False Fallacies

During 2020, there were a lot of fallacies that came to light. False comparisons have been a big one. People compare things that are not comparable to something new like COVID. Another fallacy has been people accepting statistics as truth, but not really understanding the depth of the numbers. Lastly, there have been people believing that everything happens for a reason. People can think this, but sometimes things just suck. What do you think has been the worst fallacy of 2020?

Philosophize James Joyce

James Joyce was from a time were Modernism writing was at its peak. Stream of consciousness and breaking from tradition were some major differences from writers' past. But, Joyce was the anomaly in a generation that already was the anomaly. In his book "Ulysses," Joyce did not use stream of consciousness, turning from the rest of his generation. So, was he actually different or just the same as past writers? Personally, Joyce just seems weird altogether. You?

Can you be too open-minded?

I consider myself to be very open-minded. On any topic, I like to have well-rounded information to make my personal decision. I believe anything is possible until proven false or proven impossible. And if it can't be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt either way, I'm ok settling with the most likely answer while still knowing I could be completely wrong. Now, I use research and my own discernment to come up with what I consider to be a logical conclusion in any situation. But I have friends that are more open-minded, but it's almost to a point where they believe nothing because they acknowledge that presented facts can still be misleading. I hope that makes sense, and I completely understand where they are coming from, but at some point you have to believe something. Do you believe that people can take being open-minded too far? Or am I not as open-minded as I think I am?