How To Pick A Roommate

I have a little bit of a dilemma going on. I just had a roommate move out. I need to find another one. What do I do? Should I put it out there on social media? Should I just work with word of mouth? I am concerned of who gets in. But, I need the extra income to pay rent as well. Assist me here please!

Thinking Of Adding A Roommate

My wife and I have been married now for a couple of years. We have a basement that has a separate entrance that is never used. We are thinking of getting a roommate to provide some cash during the pandemic. Still, I am concerned about adding a roommate because of fears and problems that could arise. Should I be worried or should I press forward?

Split 3 ways?

So, I just moved in with an old friend (first mistake), its a 3 bedroom house, and I knew there might be another roommate when I moved in, but we only agreed on what we would each pay: 50/50. Then my roommate found another friend who wants to move in, and said we should all pay 33%, seemed reasonable. But now I am trapped in a lease and my friend has taken the whole basement level of the house and left me and the other guy to have the upper level. He has his own living room, bedroom, and bathroom, we are 3 share the kitchen, but I have to share my living room and bathroom with this new guy. is it fair we still all pay 30%? He says I am being unreasonable for even bringing his up, and we still have 9 months on the lease.

roomie bringing home strangers

My best friend and I decided to become roommates after moving to the same city for our first professional jobs after college. We went to separate colleges but stayed best friends over the years. We found a great apartment in a neighborhood we both like. My problem is that my best friend / roommate has been bringing men home that she meets out at bars. I had no idea she was this way since we did not go to college together. I am not comfortable with this because I do not feel safe. We just signed a year lease. I know it is her home too and so I feel torn on what, if anything, I should do. What should I do?

messy roommate

I have a roommate who is great in every way except one. To be blunt, he is a slob. I have been doing on the cleaning including cleaning the kitchen after he makes a mess. I am getting tired of cleaning up after him. I am looking for a solution to this problem. Let me know what you believe I should do about this:

Small Talk with New Roommates

Just moved into a new apartment with new roommates. As a shy person it's usually hard to start conversations with people. I also have a hard reading people and distinguishing whether the person is shy or just doesn't want to talk to me (lol). Any pointers for small talk? These are my general convo starters.