Is it ok to hop around for church?

For me, it has been great to hop around watching different masses and services during the pandemic. I feel like I get to hear from different priests, pastors, and teachers that have a lot of knowledge for their communities. But, I have been getting some push back from some people close to me who think I should invest in one service week after week. What do you think?

Does Church matter?

I have been going through a season in my life lately where I am questioning the importance of church. Call it deconstruction, call it priorities, call it whatever you want, but I really wonder if I need church in my life. There is nothing I am bitter about. I feel like I can still have a relationship with God, am surrounded by people that also love God, while not going to a church that wants my money. Any thoughts?

Is there a place people go after dying?

With the pandemic swirling around the world, there are a people who have been dying. I am not a very religious person, but I do believe that there is an afterlife of some sort. Love to hear what people think an afterlife would look like or if there is not one. Thanks!

Religious vs. Spiritual

When it comes to the Christian faith, I have been having a lot of conversations lately if being religious or spiritual is more effective to connect with God. Religion seems to be a broken organization at times, and I would rather be spiritual all on my own. Do you think it is better to be religious or spiritual?

Thoughts Of Leaving My Church

I have been at my church for about five years. I even worked there for a time. But, things have really started to change for the worst. The pastor is quite controlling, not allowing people to work in their areas. The service is watered down and neither inspiring nor enlightening. But, my kids love the Children's Ministry, so I am torn. What should I do?

Should Carl Lentz ever pastor a church again?

After the shocking revelation that the pastor of Hillsong NYC cheated on his wife, I have been thinking about this question. We have all made mistakes in our lives, but this one is a biggie. I do not know if I would want him guiding my spiritual life. Should a man like this ever have that chance again?

Do our dreams tell us anything?

We spend about a quarter of our lives asleep, and much of that time is spent dreaming. Although many modern day psychiatrists believe that dreams are a window into the sub-conscious mind, many people and cultures around the world think that dreams are a vision into other dimensions, messages from higher life forms, premonitions of things to come, or an entirely different plane of being which our consciousnesses or should travels to while our material body is at rest.
Still, after so many millennia the mystery of dreaming has yet to be solved entirely, so what do you think your dreams are?

Noah's Arc or the Epic of Gilgamesh Flood Story?

Mostly everyone, if not everyone, is aware of the great flood from the Bible and how Noah was told by God to gather the animals and build an arc. A lesser known story is the flood story from the Epic of Gilgamesh which predates the Bible and all other known literature. As of today, it is the oldest work of literature ever found. It goes all the way back to the ancient Sumerians, who were considered the creators of civilization. It speaks of the gods being angry at humans and the gods sending a flood to destroy the earth. They warned Utnapishtim and his family and told him to build a big boat and gather the seed of all living things. After the flood lasted for days, the boat landed on a mountain. A dove, swallow, and a raven were released to find land. Ishtar, one of the gods, sent a rainbow as a promise that he and the other gods would never flood the earth again. Does this sound familiar to you? Sounds eerily similar to the flood story of the Bible, and quite a few other flood stories from across the globe. Were you aware of this flood story and its similarities to the Bible?

Is Joel Osteen scamming believers?

Joel Osteen is the pastor of the Lakewood church, but is worth $100 million dollars and lives in a house worth $10.5 million. Do you think this is justified or is he a scam artist that is feeding on the needy?

Is online worship a suitable substitute?

COVID is making all areas of our life difficult, including worship. I know that many services of various faiths have moved to being online, like in Zoom or Youtube. I know it is not the same as going to be together with fellow believers and feeling all the energy and love of a typical day or worship, but is it suitable for COVID times? And, if you could, please comment as to what creative things your house of worship has done to improve things till we can go back to normal. Thank you.