Should I block people I disagree with?

This election has been nothing if not divisive. The amount of mis0information and arguments that are purely emotional is something I have never seen in this country before. But more that that, there are moral issues at stake here. To me, many of the issues (family separations, white supremacy, science denial, removal of healthcare) are not political issues, they are moral ones. As such, when I see people in my group of ‘friends’ posting things which are antithetical to my morals I am presented with a dilemma. . .
On the one hand, I do not want to see these people’s toxic posts, and am inclined to just remove them from my friend list or unfollow them. But, on the other hand, I feel it is my duty to educate others and not allow them, or myself, to be inside a bubble of our own confirmation bias.

What do you do with people that have very different views you deem to be of moral importance rather than just a matter of politics or opinion?

At what age should teens use social media?

As a teacher, the questions of social media usage is always a hot topic. Students have a hard time staying on-task with a vibrating smartphone on their person. This problem raises the question of when students should be able to have a social media account. I do not have teenagers yet, but I wonder if I will want them to have social media later and later in life. When do you think teens should start using social media?

Favorite classic YouTube video

Ahhh, the YouTube of yesteryear. Before AdGate, all the censoring, and the takeover of Z list celebrities, YouTube was a creative playground. There are so many classic YouTube videos that defined the platform's earliest success. Out of these four, which was your favorite or which one do you remember? There are so many great ones, leave a comment of your favorite.

Should kids take a social media etiquette class?

Being a millennial in my early 30s, I consider myself an inbetweener. Old enough to remember a time before big tech and social media took over, but young enough for it to still have been a major part of my late teenage years. It's crazy to me how kids today, and even some young adults (think early 20s), will never know a world without smartphones and Facebook. After seeing so many kids and teens ruin their lives with the stuff they post online, I realized there should be some type of social media etiquette class taught in school. Kids will be kids and teens will be teens. They will do and say the same stupid stuff we did and said, only back in our day it wasn't broadcasted for the world to see. I believe kids should start learning in elementary school and up until they graduate about the consequences of what they do and say online. Some are too young to understand the lifelong consequences their actions might have once something is posted to social media. Older teens may not realize the ramifications it could have on them getting into a good college or getting a job. Do you think this is something that should be introduced into schools across the world?