Next Big Thing?

I like to stay ahead of the trends and try to figure out what will be the next big explosion in tech. I believe that AR/VR is going to take the world by storm soon. Much more than it has. Plus, I think being stuck at home, virtual reality is going to become our next form of social media to stay connected. What do you think is going to take off?

Why does this matter in tech?

I was reading up a bit on Bitcoin today. I would love some thoughts on this subject because I am not really sure what is going on. They are saying if the owner goes public, things will go down the drain. Why do things have to be so anonymous? I know people want to protect things, but this seems a little outrageous. What do you think?

To Get AirPods Or Not

I have been really interested in getting AirPods. They look exciting and they seem fun. However, I am not sure if it is worth it to get them if I don't own an iPhone. I know they have a fun transparency and noise-canceling feature. But, don't know if that matters with another device. What is your experience? Should I get them or not?

Should I break down and get a 5g phone?

I work in the tech industry and I've seen a lot of the new 5G phones having very bad service issues across the board. I'm not sure if it's because 5G doesn't have as much coverage area, or if it's the type of antenna they put in the phone to make it able to pick up 5G, but even people who don't have 5G in their area have problems with their LTE service when they didn't previously have these issues on older phones. I'm used to constantly upgrading my phone, but for the first time it's really a tough decision. Any upgrade from the model I have now would be 5G and I just don't know if it's worth it right now. What do you think?

4th Generation Upgrade

You may have thought that the 4th Generation iPod is out of style. But, think again. One developer has modified the device with WiFi built-in and Spotify included on the device. Now, would you get this upgrade or get a new device instead? I think I would love to have my old iPod refurbished. I just do not know how much it would cost. What would you do?

Air Charge

What if one cell phone can charge another by giving away some power? Sounds like the future, right? Well, this could be in the present sooner than you think. Motorola is working on wireless charging tech that can power other devices to a maximum distance of 100 cm away. Isn't that amazing? When this comes out, I will surely use this. I always need my phone charged. I just need to find a friend to help. Will you use this tech?

Space Having Better Downloading Speeds?

SpaceX has some big aspirations. Currently, its product, Starlink, has a downloading speed of 1 GB per second. They hope to get to 10 GB per second really soon. If they can accomplish this, they will be faster than any broadband that is ground-based. This is truly amazing. Is this the future of Internet WiFi? I think so. You?

New Head Of Hardware At Apple

Apple is going through a shuffle of new leaders in the corporation. One of the newest positions is the Head of Hardware Engineering. John Ternus is the new man for the job. He was the head design researcher for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12. Personally, I think he will be the right man for the job and bring a fresh take to Apple. How about you? Will Apple skip a beat?

IPhones Affecting Pacemakers?

Apple is issuing a warning that their iPhones may set a pacemaker off rhythm. That is a little scary. But, Apple is saying if you keep it 6 inches away from you, you should be fine. So, do not keep it in your pocket and things should be all good. However, do you think Apple will fix this problem moving forward or will they let it ride with a disclaimer, so they do not get sued? I think they will need to fix it or be prepared to get sued. You?

PS5 Loophole

Some scalpers found a loophole in the system and were able to buy PS5's in the UK before the site opened. Not only has there been a lack of vaccines, but also PS5's during the pandemic. Ultimately, a lot of people are frustrated that these people got in line first for a PS5. Who is to blame because of this?