Should I take my cat to the Blessing of the Pets?

Long story short, the Blessing of the Pets is next Sunday. Everybody brings their cat or dog or whatever (somebody brought a hedgehog last year!) and we have a guest preacher who blesses them. Last year my cat went berserk during the event because he associates being in the crate with going to the event. I almost feel like it would be mean to bring him this year, but in my case, I'm the pastor's daughter so it's sort of expected. I do have some medication I can give him for stress and anxiety and maybe that'll help him a little bit. What should I do?

Should I let my my kids be taken to Sunday School?

My folks are semi-religious. My husband and I are not. They want to take our kids to Sunday school. I had some strange religious experiences when I was young so I'm not sure I want to expose them to all that. They also want to teach my kids stories and bible songs. I'm torn, I don't know if it is good to expose them to all that or shield my kids from it.