Homeless Crisis: Will you still visit SF?

Tourism in San Francisco is down—both personal and business conferances. Many people believe it's because of the increased homelessness problem. Has the homeless crisis impacted your desire to visit the city by the bay?

Meal/drink package

I'm staying at a resort in Mexico soon that offers an all inclusive meal/drink package with the hotel stay. It's quite expensive but I'm not sure how much we're going to drink/ want to eat, and if purchasing 3 meals a day + drinks will surpass this. Has anyone ever purchased an all inclusive package and were happy with it?

Instagram accounts

If you have/use Instagram, do you prefer to follow accounts that post personal photos and stories of what they're doing, or photos and stories of places and people they encounter? I'm currently abroad and am thinking of starting an account with stories and photos of people and places I visit, to really bring the viewers to that country.

Rome vs. Paris

Help me settle a friendly argument. If you had a weekend to spend in Paris or Rome, which would you choose?

H.P. Lovecraft or Robert E. Howard?

I hear a lot about these authors. One write Conan the Barbarian and the other wrote Call of Cthulu. I've never heard anything bad about them, although fantasy isn't exactly my literary style.

Favorite way to travel?

For Christmas this year my family and I needed to fly to Wisconsin to visit family and I got to thinking about which mode of transportation really is my favorite. I never really was that big of a fan of driving until I learned that listening to audiobooks is a fantastic way to stay entertained while driving long distance. It's like having another person in the car telling you an extremely entertaining story the whole way. Only this only works when I'm the one driving cause I feel like I need to be doing something else while listening to an audiobook that's just enough to keep me busy but not enough to distract me, like cooking, cleaning, walking, etc. Trains are also pretty convenient; I recently spent 3 months taking the train every day of the week and once you get past the anxiety of missing your stop, it's a great place to get work done or actually read a physical book. However, they can get pretty crowded with commuters which can suck if you like personal space. Then there's flying, by far (at least so far) of getting from point A-B. Certainly for trips that are across the country, or would take more than 12 hours by car I prefer the convenience and speed of flying, however, there are enough annoyances that come along with flying to just never allow it to be my favorite method. To start there's needing to drive to a lot to park your car to then take a shuttle to the airport, then security, then waiting for the actual flight. It just all seems like so much wasted time. I don't have much experience with long-distance bus transportation, but from what I've heard from friends, I'm gonna go ahead and say that will never be my favorite method. So, in the end I have to conclude my favorite still to be driving, you?

To Podcast or Not to Podcast?

I currently run my own travel blog, and am thinking of ways I could extend it. One of my ideas is to start a podcast channel where I speak about anything from solo female travel, budget tips when backpacking, how to plan/prepare a backpacking trip, as well as interview locals to we can learn about different ways of life. I was wondering if this is something you'd like to listen to, or if it would be a waste of time?

What should I be for Halloween?

Yeah, it's tomorrow, and I don't have a costume yet. Looking through the costumy stuff at my house, the options are cat, witch, or vampire. I've been all of these before. What should I do?

One hunting trip this year. What will it be?

So I can only take time for one hunting trip this year and I don't know what to go for. I already missed deer season, but there will be a late-season hunt in the winter if the yearly numbers weren't met. Wild boars are running rampant and destroying crops around California, getting a few of those would help the farmers out. Turkey season is right around the corner and who doesn't want to bring home a big ol' bird for their table?

Should I stay or should I go?

I'm a freelance writer and editor currently based in Chicago. I love my city and all of my friends here, but I love to travel as well. For the better part of this year, I worked and lived in different parts of Africa and Europe and had an amazing time before running low on funds and heading home. Should I stay here and save up some money or just bite the bullet and buy a plane ticket already?