Small or Big Dog

Let me begin by saying I have never had a dog before. So, you can bet I am a little scared. But, my wife is interested in one. Do you all have preferences for a type of dog to get? I have just made categories on size, but I would love to hear types in the comments. Help me out!

Dog Waiting Up

In the Turkish town of Trabzon, there is quite the heartwarming story. A dog owner, Cemal Senturk, was being treaded at the hospital. The dog came with and stayed outside the hospital for days until the patient was ready to leave. Isn't this the best story you have heard all of 2021? For me, this is the best one. How about you? Tell me a better thing that happened below if you have a better story. Positive vibes here!

Neighbors Dog Attacked Mine

As I was walking with my dog and family recently, my neighbor's dog, which was not on a leash, came and attacked my dog, which was on a leash. The neighbor's dog bit into my dog's ear and hind leg, causing quite a bit of damage. After taking my dog in for stitches, the bill was almost $1,000. I do not know my neighbors very well, but I do believe they should pay the bill or at least a part of it. What should I do?

Is it ok to keep tigers as pets?

Tiger King was all the talk at the start of the pandemic, and I was hoping to see that film catalyze change. But it did not. Still, today there are more tigers in captivity in the US then there are in the wild in the whole world. Partly this is due to habitat destruction and poaching, but it is also due to the wildlife trade. Additionally, offspring produced in captivity will not be able to survive in the wild, and the genetic implications of attempting to do so are large (inbredding/outbreeding depressions, genetic bottle necking, founder effects, etc). And that is not even toughing on the safety aspects or the environmental/food security aspects of feeding them.
So, if the biological and ecological aspects are all negative, then the only arguments for keeping them that are valid are "I like to have it as a pet."
So, is it right that people keep tigers as pets?

Best breed of dogs for kids

COVID has been hard on my family, not being able to visit friends and have a party. I am worried about my kids (2 & 4 years old), and think maybe getting a dog would help then feel some love and comfort during these times. I have never owned my own dog before, but we had a English Bulldog while growing up. He was great, but I cannot afford one of those right now. What breeds should I keep an eye out for that are generally safe and good around young kids?

Cats or Dogs?

The Trash Man's Side

The biggest question that has daunted mankind since mankind started taming animal-kind. I am a cat person through and through. Here's why. Cats are independent and autonomous creatures. They don't require a ton of care because they usually take care of themselves regardless having an owner or not. They groom themselves, can hunt on their own, and if let outside, don't even need a litter box. Hell, you don't even need to walk the damn things. Aside from the minimal care, cats are just adorable and fun. You can play them all the same as you can with a dog without any of the excess attention and expelled energy. And, they can be affectionate just like any other animal. Cats

x0ninalovex0's Side

Dogs are the way to go! They are a man's best friend after all. Dogs are always loyal and friendly and wont scratch you if you rub their stomach the wrong way. You can give them walks without people staring at you and you can play with them without them getting annoyed. They are energetic and will always be there for you- who's heard of a therapy cat? You don't have to buy their affection like you do with cats and their emotions are always honest. You just cannot beat a furry friendship. *bark*

New Dog Name?

The dog is a white husky, 6 months old. I have a few ideas: