Are you ok with the Facebook and Flo connection?

So it appears that Facebook is interested to know when you are menstruating. This is what we learned following the recent FTC ruling that Flo violated its privacy rules by sharing confidential user data. The fact that Facebook eats up data to drive targeted advertisements is no surprise, but how are they using this data specifically. Why was it so important that they offered enough money for Flo to knowingly violate their own privacy rules?

Are YouTube Pranks going too far?

It seems like some YouTubers will do anything for views and attention nowadays. Prank channels have been around for quite a while, but it seems like over time, these pranks have become a little harder to laugh at because they either put unsuspecting people in danger, or exploit real events that people are dealing with. A great example of putting people in in danger was the bank robbery prank by twins Alan and Alex Stokes. Brief description - they dressed in all black as bank robbers and ran from a bank with duffle bags full of money like they had stolen it. The poor Uber driver they called (who also was unsuspecting) had guns pulled on him because when people started reporting this "robbery" of course the police showed up ready to go. Now, it seems like missing pranks are becoming super popular. It's mainly with well-known couple channels doing this mess, and more than likely it's staged, but people are pointing out how having loved ones go missing is a real thing that can happen and it's insensitive to monetize it as a prank. What do you think? As long as there's nobody physically hurt, is it fine? Or should there be a line drawn?

First ever video posted to YouTube.

I'm a HUGE YouTube junkie. The platform is a big reason why I was able to cut my cable off and still be entertained and kept up to date. Back in May of 2020, YouTube turned 15yrs old. I feel like I should have known that with as many hours as I spend on the app a day. After reading about the history of YouTube, I decided to see what was the first ever video posted on the site. What do you think it was? The answer will be in the comments. you like them?

I'm a self-proclaimed YouTube addict, and I think I've been down most of the YouTube streets (although I do occasionally come across a whole to sector I had never heard of). There are some food channels that I will watch, but they mostly consist of reviews on new items, how to cook something, or interesting food facts. I have never gotten into mukbangs though. To those unfamiliar, mukbang is a South Korea word that basically translates into "eating broadcast". And that's what a mukbang is. People eating enormous amounts of food while they broadcast themselves doing it. Normally, the portions of food are enough to feed four or five people, and they just sit there and stuff themselves. It seems like a very unhealthy lifestyle just to receive attention and a paycheck (I'm looking at you Nikocado Avocado). But what's your take? Do you enjoy mukbangs or no? Don't forget to explain your answer in the comments below!

Why is Sexism so Rampant in Gaming?

Data has shown that women are 10 times more likely to receive negative comments in a chat room, and 3 times as likely in online gaming. The problem has gotten so bad, that many women feel excluded from the online gaming community, or have had to seek counseling based on things said to them there. The misogyny in these areas is much more than in the 'real' world, so why do you think it is so?

Real Social Media Beef

Facebook went on the offensive, attacking Apple's thought-process when requiring an ad tracking opt-in. The social media giant Facebook believes that this will hurt small businesses in the long run, losing them from our economic geographic altogether. Is Facebook right or wrong in their thinking?

Brittanya Karma dies at 29

The reality star and rapper, Brittanya Karma, has died at 29 years young, due to COVID. Karma had an illustrious career as a German-Vietnamese star, being featured in magazines, appearing on TV, and getting millions of views on Facebook. This has been making me think about my own life. Would I like to live a short life, like Karma, and have all the popularity in the world, or live a long life with no success in the public eye. How about you?

Will this FTC ruling be the end of Facebook?

In December of 2020 the FTC ruled that Facebook is a monopoly and must be broken up. The evidence for this was their purchase of apps such as Instagram and Whatsapp to maintain complete control of the market. At the same time, the public is polarized over content deletion and censorship. Many employees and customers of the company are upset because of the platform's refusal to step in and curb hate speech. According to their own data, they only remove 5% of hate speech. But, then there is the far right who is up in arms because Facebook has been removing posts related to election misinformation and are leaving Facebook for alternatives.
Where do you stand, is this the beginning of the end for the site that started it all?

Was Dixie D'Amelio rude?

The D'Amelio brand sure has been booming over the last year. With their show on YouTube, the money just keeps racking up. But, I watched an episode recently and saw that Dixie and the chef had an interesting interaction. Do you think Dixie was rude or people are just blowing it out of proportion.

Should I block people I disagree with?

This election has been nothing if not divisive. The amount of mis0information and arguments that are purely emotional is something I have never seen in this country before. But more that that, there are moral issues at stake here. To me, many of the issues (family separations, white supremacy, science denial, removal of healthcare) are not political issues, they are moral ones. As such, when I see people in my group of ‘friends’ posting things which are antithetical to my morals I am presented with a dilemma. . .
On the one hand, I do not want to see these people’s toxic posts, and am inclined to just remove them from my friend list or unfollow them. But, on the other hand, I feel it is my duty to educate others and not allow them, or myself, to be inside a bubble of our own confirmation bias.

What do you do with people that have very different views you deem to be of moral importance rather than just a matter of politics or opinion?