Should I wait?

I'm picky with the men I like. My personality and my strong sense of knowing whether someone is right from me keeps me from just dating around. I have a guy friend who I deem as absolutely perfect for me, but right now he's very career oriented and focused on himself. This isn't a friendzone situation either. I'm not in a rush, and he's not thinking about a relationship at all. Here's my dilemma. I'm ok with being single, but I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with the right person and so far he's the only person I've met in a very long time that has the qualities and traits that I want. Since we've been friends, I haven't even tried to meet other guys because I've been completely satisfied with how things are between us. My question isn't really should I wait, but should I try to meet other guys even though I don't think they will match up to him?

Would you allow your man to cut your hair?

YouTuber Carli Bybel shared a video, during her 5th season, of her boyfriend cutting her hair. He did pretty well, but Carli still had some work to do at the end. Would you ever allow this to happen?

How many times would you allow someone to cheat?

I'm a person of second chances depending on the situation. Luckily, I've never had anyone cheat on me per se, but I've always imagined that one time would be one too many for me. I understand the longer you're with someone, the harder it is to leave, and if there are kids and finances involved, that makes it even harder. Would you take back a cheater?

Best way to 'come out'?

According to a recent study, "Gay, lesbian, bisexual, or not sure youth were 3.41 times more likely to report a suicide attempt"
For those who have struggled with embracing their own sexuality, and then 'coming out' to family and friends, what were the hardest parts? Was it the internal struggle, the fear of criticisms from peers, the fear of losing respect of family, or the fear of violence and abuse? What would you like people to know about teens going through this, and how they can help?

Single until 50??

Fun fact about new Vice President-elect Kamala Harris: She was single until she married her husband, Doug Emhoff, at the age of 50! She didn't even meet him until she was 49 years old. To most people that would sound crazy, but it goes to show that there isn't a certain age you need to find love by. Especially in the world we live in now. A few decades ago, this probably would have been unheard of! Would you be ok being completely single (never married) on the dating scene at 50?

Do you support Nevada's same-sex admendment?

Even though same sex marriage was legalized nationwide in 2015, many states still do not have it in their constitution. In the last election Nevada ballots asked voters whether they support an amendment recognizing marriage “as between couples regardless of gender.”
If your state had the same amendment, would you support it?

How to find someone offline?

I am done with internet dating. Don't even get me started on the reasons, but they are endless. The problem is, there is nobody at my work I like, nobody along my daily routine, and I don't drink or go to bars. I tried joining a few groups around and went to the gym, but it was mostly men, and the few women there where married or not interesting. When I talk to my friends about it, their answer is always something along the lines of, 'there is an app for that'. How do you guys meet interesting people these days when everybody just seems to be on their phones?

All my single ladies...and men too!

Marriage. Are you excited about it? I know a lot of people in my age group who aren't already married, don't really even care for it anymore. I was raised a bit old school, so I value it a bit more than some of my friends raised by younger parents. I would like to still end up in a traditional marriage versus long term partnership without marriage. If you aren't married, do you look forward to getting married one day?

So, there's this guy....

I really like him and I think he might like me too. We're really good friends, and both just got done dealing with some issues from past relationships. I'd love to see where life would take us, but at the same time I don't want to ruin our friendship by trying to move too fast. Should I say something and see how he feels or just go with the wind?

Should she get paid?

My cousin has been watching her nieces twice a week for a while now. Her sister doesn't feel like she should pay her due to her initially offering to watch them for free, but now they want her to watch the kids for the next year or so for free. Even though it's family and only 2 days a week, should she be paid?