Kardashian Ready For Baby #2

Khloe Kardashian, with her man Tristan Thompson, have said they are ready for baby #2. The two have had a rocky couple of years. News that Thompson cheated on her did not help things. But, the two are back together nonetheless. With this in mind, what gender will the baby be? I think it will be a girl. You?

Why did Nipsey Hussle die?

Nipsey Hussle was a pretty popular rapper in the 2010s. But, he was shot and killed in 2019. The man who killed him, Eric Holder Jr., was said to have a dispute over something. Holder Jr. shot him 10 times dead. But, what do you think the issue was over? Add more thoughts in the comments if you have another idea.

Trump Making Bank

After Trump left the office, money has been still pouring in his way. Even though he lost business connections after the riots, he has reportedly cashed in on $255 million. Why is this happening? Why are people just giving him money? I don't understand why. Can you let me know in the comments below? I have some answers, but not sure if the question will be answered.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, enlightened patriot?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is only a House freshman, yet she is taking control of much of the news about the House these last few weeks. She is a vocal supporter of the 2nd amendment, as well as one of the adamant supporters for the Stop the Steal campaign. But, more an more we are hearing about he dark past. She has harassed victims of school shootings, which she thinks were fake. She has called for Nancy Pelosie death, and like or re-shared other's posts who have called for her Congressional peers to be killed. She is also an avid supporter of the right-winged fringe conspiracy group, Qanon. But, what I have not seen is some of the platforms she ran on that got her elected int he 14th district of Georgia. There must be something they see in her that I d not. What do you think, is she irrational and easily deceived my disinformation, or is she one of the few who see the truth?

Cicely Tyson Gone Too Soon

The award-winning actress Cicely Tyson has passed away at the age of 96. She was a trailblazer for other black performers. Over 7 decades, she was involved in the theater and on stage. She actually just released a memoir before she died. I think I will read the novel. Will you read about her life?

Is the Proud Boy leader an undercover informant?

Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the proud boys is being accused of being an insider informant for the FBI. Apparently, he has testified against numerous criminals in the Miami area, including those involved in drugs and other dangerous crimes. But, he denies any of this, saying he does not remember testifying in any of those cases. I can see why he would deny it, if true he doesn't want to be found out. But I can also see why people would want to spread disinformation about the leader of a group who has been declared a domestic terror organization. What do you think is the truth?

A Post-White House

Now that the Trump Administration is out, there are new things on the horizon for the Trump family. The former first lady, Melania Trump is planning on adding staff and a post-White House office. She is hoping that she will continue to "Be Best," which is a former initiate to help children. How impactful do you think this will be? I think it will be great! You?

How did Zappos founder die?

The former founder of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, may have intentionally set a fire off in his home. Either it was a careless act or he was trying to cause harm to himself. However, I do not want to believe this. Dying in a fire seems to be a bad, bad way to go. Personally,, I want to believe it was just an accident. What do you think happened?

Fallon Cleaned Kornacki's Office

Steve Kornacki is a beloved Election Night analyst. The man never sleeps and probably stays at his office to "rest," whatever that looks like. Fallon went into his office and it was quite a mess. What do you think? Was his office actually messy? I sure think it was.

Is Biden's old age a good or bad thing?

at 78, Joe Biden holds the record for the oldest president ever elected to office. Some, like his opponent, Donald Trump, have claimed this was a problem. That he was too old, weak, or frail to lead. Or that he has cognitive decline.
Other point to the changes he has seen over his life time, the experiences he has, the relationships he has fostered. They say that such an old man will have a larger perspective then a younger one when it comes to running the country.
What do you think, does age bring wisdom in this case?