Colleague Vs. Coworker

I had a conversation recently with a peer. We were talking about if we need to say that we are coworkers or colleagues. I think it is colleagues. But, my peer wants coworkers to be the title. Still, I do not know if it really matters. What do you all think? I hope I win nonetheless.

Friendship In A Pandemic

The pandemic has been hard, hasn't it? For me, one of the hardest parts has been getting together with friends. I mean I have not really had the chance to make it happen. In turn, many of my friendships have suffered. Do any of you have some great ideas to help me keep up with my friends? I put some choices below, but I am not very sure.

Favorite Marriage Saint

My husband and I are Catholics. We have been debating our favorite marriage saint. I really like St. Elizabeth of Portugal. At the age of 12, the saint married an immoral man who was abusive and adulterous. Now, my husband does not abuse me, but I believe this is an example of unconditional love, even in the hardest of times. My husband likes St. Radegunde. She was never able to have kids. We are in a similar boat, but having each other is all that matters. Who do you like? I added a few more.

Wanting Kids

My husband and I have been married for 5 years. I am ready for a kid. But, my husband not so much. I am in my early 30s and feel like my time is running out. But, we really don't talk too much about it. How do you think I should proceed with the conversation? I really need this help.

Online Romance

I have been thinking about doing online dating. But, I saw this story and now I am scared to. One woman got conned into giving her online boyfriend $100,000. Does this happen a lot, so I need to stay far away? Or should I make this work for me? Give me your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

How To Pick A Roommate

I have a little bit of a dilemma going on. I just had a roommate move out. I need to find another one. What do I do? Should I put it out there on social media? Should I just work with word of mouth? I am concerned of who gets in. But, I need the extra income to pay rent as well. Assist me here please!

Mending ties with family over politics

The Trump years were especially hard for me. Everyday I would see things that were just plain immoral, even before he was elected I knew he was not the person I wanted representing my country, he is not the person I want my son looking up to. But, I have a step-father who is completely in love with Trump. There is literally nothing Trump could do to upset my step-father who is a born again Christian who has always told me I was wrong and immoral for my views.
Anyways, I have not spoken with him in 2 months, even though we live int he same house. At this point I have no interest in talking with him, or the rest of my family who so admittedly followed Trump. But I know in my heart this is wrong. Even if I do feel this is a moral issue and not a political one, it was started from a politician who none of us actually know.
Am I right to feel this way, or do I need to find a way to extend an olive branch to them?

Should I wait?

I'm picky with the men I like. My personality and my strong sense of knowing whether someone is right from me keeps me from just dating around. I have a guy friend who I deem as absolutely perfect for me, but right now he's very career oriented and focused on himself. This isn't a friendzone situation either. I'm not in a rush, and he's not thinking about a relationship at all. Here's my dilemma. I'm ok with being single, but I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with the right person and so far he's the only person I've met in a very long time that has the qualities and traits that I want. Since we've been friends, I haven't even tried to meet other guys because I've been completely satisfied with how things are between us. My question isn't really should I wait, but should I try to meet other guys even though I don't think they will match up to him?

Would you allow your man to cut your hair?

YouTuber Carli Bybel shared a video, during her 5th season, of her boyfriend cutting her hair. He did pretty well, but Carli still had some work to do at the end. Would you ever allow this to happen?

How important is it to know your neighbors?

A 2010 Pew Research poll shared that 28% of U.S. individual did not know any of their neighbors names. In the 21st Century, with relationships moving to the online world, do you think it matters that you do not know the people living closest to you? Share your experience with neighbors in the comments below, too.