Which island should I take my family to?

When this whole pandemic thing is over, I want to do something big for my family. An island vacation is my thought. However, I have not been to many islands, especially ones that would be great for families. Any experiences you would be willing to share would help me out loads.

Iceland Traveling Plans

Iceland has been on my bucket list for years now. With the pandemic, it looks like the trip will be put on hold even longer. But, I hope I can go this upcoming summer. Have any of you gone? I have read up on some things, but tell me the places I should go.

Best place to see in Chicago?

I will have 1 day with my wife in Chicago after a business meeting. We want to find something fun to do, maybe with good food and authentic culture, but not too expensive. What are your suggestions for spots to hit up?

Have you taken a vacation since covid hit?

Many people, especially here in the United States, have gone on living like everything is normal. I don't blame them. We can't be couped up forever, but many are still quarantining and social distancing. This has made some people uneasy to travel far from home or around crowds of people, myself included. So have you taken a vacation since corona hit?

Best place to go SCUBA diving

I got my Open Water diving license a few years back in Florida, and after COVID I want to travel somewhere and visit a nice coral reef. I want to see reefs like I see on Nat Geo, not like the ones I saw in the US. So I have been narrowing it down

Would you tavel to see an underwater sculpture?

Today, coral reefs are the fastest declining ecosystem due to climate change, with the Great Barrier Reef half gone and the Caribbean 90% dead. Now coral restorationists are combining artificial reef for coral growth with art and sculptures to get the message across. But, will this educate tourists or only drive more tourism to already heavily impacted areas? Would you travel to an area to see an underwater sculpture?

Homeless Crisis: Will you still visit SF?

Tourism in San Francisco is down—both personal and business conferances. Many people believe it's because of the increased homelessness problem. Has the homeless crisis impacted your desire to visit the city by the bay?

Meal/drink package

I'm staying at a resort in Mexico soon that offers an all inclusive meal/drink package with the hotel stay. It's quite expensive but I'm not sure how much we're going to drink/ want to eat, and if purchasing 3 meals a day + drinks will surpass this. Has anyone ever purchased an all inclusive package and were happy with it?

Instagram accounts

If you have/use Instagram, do you prefer to follow accounts that post personal photos and stories of what they're doing, or photos and stories of places and people they encounter? I'm currently abroad and am thinking of starting an account with stories and photos of people and places I visit, to really bring the viewers to that country.

Rome vs. Paris

Help me settle a friendly argument. If you had a weekend to spend in Paris or Rome, which would you choose?