No Need For Predictions

After Rudy Gobert scored 29 points and grabbed 20 rebounds, the big man was quick to say that he was sick of early predictions with the Jazz and many of its players being overrated. I believe that Gobert is right to be mad. As long as it keeps fueling him, things will be good the rest of the way. What do you think?

Honoring Kobe

Kobe Bryant has been gone a year now. Wow! How time flies. To honor him, his widow, Vanessa Bryant, shared a letter from Gigi's best friend. It was heartwarming. It was emotion. Take a read and see what you think. Have you read a better heartfelt letter?

Hardest To Guard

Vince Carter came on "The Jump" on ESPN talking about three of the best shooters he ever had to guard. The three were Steph Curry, Ray Allen, and Reggie Miller. Personally, I think Curry would have been the hardest to play against because he is lightning quick. How about you? Who would have been the hardest to guard? Comment if you have a different choice.

Shaq Doubling Down

After Shaq wiped out some criticism on Donovan Mitchell, it looks like Shaq feels a little better about guards than we once thought. He posted on Instagram that players like D-Wade, Kobe, Penny Hardaway, and LeBron were some of the best guard he ever played with. Ultimately, D-Mitchell will never have the same opportunities as the other guards, playing with a dominant big man like Shaq. But, Spida Mitchell probably does not want to play with him anyways. Do you think Donovan Mitchell would like to play with Shaq ever?

Kobe: One Year Later

It has almost been one year since Kobe Bryant passed away. This is crazy to me. Time sure flies. But, as you think about this being a year later, have your forgotten about this and moved on, or does it still hurt? Share in the comments section below if you have more thoughts. Thanks!

Shaq / Mitchell Beef

Shaq said some things about Donovan Mitchell that ruffled a lot of feathers. But, Kenny "The Jet" also had some things to say. He said Mitchell had to be elite in three of six categories. The categories include scoring, passing, defense, rebounding, pace, and leadership. Which one of these do you think Mitchell needs to improve the most? Share in the comments to further the conversation.

Did the refs make a mistake?

Draymond Green said he yelled at teammate James Wiseman. But, the refs felt like Draymond was focusing his anger at the young rookie. It was the second technical, so Draymond was ejected from the game. Do you think the refs were wrong in this call? I sure think it was wrong.

Who will be better: Simmons or Mitchell?

After beef that lasted their entire rookie year, Donovan Mitchell and Ben Simmons are now 3 full years and change into their young careers. Currently, Mitchell is averaging 24 ppg, 5 apg, and 4 rpg, while Simmons is averaging 12 ppg, 8 apg, and 8 rpg during the 2020-2021 season. Many had thought Simmons would be the next LeBron, but he just cannot score it looks like. Mitchell continues to get better and better year after year statistically. Ultimately, who you got as the player with the best career at the end of the day? I am going with Mitchell. You?

Can D-Mitch be a superstar?

Shaq is in the news again criticizing players. The big man told Spida Mitchell that he did not have what it takes to be a superstar. Donovan replied back, "Alright." Hopefully, this is the negative hater news that Donovan needs to keep improving, getting better and better. Personally, I think he can be a superstar. He is currently averaging 5.0 apg this year, 4 rpg, and 24 ppg. This stat-line makes Mitchell one of the best in the entire league. Do you think Mitchell can be a superstar?

Rudy vs. Shaq

Shaq sure has had a lot to say to Rudy Gobert lately. After the big man got a huge $200 million contract extension, Shaq thought the soft big man did not deserve this recognition. This has brought up a huge debate on who would win 1 on 1 between the two big men. Shaq is arguably one of the most dominate offensive big men ever. But, Gobert might end up being the most dominate defensive big man ever. Who do you got in one-on-one? I still think Shaq would over power. You?