24-Hours Of Fun

I had a friend ask me a fun question the other day and I wanted to share to get your feedback. The question is if you have 24-hours to be in one location, where would you go, who would you be with, and what would you do? I put some answers below, but I bet you have even better ones. Who knows? This may inspire some of my future trips.

I Need A Vacation!

I need a vacation. What about you? COVID has been hard on everyone, but I really need to get away. I have been looking to go to Cancun. What are your thoughts? It seems cheaper than most, but I still have a beach. With a stimulus probably on the way, I feel comfortable with using the money in this way. Give me some locations you have liked over the years.

Move to Mexico to escape the lock down?

I know, lockdown sucks. I wanna see my friends, eat street food with my hands, hug my neighbors, play with children, and enjoy a summer concert with my friends. But I understand that is not int he cards for right now, but if e all do our part, then when we return to those times we will all still be here to enjoy them together. But some are not so patient. . .
I came across this article which said Americans were moving to Mexico to escape the lock down. At first I thought, yes! Escape. But then I realized that Mexico is even less equipped to handle the pandemic than we are, and by American's going there we would be increasing risk and possibly increasing the strain on their systems. What do you think, is it ok for Americans to be going to Mexico right now?

Safe Traveling?

A recent video from CBS News said that it might take awhile before safe travel is possible again around the world. Many epidemiologist believe it will not be fully safe to travel again until 2023. Wow! I know this virus has been bad. But, I thought by 2021, things would be back to normal globally. What do you think about the estimation? Do you believe it will take this long moving forward?

Brexit Changing Travel

Now that the U.K. is completely out of the European Union, things are going to start to change. One of the biggest areas of change will be with travel. It certainly will not be as easy to get around Europe for the Brits. But, over the years, the process will work itself out. Personally, people are going to get really frustrated to start, but things will be figured out. How much of a problem do you think this will create?

Giving Up On Travel Loyalty

In 2021, it might be time to consider the credit cards you have for travel. There are some loyalty programs out there, like for United Airlines, where you can get bonuses and special offers to keep you engaged in the program. However, if you are not using the credit card, then why keep it. That is what I think. Are there any reasons to keep with your travel loyalty cards? Share your experiences in the comments to help me better understand this topic. Thanks!

Walt Disney Getting Lax?

Walt Disney World is hoping for better times in 2021. To make this happen, they are starting to relax their safety guidelines at the park. Rides like Slinky Dog Dash and Avatar Flight of Passage will be working at full capacity. Whether the numbers are going down or the vaccine is starting to be used, Disney feels good about the new protocol. For me, there is high risk involved here. I wonder if they will get sued. How about you? Does this matter?

Italy Plans Colosseum Makeover

The Colosseum has been around for thousands of years. As a wonder of the world, this historic venue may be getting a makeover. Italy is in talks about making a retractable floor for theater and live concerts. For me, this is a shame. I am afraid that this might destroy what is left of the Colosseum. How about you? Do you think there is a problem here?

Travel To Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Japan has a new addition in February. Super Nintendo World will be filled with Mario food, the castle of Princess Peach, and a ride all about Yoshi. What will you do first? For me, I am all about food. So, Mario food sounds amazing. Anything dessert will do. What will you do first?

Private Skiing Life

With winter in full force across the United States of America, many are thinking about skiing and snowboarding. But, what if you could privatize your experience, so there are not a million people on the slopes with you? Take Cimarron Mountain Club, for example. This private establishment gives you 35-acre arces, where you can even build your own home, for around $3 million. Brush Creek Ranch costs $950 per person every night, but you get it all. Only 12 people can be on the slopes at one time, so you will enjoy things with only the people you like around you. For me, I am all about Brush Creek Ranch. And you?