My husband's pranks are getting out of control!

This past Sunday was April Fool's Day/Easter. Usually every year my husband and I will go to a family lunch or a get together of sorts to celebrate. It's never usually a problem but, this year, since it landed on April Fool's Day, it became one. My husband likes to celebrate April Fool's every year as much as Easter. He pulls pranks at my expense and I brush them off as good old fashion fun but it's starting to get on my last nerves!

This year especially on the day we were supposed to visit family, he outdoes himself. He mixed in some clear glue into my styling gel, and when I put it in my hair, it clumped up! I ended up having to cut some off!!! I was more than livid considering not only did I have to cut my hair but, that I had to go see my family a few hours after. I think it's getting to a point where he's taking it too far. It's not charming or cute anymore but borderline abusive. I'm afraid if I talk to him that he won't take it seriously or he'll be offended or something like that. What do I do?

Is Valentine's Day stupid or is it just me?

Valentines' Day just passed and, like many of you probably did, I did something special for the significant other. But, it's not that I really wanted to. I felt obligated to because well, it's Valentine's Day. Also, don't mistake me for a common ass either. Of course, I would love to do something special for my girlfriend but, it just irks me that there's a whole day dedicated to the ooey-gooey and the stigma that follows.

One, why is there a holiday that tries to condense something as magnificent as love into a typical ceremony? Two, why should there be a day that dictates when I should be doing something nice for someone? I feel like if I hadn't done anything then I would automatically be condemned for it (I dare you to prove me wrong). And, lastly, it's a day that excludes a great deal of people; ya know, people that aren't in relationships. Yes, some are happily single yet, for those others, this day really exacerbates that feeling of loneliness. And, to top it all off, I simply believe this is just a capitalist rake-in (don't think I didn't notice the $10 mark up on roses, Safeway).

But, I digress. Am I the only one that has a problem with this? What are your thoughts?

Is It Appropriate?

While this situation has nothing really to do with me, it's something that seems odd at the very least if not downright wrong, and I'm wondering how others view the situation? Back when I was a junior in high school, a 19 or 20-year old transferred into my grade, he'd been held back a couple years at other schools, that's why he was so much older. While he was in school I always got the sense that he was hitting on one of our younger teachers, but I'm pretty sure nothing ever developed while we were still students. Fast forward a few years to now, I just found out that that guy is now dating the teacher he was hitting on while a student, I know this for sure. Is it weird or wrong for a teacher to date a former student, or is it just me?

Friend wants to visit me

I'm currently abroad, and one of my friends from home wants to come visit me for a few weeks. However, I know what she's like when she travels (she tends to complain, needs luxury, spends a lot of money). I am the complete opposite. Seeing her would be nice, but I know she would take away from my journey (I went traveling alone for a reason). Do I convey this to her, or let her come meet me and get over it?

Friend Expressed Emotions

My friend recently expressed to me that he has feelings for me. I view him solely as a friend, and didn't really know what to say when he told me. I now feel friction in our relationship, and I miss what we used to have. I'm acting the same, but I feel like he is taking it as an insult. Should I talk to him about it, or let him come to me?

Friends with a married man?

I'm single, and recently at a party I met a fun group of people. Several of them are now my facebook friends. One guy, who happens to be married, messaged me about going running. We had all been talking about a running group at the party, so he might be just trying to be nice, but I've been hit on by married men in the past so I'm very cautious about spending time with men who are married.

Girlfriend Got Dumped Again

So, my girlfriend who has been "dating" her second married guy is now down and out again because she got dumped. Her last "boyfriend," who was also married, dumped her over the summer and now the day before NYE, she's crying about the latest break-up. I'm seriously so worn out and sick of her crying about these obviously smarmy losers who are just using her for sex. I am thinking about actually distancing myself from her before cutting her out of my life altogether. Am I a horrible person?

Old feelings for an ex

I've recently started talking to my ex again after barely speaking for over 2 years. I barely thought about him these past 2 years, and have dated other people in the mean time. To be fair, I was out of the country for the 2 years, so having recently returned home, we started talking again. It's nice being with him, but I feel like these feelings I'm developing for him are only coming back because I am now home. I'm also leaving the country (again) soon for an unknown amount of time. Should I keep seeing him and see what happens, or should I cut it off before it gets serious?

Who wears the pants?

A marriage can not exist as a democracy. When it comes to the final decision in a marriage who gets to make the final decision?

Jealous Ex

I get along really well with my ex husband most of the time, but he gets jealous whenever I start dating a new guy. It's been years. Every time there's a man's car in my driveway, he'll start showing up in the neighborhood randomly. He's never been violent, but it's an invasion of my privacy. Should I say something? Part of me doesn't want to rock the boat, since we share custody of our kids.