How to find someone offline?

I am done with internet dating. Don't even get me started on the reasons, but they are endless. The problem is, there is nobody at my work I like, nobody along my daily routine, and I don't drink or go to bars. I tried joining a few groups around and went to the gym, but it was mostly men, and the few women there where married or not interesting. When I talk to my friends about it, their answer is always something along the lines of, 'there is an app for that'. How do you guys meet interesting people these days when everybody just seems to be on their phones?

Is It Appropriate?

While this situation has nothing really to do with me, it's something that seems odd at the very least if not downright wrong, and I'm wondering how others view the situation? Back when I was a junior in high school, a 19 or 20-year old transferred into my grade, he'd been held back a couple years at other schools, that's why he was so much older. While he was in school I always got the sense that he was hitting on one of our younger teachers, but I'm pretty sure nothing ever developed while we were still students. Fast forward a few years to now, I just found out that that guy is now dating the teacher he was hitting on while a student, I know this for sure. Is it weird or wrong for a teacher to date a former student, or is it just me?

Old feelings for an ex

I've recently started talking to my ex again after barely speaking for over 2 years. I barely thought about him these past 2 years, and have dated other people in the mean time. To be fair, I was out of the country for the 2 years, so having recently returned home, we started talking again. It's nice being with him, but I feel like these feelings I'm developing for him are only coming back because I am now home. I'm also leaving the country (again) soon for an unknown amount of time. Should I keep seeing him and see what happens, or should I cut it off before it gets serious?

First time on Tinder

I've just signed up for Tinder for the first time ever. While I'm not necessarily looking to date anyone (I'm not staying at home for much longer), it has been fun chatting to people. I'm still unsure about the idea of meeting up with someone I've never actually met before, but there are a couple guys that have sparked my interest. Should I just go ahead and meet up with them for coffee for the heck of it?

Is there a difference: loving vs being in love?

Is there really a difference between the two? Can you describe in words? I have been in a relationship for 20 years and I am wondering where did the passion go? I always wonder how people maintain that freshness to their relationships.

Birthday Gift for the Girlfriend...

I've been dating my girlfriend now for over two years, this is by far the longest relationship I have ever been in and I'm struggling to decide on seemingly the most simple thing, what do I get her for her birthday? I am having a hard time of thinking of what she would want and so I thinking of turning to either her family for advice or just giving up on keeping the gift a secret and asking her what she wants. As you'll see in my options below, I already bought something for her, but it was not supposed to be a birthday gift, just something that I wanted and she agreed was cool and so I decided to buy one for her as well.

Do you think I should just count that as the gift, even though it was quite cheap, I've bought her something similar before, and when I told her I would buy it for her I did not intend for it to be a birthday gift?

Should I ask her family what they think she'd want? She is quite close with her mother and I think if I asked her she'd be able to suggest something good that maybe my girlfriend even might not suggest.

Should I ask her? Even though I really like keeping gifts secret from her because it drives her crazy which is pretty fun.

Or should I just try my best to think of something on my own? Given that I've been dating her for two years you'd think I'd be able to come up with something.

He Left Her

Well. My sister decided not to move out of her place that she shared with her boyfriend. She insisted on staying by his side and “helping him” in his recovery from his motorcycle accident. Even though he asked for some space to deal with the news that he will never be able to have children as a result of his injuries.

And so HE left. He told her that she deserves better than him, because he’s broken, quite literally. Sigh.

My sister is inconsolable right now. She believes he will come back. She believes they are soul mates. She now regrets not having listened to him and given him the space he asked for. I don’t think he will ever come back to her. He probably needs therapy of his own to work out his issues. Do I tell her this?! I feel so bad for her!

Do I move back across the world for him?

I recently lived in Australia with a boyfriend I had been traveling with for 6 months. After a few months in Australia, I left to solo travel Asia while he stayed in Australia to work. We've recently been having troubles, resulting in taking a break and seeing where things go. I was originally planning to move back to Australia for him, because he has to work and can't come to America. However, the entire time I was away traveling in Asia, he was constantly telling me he was jealous of me and lonely, never asking how my travels were going, and our conversations were draining, everything was about him and how horrible his job was. I feel freer and happier now that I'm on my own again, and I'm not sure I want to go back to someone so restraining. I also don't want to move back across the world for someone like that and give up my own travels and time.

Can't Have Children

My sister’s live-in boyfriend of six years is in recovery after a motorcycle accident and his physical therapy is going well. Unfortunately, his private parts were severely damaged and basically crushed and after many surgeries, it seems he will never have full function again. He will not be able to give her children. She told him it’s okay, that they can always adopt, and that they can work out some way to be intimate and stay in love and still be with each other. I know he was planning on proposing to her before the accident happened, because he’d asked me to help him pick out a ring. Now he barely talks to my sister or looks at her and tells her she should leave because she deserves better than him. It breaks my heart seeing them both like this. I know he still loves her. She loves him so much. But he thinks he’s doing the right thing by pushing her away. They have been to therapy but it’s not helping and he’s growing more distant every day. My mother thinks maybe it would be best if my sister did move out and move on. I cry every day, for her and for him. My sister and I are only a year apart and super close. She asked me what I thought. I don’t know what I’m supposed to tell her.

Should I return my ex's gift?

I recently received an anonymous gift from Amazon. This by itself doesn't surprise me since I have a public wish list for my public following.

The thing is, everything on my wish list had disappeared within the span of one or two days a week earlier, and I'm pretty sure it's my ex who got them for me. After that happened, I added an expensive item (a laptop) to see if something with a ridiculous price tag would still get gifted.

It showed up on my doorstep within days. I want to have doubts about who would be willing to shell out so much for a gift, but I'm pretty sure it's my ex.

I don't know what his motivations are. We haven't spoken in a long time. I know he's not over me, but I made it clear that it's impossible for us to get back together. I don't want to reach out to him, because I purposely kept channels of communications closed after I made my intentions clear (in hopes he'd get over me quicker).

Should I keep or return his gift?