craze? There is glue on everything in my house. It's in my kids' hair, on the couch, on the floors. And shaving cream. And glitter. They recently figured out how to make a clear/green slime that is the same consistency of snot.