Are DIY projects right for science?

With the help of 3D printing and DIY lab tools, countries around the world are able to embrace science and grow in knowledge, while not spending loads of money to make that happen. This poses the question: Should countries around the world have to pay money for science or is DIY better for society? I am fine with any country getting into the science game. Science should not be an exclusive clubs.

Is STEM on the right track for the U.S.?

City University of New York reported that their tech graduates doubled in the last decade. There was a growth in graduates who were male, female, black, white, Hispanic, and Asian. But, there were also some underwhelming things with more women and blacks and Hispanics dropping out and not getting a degree from the university more often than other students. Do you think STEM is on the right track in America, or is STEM behind?

Who will be the business power of the world?

With the United States of America and China at the top of the business world, 2021 could bring some new innovations to both countries. Whoever is able to grasp improved 5G innovations, financial security, and AI tech will have the upper-hand post pandemic. Who do you think will continue to have the best economy in the world?

Great idea during COVID or loss of more jobs?

COVID has been greatly impacted both public health and the economy. Now, as a third wave grows new shutdowns are being ordered that will force many small businesses to either adapt or close. One business that has adapted is a coffee shop in Golden, Colorado. They are using robot baristas to mix drinks. These robots cannot catch or transmit the virus, and so the coffee shop can stay open for business, but what about the employees?

I have mixed feeling about this, I think automation is great, and support technological advances that can improve out lives, but I also know that a lot of people in school or who need extra income that take up shifts at coffee shops.

How do you feel about this?

Most infleuntial inventor of the 20th century?

The dawn of the industrial revolution has brought about technological progress at speeds which are unmatched in human history. It took humans millions of years just to invent agriculture. But we have gone from the horseless buggy to self driving cars in less than 150. We have gone from the telegraph to the smartphone, and from the newspaper to the world wide web. Today there is no area of our lives not touched in some way by modern technology.
Of course everyone who made these advances were 'standing on the shoulders of giants,' but who do you think has made some of the most impactful inventions of the 20th century?

Would you take the trip to Mars?

Space X has announced that they are now in the testing a recruiting phase of their mission to put humans on Mars. according to a press brief in May "SpaceX hopes the pair [designs of ships and booster rockets] will come together rapidly enough that the company could consider launching the first uncrewed test missions to Mars during the 2022 window of opportunity" If that is successful then they may begin sending humans as soon as 26 months later. These humans would then start working to create a base on Mars, that will evolve into a colony and eventually even involve terraforming the red planet. These volunteers will be true pioneers, pushing the limits of human achievement and becoming the first humans to live on a foreign planet. the only catch, its likely to be a 1-way trip.
Would you volunteer?

Are we living in a simulation?

Many of the top thinkers of our time have toyed with the theory that we are living in a simulation. The short version of the theory is that with the rapid exponential growth in technology innovation it is only a matter of time till humans or AI create and begin living in a simulated world. So, if that is true, how do we know that even has not already happened and we are already living in that simulation but programmed to think it is 2020 before the event?
It sounds crazy when put into two sentences, but for those who have listened to some of these talks, what do you think is the probability that you are living in simulation right now?

Uber or Lyft?

I have heard different thing. . .Uber's CEO is not a good guy, Lyft gives more to charity, Uber pays drivers better, Lyft lets them keep more of tips, Uber has more options, Lyft drivers are more happy. . .The list goes on. I want to support the company that most takes care of its employees. Which one should I use to get around town?

Best Anti-virus software

I need a new antivirus software, but the last one I had slowed my computer down so much and was always updating and asking me to reboot my PC. I want one that provides protect, but lets me get on with my work and doesn't require my attention everyday. But I would prefer a free or cheap one. Any suggestions?

How scared are you of AI?

The prospect of AI taking over so many of our lives seemed exciting to me as a child. However, as I learn more about it from people like Sam Harris and Elon Musk I think it may be the end of us all. I do not trust humans to not use AI as a weapon, based on history. But also, how will we control AI? if it is learning so much faster than we could then there is no way we could compete. Yeah, so I don;t sleep much at night, lol. what do you think?